November 2020: A baby


We can’t thank you enough Mr Harriss. Yday we welcomed our gorgeous girl Ruby following a reversal in Feb 2020. 💖

November 2020: 2nd baby


Thank you so much for giving us our dream..had the reversal june 2016.And now we have 1 of each, XXX was born june 2018 and now XXX was born 19th October 2020 ❤

November 2020: Another pregnancy/arrival sent to us in lockdown (V1) …


I hope you and Mr Harriss are keeping well under the current circumstances.I just wanted to drop you a line to update you and thank Mr Harriss for his excellent work, which has after a year of trying resulted in my partner XXX falling pregnant. This was a complete surprise to us as she was told initially that she would not be able to have children, but now we are expecting our baby in August! I would whole heatedly recommend Mr Harriss and the hospital staff to any men hoping to reverse a vasectomy. We are so glad we went with the recommendation of XXX’s work colleague who also had a successful pregnancy following work done by Mr Harriss at the facility.Thank you very much, yours sincerely,

October 2020: A pregnancy with a due date any time now…👶


Hello Just a quick email to say a HUGE thank you to Dr Harris !!!I had a vasectomy reversal around years ago , today we have been for our 12 week scan and our baby is due in October!! We cannot thank you enough !!! You’ve made our dream come true !!!

October 2020: Another lockdown baby…


HelloHope you are doing well in amongst the lockdowns…We have a new baby – after XXX in 2017 comes baby XXX born on Monday. He’s healthy and happy. Another success from the Duncan Harriss team. Thank you!With best wishes

October 2020: More pregnancy news from lockdown…


I just wanted to drop you a line to update you and thank Mr Harriss for his excellent work, which has after a year of trying resulted in my partner XXX falling pregnant. This was a complete surprise to us as she was told initially that she would not be able to have children, but now we are expecting our baby in August! I would whole heatedly recommend Mr Harriss and the hospital staff to any men hoping to reverse a vasectomy. We are so glad we went with the recommendation of Victoria’s work colleague who also had a successful pregnancy following work done by Mr Harriss at the facility.Thank you very much, yours sincerely,

October 2020: Another arrival…


In September 2017 my partner attended your hospital for a vasectomy reversal operation.In January 2018 we were given results that the operation had been a success and we had a 53% chance of conceiving.Due to our living situation we had to wait to try for a baby until April of 2019.I am very pleased to advise that within the first month of trying we had got caught pregnant. The whole pregnancy was problem free and after a very long labour we welcomed our baby girl XXX, into the world on 3rd February 2020.We would both like to thank everyone involved in our care whilst at the hospital and a special thanks to Duncan Harris for performing the operation that resulted in our little miracle.Huge thanks and best wishes to you all.

October 2020: Another arrival…


I thought I’d let you know our baby girl XXX arrived on the 7/12/2019 weighing 6lb9. We would both like to thank you for all that you did for us.

October 2020: Another arrival…


HelloMy partner had a vasectomy reversal done by Mr Harris in February 2018 and we are over the moon to announce our baby girl was born on 19th June 2020, weighing a tiny 4lb 13oz. We would just like to say a big thank you to Mr Harris and all his team for making this possible for us. We will be forever grateful!Kind regards

October 2020: A thank you


My partner had his reversal on 15/03/2020. This was our post that we put on the facebook group of you wanted to use it as a testimonial. “For anybody who is nervous or worried about what the day brings all we can say is dont be. The level of care you receive from the minute you arrive is outstanding. The most helpful and friendliest staff ever. Every single member of staff we came into contact with today was amazing. Mr Harriss was so good he came and explained everything to us, was a very down to earth doctor and was really reassuring as was the anaesthetist. So glad we chose this Dr and hospital for my partners reversal. Just hope we get the outcome we really want. ♥️

October 2020: Another arrival…


On 13 February 2017 you performed a vasectomy reversal on me. Below are photographs of our youngest daughter, born on 4 October 2019. We cannot thank you and your team enough. Her name is XXX and I would only be too happy for you to use our story for your testimonials.

October 2020: Some great feedback


October 2020: Another pregnancy…


Received earlier in lockdown:

Just a quick email to say a HUGE thank you to Dr Harris !!!I had a vasectomy reversal around years ago , today we have been for our 12 week scan and our baby is due in October!! We cannot thank you enough !!! You’ve made our dream come true !!!

October 2020: A baby


My partner had a VR in June 2019(original V about 4.5 years ago)After a low sperm motility, he changed his diet and by Jan 2020 we were expecting.Meet XXX! Born 08/10/20 at 14.49 weighing 7lbs 4oz.Cannot thank Dr Harriss enough for making it possible for us to have our own daughter together.We are absolutely buzzing!

October 2020: A lovely review


My partner had this reversal yesterday. The rooms were lovely! He said all the staff were truly amazing and he’s never felt so looked after and informed. Said dr Harris was amazing!! Good luck to anyone due to go. Money well spent for us xx

October 2020: Another pregnancy…


It was just a quick email to let you know my partner is now 20 weeks pregnant after me having had a reversal procedure in June last year. I would be grateful if you could pass this on to Mr Harris for his information and records and pass on my many thanks and appreciation. …..yeah literally 3 months after the test with the low count my partner was pregnant. I did however listen to advice to cut down on caffeine and diet changes so this may well have helped too

September 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi CatherineI won’t require the test my partner is 13 weeks pregnant, pretty much the fist time we tried!!I guess we have been the lucky ones.Thank you to Mr Harris and all the team that help us fill our dream.

September 2020: Another pregnancy…


Just a quick email to yourself and Mr Harris that me and my wife XXX are now expecting another baby! At first we thought that the operation was unsuccessful after providing a negative sample but now the blockage has cleared.

September 2020: A baby boy


Exactly one year after our reversal our gorgeous boy was born 21/9/20Meet Harley…. Weighing 8lb13ozThank you to Mr Harris & team once againOur family is complete

September 2020: 2nd reversal baby


Husband had his reversal in 2017, we planned on trying for a baby the following June 2018 a month before our wedding. We were very lucky to fall pregnant in the March 2018 and had our beautiful baby boy, Andrew James in December 2018… We felt so happy and lucky. Well fast forward to the beginning of this year and we had a huge surprise! We were pregnant again (I was on contraception but fell ill at the end of 2019 causing it to fail). So on 7/9/2020 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Willow May, via elective c section weighing 8lbs 2oz. Without Mr Harriss our babies wouldn’t have been possible and we are forever grateful!

September 2020: An arrival


My partner and i would like to thank Dr Harris and all the team at the reversal clinic After 19 years my partner had a reversal and 8 weeks later i feel pregnant.Yesterday at 10:51am baby Grace arrived weighing 7lb 40z😊This would not have been achievable without the skill and care given to us by Dr Harris And the team words cannot describe our elation we are now a family.THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

September 2020: An arrival


Friday 4th September, our beautiful boy entered the world. We are so grateful to Dr Harris and the team. 💙 we conceived just 6 weeks post op and 6 years after original V.

September 2020: A baby girl


Myself and XXX would love to have the pleasure of introducing our beautiful baby girl Daisy (we had the name before Katy Perry lol) to you all. Pregnant 13 months after his VR (7 years after Original V) daddy age 50, mummy age 35. Born 31/8/20 at 01:15am naturally without any hiccups. We can’t thank Mr Harriss enough giving us the opportunity to bring this beautiful miracle in this crazy world right now.

September 2020: A pregnancy


Really delighted to let Mr Harriss and all the team know, that we are expecting this little blessing next March! My husband had his reversal January this year, and due to covid didnt get a chance for his analysis to be done – but a few months later here we are! We can’t thank Mr Harriss and everyone involved enough, and encourage anyone considdering a reversal, that you could not be in better hands choosing Mr Harriss for the procedure. Our prayers are with all of you patiently waiting for your own happy news, and those waiting for their procedures, keep faith! Miracles do happen!

August 2020: An arrival


We’d like to express our huge thanks and gratitude to Mr Harriss and the team for our little boy who arrived safely on Monday. We made the perfect choice! Also a big thank you to those in this group who answered our questions when needed during the full process. The details….. 12 years post “permanent” laser vasectomy at age 31. Dad age at reversal 43. Mum 27 and first baby. Sperm check at 3mths (own GP) showed a low 8million count but active and healthy. Kept microscoping each month and each month saw more and more. Worth noting….Both of us quit ALL alcohol when decided to do the VR, both don’t smoke and try to walk lots and keep healthy. We both took the Wellman tablets throughout since week of reversal and mum still taking them for breast feeding. Caught 4mths post reversal, lost at 4weeks. Decided to stop trying so hard and enjoy Christmas. We then caught 2 months later at 6mth post reversal and pregnancy went perfect.

July 2020: A baby boy


Our camera shy little boy due in the next 6 weeks.We are so excited 👶 Reversal was October 2019.

July 2020: A pregnancy


So thankful for Mr Harriss!! For giving us our dreams.. We now having our 2nd VR baby and also 1 of each..Had his reversal 15th June 2016, our little girl was born 14th june 2018.. and now we have our 1st little boy to be born in october! My partner has all girls so never thought he would ever have a little boy

July 2020: 2nd reversal baby


Evie Rose 💗 our 2nd reversal baby born 8th July. My husband had his reversal back in February 2016. We had our 1st little boy in March 2017 and now we are very blessed to have our baby girl to complete our family x

July 2020: A baby


Firstly I would like to say how thankful & grateful me & my wife are to Mr Harriss & his team.
I originally had a vasectomy back in 2012, 2 years after having my son with my previous partner.
After several changes in my life, me & my new partner decided we wanted a child of our own & therefore looked into a reversal. I had the operation in November 2018 (6.5 years after the original op). By October 2019 my now wife fell pregnant (10.5 months after the operation). On July 2nd we welcomed into the world our beautiful little girl Demi.

If anyone is thinking of having a reversal then look no further. Mr Harriss & his team were brilliant from start to finish.
We will be forever grateful 🥰

July 2020: A pregnancy


Can’t thanks Mr Harris enough.

After we lost our baby girl to t13 6 weeks after my husbands vasectomy in 2018 I have yearned for another baby to help heal the emptiness .

So happy to be expecting a healthy baby girl (our 5th in a row 😳)

Got my positive in May after reversal in March.

June 2020: A pregnancy


20 week scan of our little miracle 💖💙 After visiting Dr Harris on 03/02/20. We’re so in love already and will be forever grateful 🥰

June 2020: A pregnancy


My partner just got her BFP. 4 years a 5 months since the reversal. 18 years between vasectomy and reversal, we had given up, we are in shock, the lockdown must have helped 🤣🤣🤣 🥰🥰🥰

June 2020: Good news


Just had my results back and I have double the average sperm count and amazing motility! Thank you Mr Harris and team!

June 2020: Good news


Well just had my results come through fingers crossed we can have a little grub of our own 😊😊😊 Thank you Mr Harris

June 2020: Good news


Had my semen results back it was a success now let all the fun begin Thankyou mr Harriss and all your team xx

June 2020: Second reversal baby


4 years ago tomorrow my partner had his vasectomy reversal after 9 years.
Our 1st VR baby girl was 2 today.. and we are currently 20 weeks with our Boy🥰❤

June 2020: A baby girl


We had our reversal done June 17th 2019 after 8 years. Just under a year later with our sperm analysis saying it would be unlikely we would conceive we got to meet our little miracle baby – Ophelia rose cotton .. born 9th Jun .. thank you to dr Harris and his team for helping me become a mother.

June 2020: An arrival


Reversal done in June last year and baby boy born 4.40am today 🥰🥰

June 2020: An arrival…


My husband had a vasectomy 15 years ago he had his vr done by mr Harriss in feb 2018 and our beautiful baby girl arrived on Monday 1st June 2020 she is absolutely perfect we couldn’t thank mr Harriss enough for his professionalism x

June 2020: An arrival…


Our second reversal baby born 26.05.2020

June 2020: Good news…


So happy we have our sa results back and it’s all good news :):) thankyou to Mr Harris for making it possible again just hope we get our little bundle soon now 🙂

June 2020: An arrival…


My partner had his vasectomy 7 years ago and his reversal in June 2019. We were very lucky and I fell pregnant in September 2019. On the 26th May 2020 we welcomed our special little miracle into the world. We can’t thank Mr Harriss and his team enough for making this happen. Anyone looking into booking an appointment with him are in very good hands. 💕💕

May 2020: Another pregnancy…


My husband had the reversal June 2019 after having the snip Oct 2014, we’re so excited to be expecting our baby girl in Aug 20.
Couldn’t recommend Dr Harriss enough, fantastic service and for us well worth it!
Good luck to those starting there journey.

May 2020 Another pregnancy…


Just to inform you, my partner had his reversal june 2016 and we had a little girl after it and shes 2 next month.. we just found out we having a little boy now.. so we will have 1 of each and a 1st son for my partner.. we wouldn’t of had our dreams if it wasnt for you all and dr harriss.. thank you so so much!! Xx

May 2020: Another arrival, in Australia, 4 years after vasectomy…


Hi Catherine

Please thank Doctor Harris.. I had my reversal on May 4th 2015… We had alot of things going on but approx 4years to the day my wife and I can proudly say we have had a gorgeous baby girl named XXX.

I have been looking fwd to being able to send this email for a long time.

Thank you so much for your assistance it was money well spent.

May 2020: Another pregnancy


We had our vasectomy reversal in October 2019 and by December we were expecting! Sadly this baby wasn’t meant to be. But we are now expecting again and due 24/11/2020. I’m 13 weeks and we’re over the moon! 4th baby for us as we had 3 then thought were finished but we clearly weren’t 🙈 so glad to have our last little person to Complete our family. Thank you so much to Mr Harris and his amazing team,we were so looked after and are so truly grateful xxx

May 2020: A pregnancy


My hubby had reversal July 2019 got pregnant first month sadly was an ectopic just got my bfp yesterday 🤞

April 2020: Another arrival…


Hi I would just like to give you all an update our little princess finally made her grand arrival 21st April 2020. We are completely over the moon and in love with our little miracle baby. We can’t thank Dr Harriss and his team enough, he truly is a miracle worker if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have our little bundle of joy. V was 2012 and VR was April 7th 2019. Just alittle over a year and our dreams came true please all have hope and make sure you follow all of Dr Harriss and his teams advice it’s worth it. Please don’t give up and baby dust to you 😘✨👶🏼

April 2020: Another arrival…


I would just like to thank Mr Harriss and his team. It’s been 25 years since my vasectomy and 5 years since Mr Harriss did my reversal. I can now update you that after a few bumps in the road my wife became pregnant and on the 3rd of March XXX was born. She is all we ever hoped for and we can not thank you enough.

April 2020: A baby boy


Hey, we just wanted to introduce the team to Arthur. My husband had his reversal in June 2019 (7 years post vasectomy) and pretty much straight after we found out we were pregnant. We are so greatful to Mr Harris and all of the team for giving us the chance to have our very own beautiful baby boy. Born on 14/04/2020 weighing 7lb 4oz 

April 2020: An update….


Good afternoon!

Just to update you with our little one… Born 9th April weighing 5lbs 13ozs


Regards and thank you again

April 2020: Another pregnancy…


We had our reversal September 22nd 2019 after 5 years V , fell pregnant November 2019, sadly had an early miscarriage, but fell pregnant again very quickly and are now 15 weeks pregnant with a baby 👶 boy 💙
Thank you again to Mr Harriss and Team

April 2020: Another pregancy…


Can’t believe it! Yesterday me and my partner got told we are having a baby girl!!
My partner had his VR in September 2019 after 18 years of his V and i fell pregnant in November 2019. We are both absolutely over the moon! Mr. Hassis has done a fantastic job! 💕

April 2020: Another arrival…


Today is our reversal anniversary. Feeling extremely lucky that exactly 1 year on I have a baby in my arms. XXX arrived just 3 weeks ago. Extremely grateful to Mr Harris for making it possible for us to have our little family together. I am a Mum 💕

April 2020: Another (twin) pregnancy…


Hi I messaged earlier this year to confirm another pregnancy after the birth of my first baby in may 2018 we have just found out that we are having twins, we are over the moon.

April 2020: Another arrival…


Good morning Catherine,

I had a VR with Mr Harriss January 2019 and have the pleasure to announce that our baby girl XXX arrived at 1916 hours on 29/2/20. Both mother and baby are doing well. I would like to thank you, everyone involved and of course Mr Harriss for bringing this little gem into our lives. I have attached a photo for you.
Thank you all

April 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi Mr Harriss,

Please see attached the 20 week scan Katie and I attended last week. I have two girls prior the op and now we are very happy to announce we are expecting a baby boy.

Would like to thank you all for your amazing job. Katie is buzzing and I also have my little boy.

Thanks again,

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


We just wanted to send a message to say how fantastic Dr Harriss and all the team have been.

Once booked we received plenty of information about what was going to happen, easing our anxieties about the procedure and once we arrived on the day, the staff were lovely and everything went as planned. We were quickly discharged the next day and was given good post-OP advice.

A few weeks after the procedure, following an infection and lump the GP was unsure about, Dr Harriss booked us in to see him, quickly reassuring us about any concerns.

We had the procedure on the 2nd December 2020, 7 years after the vasectomy and got a positive pregnancy test on the 7th February. We are now almost 9 weeks pregnant and can’t believe how quickly this has had worked. We will forever be thankful to the whole team!

Kind regards,

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Just an update. After 1 year and 8 months of trying to conceive. My wife is pregnant. Thank you again for helping us on the journey.


March 2020: Some lovely feedback…


March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Just an update. After 1 year and 8 months of trying to conceive. My wife is pregnant. Thank you again for helping us on the journey.

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


My Op was on the 4th Feb, which happened to co-incide with her last period. We waited 2 weeks to have intercourse, and we clearly, by chance, timed it exactly at the right moment in her ovulation cycle, and within 10 days she was displaying every sign of pregnancy. We wondered if it was just her next period but we did the test this week and have been to hospital for confirmation, and she is now suffering morning sickness, mood swings etc – all the stuff we remember from our last child many years back!

I think this must be the quickest it is possible to become pregnant after a VR, due to the chance timing of the Op and her cycle, so we thank god and we thank Mr Harriss and his team.

There is nothing else to say apart from ‘thank you’ with all our hearts.

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi catherine, hope you are all well, me and my husband XXX would like to let Mr Harris know that we our expecting our second baby after having the op, also after having his tests at the end of last year stating he had 0% notability after having our 1st baby after the op 🙂 so this one is a bit of a surprise baby 🙂 thankyou to you and your team, I’m due 6th September 2020 x

March 2020: And then there were 4. Another pregnancy…


Good Evening
Mr Harris carried out a reversal operation for me about 7 years ago. Since then we have had 3 healthy children. They are 👶, 6. 👶,5 and 👶, 4.

My wife, XXX was sterilised in 2016 after the birth of 👶. Last September we found out that she was pregnant as the sterilisation had failed.

Even though not planned and a big shock for us we continued with the pregnancy. In 7 weeks we are expecting another baby girl.

Please can you let Mr Harris know that his operation was a great long lasting success. All beit a great shock with this pregnancy


March 2020: Another pregnancy…


I would like to let you know that my husband had his reversal at the beginning of October 2019 and we have just found out we are pregnant. It’s early days but obviously the operation has worked and we cannot thank Mr Harris and his team enough. It’s made our dreams come true!

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi Beverley, my husband came for a VR on the 21st October 2019 and on the 6th Jan2020 we found out that it was successful and I was pregnant! I am now almost 14 weeks. We’re absolutely over the moon and our two daughters are so excited that they’re going to be big sisters! Please can you thank Mr Harriss as it would not have been possible without his amazing skills! The whole process and experience was faultless so thank you to you all!!

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Exactly 4 weeks today post VR. Today we found out looks like the first go worked so much for getting practice in 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣 thank you Dr Harris and the team.

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi Beverley,

As you can see from your original attachment I had a successful reversal from Mr Harris. I was hoping you could inform him that XXX my partner and I are expecting our first child together, she is currently 18 weeks now and everything is perfect and so far so good.

Just want to thank you all for your amazing service and making our future brighter.

Thank you again

March 2020: Another arrival…


Just wanted to send you a message to let you know that we will be forever grateful to Mr Harriss and team for giving us two beautiful sons. My Husband had his reversal back in December 2015 after 12 years ish and we now have a 3year old and a 2 week old. He has completed our family and we cannot thank him enough! He really can work miracles!! 😊 please feel free to share this on your page.

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Just to let you know, last weekend we found out we having our 2nd VR baby, and due in November ❤ didnt expect it happen again!

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Our beautiful little bump, 13 weeks 3 days. All thanks to mr Harriss 😍

March 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi just to let u no we found out 2day were pregnant with our second post reversal baby 🙂

February 2020: Another arrival…


Hi Catherine,

I have been meaning to send an email for a while, but I would like to inform you that thanks to Mr Harris and his operating team we had a baby boy in August last year. It was a busy time as we had just moved to Wales and got married but it has all been a lot of fun.

XXX is doing great and we wanted to make sure that our statistic was added to the other successful patients as it may help persuade others. Please pass on our thanks to Mr Harris.

Kind regards

February 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hello Catherine
Following on from my reversal procedure carried out in October 2018, I am delighted to inform you that my wife is currently 8 weeks pregnant.
Please pass on our sincere thanks to Mr Harris, who with his fantastic skilful work he carries out, has made our dreams come true !!
With our most sincere gratitude

February 2020: Another baby on the way (8 years after vasectomy)…


Good morning Catherine,

I just wanted to thank yourself, Dr Harris and all of thr professional and friendly staff that supported me through my procedure.

Despite the length of time we were happily surprised with the results, and even more so we are absolutely delighted to announce we are due our first baby together on June 18th!! In effect, our little boy will be due in little after a year following the procedure, and we both wanted to pass on our sincerest thanks as we never knew if it would really happen.

I’m not on Facebook but we are more than happy for you to add this to your no doubt long list of successes, or if there is another way for me to do this I’m also happy to.

Thank you Dr Harris, thank you everyone for making us happier more than words could describe!

Kindest regards

February 2020: Another pregnancy…



You may remember my last post about falling pregnant back in December which sadly ended in an early miscarriage.

We fell pregnant again very quickly afterwards and are now 6.5 weeks pregnant.

We had a scan today to check everything is healthy this time and we saw a tiny baby with a strong heartbeat.
Reversal was October 2019 after 4.5 years of vasectomy.
Thank you once again Mr Harriss and team.
We are so excited!

February 2020: A Valentine’s pregnancy…


First off I would just like to thank Mr Harriss for absolutely everything. My partner was so incredibly anxious to go through this op and we were going in optimistic about the whole process. He was made to feel at ease, reassured and cared for with the upmost respect and dignity.

He had his procedure done on the 11th December 2019, aftercare and healing took around 2 weeks with minimal discomfort.

I write this to anyone that is thinking of going with Mr Harriss, he really does make miracles happen. Thankyou for your craft and your ability to change peoples lives.

With that being said, I woke up this morning on Valentine’s Day to a bunch of red roses, a card and a positive pregnancy test. Who could of asked for a better Valentine’s Day gift?

Thankyou for everything Mr Harriss and his team 🥰

February 2020: A lovely thank you…


My thanks and appreciation to DR D Harriss Consultant Urologist and his team as this week I attended the BMI The Park Hospital in Nottingham for vasectomy reversal.

The entire process from the start when I was first contacted by his PA Catherine 4 weeks ago until now which is 48 hours after I’ve had my operation has been nothing but faultless.

Catherine made sure up until the day I arrived at the hospital that I had all the information needed and fully understood what to expect. On arrival I was greeted and in my own room within 10 minutes. The nursing staff even when shift changes always introduced themselves and did everything to put me at rest.

At each stage I was informed of process and even met the anaesthetist and DR Harriss before hand and after surgery. I went into surgery not at all stressed or worried as the confidence I had in this team was 100%

Also the silly things that matter I.e. the room was good standard , the food was really good and much better than I expected and even the free coffee machine on the ward was better than most high street stores!

I have nothing but praise for how I was looked after and considering this was self funded by myself and that I travelled 150 miles due to DR Harriss reputation , I believe I’ve have had every penny’s worth of value and quality and more importantly peace of mind. I highly recommend that it’s worth travelling to get this procedure done by the best.

My thanks to DR Harriss and his brilliant team at the BMI

February 2020: Another pregnancy…


Dear Mr Harriss,

I am writing to share with you our fantastic news that we are expecting a baby girl. You did my reversal operation in February 2018 and it was successful. we started trying for a baby in October 2019 and can confirm we have a baby girl due on 13th July 2020. Again I would like to thank you for your expertise and support when I had my operation and we are both over the moon with our news!
Kind regards

February 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi just thort I’d get in touch as my partner had his vasectomy reversal done may 2017 we fell pregnant 4 months later with my son who is now a year and 9 months old, and we are now pregnant again due in October.

February 2020: Another arrival…


My husband had his reversal back in feb 2016 after 7 years. We got pregnant in July that year and have a little boy who is almost 3. We are now pregnant again with a baby girl due in July 💙💗 we have 4 other children together (22, 18, 15 & 11) thought we were done after 4 but here we are awaiting no.6. Feeling very thankful and blessed xx

February 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi Catherine im writing this email in the hope Dr Harris receives this , me and my partner would like to thank him so much . December we found out were pregnant after a year of trying, it’s worked we are over the moon. Today we had our scan dating us at 12+5 . Thank you so much we are externally greatfull. Attached is our picture of our scan if you wish to post it to your FB s

January 2020: Another arrival, first announced in our private group….


Meet Archie George born on the 18th january 2020 weighing 9lb 4oz(due on the 10th, 1 week late) conceived 5 weeks after the vasectomy reversal thanks to Mr Harris and his team for working thier magic. He is perfect thankyou 💜xxxxxxx

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


Good Evening Mr Harriss,

After having the Vas Reversal back in Aug 17, I am delighted to be able to advise that my wife is around 5 weeks pregnant.

Obviously we are both absolutely delighted and I can only thank you for giving us this opportunity through the excellent and skilled operation I underwent.

Kindest Regards

Many congratulat

January 2020: Another arrival…


One and a half year’s ago Mr Harris performed a reversal on me My name is XXX and I come from New Zealand. The surgery was a success and now me and my partner have a cute baby named XXX born on 24.11.2019
Here are some pictures of XXX

Thank you all again for making this happen XXX wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Mr Harris.

Regards and all my gratitude,

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


I hope you are well. I wanted to thank Dr Harriss as my wife is pregnant so I will not be needing a semen test!

I was very pleased with the service in any event and please do thank Dr Harriss from both of us for his very sympathetic and professional work

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi Beverley.
Could you please tell Mr Harris, that we are expecting a son on the 17th of February, so thank you very much!

Kind regards

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi my name is XXX I had a vasectomy reversal on the 11th November 2018 ,I just thought I’d message you and let you know that today we found out my my partner XXX is pregnant obviously it’s only early days but it clearly has been successful and we are both very grateful,could you pass on our thanks to Mr Harris please.

2020 is going to be a great year !!

Happy New year to you all.
Many thanks