December 2018: Another pregnancy….


Hiya I would just like yous to know we’ve conceived again.

With our rainbow baby 4 weeks after our miscarriage. We’re over the moon we got our positive on Christmas Day.

I couldn’t thank Dr Harris enough for everything he’s done!! I’ll send you a scan when I’m 12 weeks thank you! Xxx

December 2018: Another arrival….


Hi Catherine. I contacted you back in 2017 to let you know about our little boys arrival after a successful vasectomy reversal……well I’m back, and we’ve got another one!!!!! Born on Sunday 16th December at 20:32, my wife gave birth to our second child – XXX. She is absolutely perfect. Just writing to pass on my thanks again for giving us our 2 perfect children.

Wishing you all the best for Christmas… never know, I might be back again in the future

December 2018: Another arrival….


Hi Catherine

I hope this message finds you well.

I had a reversal 18months ago following my initial vasectomy in 2011 and wanted to drop you a quick note to say my partner gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a couple weeks ago.

We feel very blessed and I am besotted with her. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Mr Harris – he has changed my life and made me so happy…..

Have a lovely xmas and more than happy to recommend to anyone considering a reversal in the future – however long it has been…..

Many thanks and regards

December 2018: More arrivals…..


Just wanted to say ‘thank you!’ I had my reversal with Mr Harriss in December 2017. On the 7th of December 2018 my wife and I had two beautiful boys!!!! We never thought we’d fall pregnant so fast, and we certainly weren’t expecting two for the price of one.

Merry Christmas!

December 2018: Another pregnancy…


Dear All,

I havent had the semen analysis test yet but…

Can you believe it, 23 years after my vasectomy and my wife is pregnant. You are the first guys we have told having just completed a test via a pregnancy kit.

I can’t believe it, it hasn’t sunk in yet and therefore my excitement and gratitude is contained.

December 2018: Another arrival….


Hi Catherine,

XXX born 11/10/2018 @ 9.31am by foreceps.

Sorry for taking as long writing to you. We have been very busy.

Again, XXX and I can thank Dr Harris and the team enough. We are absolutely over the moon and so in love with our wee boy.

December 2018: Another arrival….


After reversal in October last year, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Saturday afternoon.

December 2018: Another pregnancy….


Our journey started back in January 2018 when we decided to look into a VR, after having a vasectomy 13 years ago.
We searched the web and looked at lots of different options, and then found out about Dr.Harriss. There were lots of fantastic reviews and also real success stories. 
We booked the VR and had surgery on the 30th of April 2018. I will admit, I was worried about what to expect, but I needn’t of been.

All the staff at the hospital were excellent, and great to meet Dr.Harris and the anaesthetist before the operation, and have everything explained to us.
After the op I expected to be in some pain, but the local anaesthetic did the job.

Again we saw Dr.Harris before being discharged, and told that the op has been completed without any problems.
The next 2 weeks recovery weren’t as bad as I expected, but was glad that I had time off work, and tight fitting pants- gravity is not your friend!

The stitches healed, and you can’t even tell I’ve had surgery.

We then took Dr.Harris advise and did our “homework”!
8 months later we found out that the operation had been a success, and my fiancée is pregnant! Baby is due in July!
We hadn’t had the sperm analysis completed, but decided we wanted to have it done anyway.

So I provided a sample on the 30th November and had the results the next day.

The result shows that you only need one to do the job!

Thank you Dr.Harriss

November 2018: Another arrival….


So in 2014 we shared the news with you about the arrival of Jacob following a reversal procedure in 2008 and being told that my husbands sample contained limited viable sperm. Well in September 2018 our second miracle Olly arrived! Here are the two of them pictured together. We have actually achieved three pregnancies since the reversal sadly one was ectopic in 2016 but we are so grateful for our boys.

Thank you for making it possible our family is now complete.

November 2018: Another arrival….



Just wanted to send you a picture of our beautiful daughter who is the result of a vasectomy reversal performed last September.

Thank you so much, you gave us our wonderful daughter!

November 2018: Another pregnancy…


We would like to say thank you to Mr Harris. My fiancee had his reversal on the 4th February 2018 after 21 years since original vasectomy procedure. Towards the end of May we received results of sperm count however parameters weren’t perfect…. Despite this fact we found out that we are pregnant in July this year. I was waiting to send you those news as I had to adjust to a new situation … We are very happy about the baby but it is also challenging …since our first baby was stillborn at 9 months last year…. We are half way into this pregnancy now (20 weeks) and we are hoping for our happy ending. Thank you! We will keep you updated.

Ps. It is such a relief to know that I won’t have to go through Ivf again. It was such an exhausting process.

November 2018: Another arrival….


Hi Catherine

Further to our pregnancy news in February, I would like to let you know our beautiful baby daughter xxx was born on 30th August weighing 8lbs 12oz. xxx was born less than a year after the vasectomy reversal.

We cannot thank Dr Harriss and the whole team enough for the miracle he has given us.

November 2018: Another arrival…


Just a quick note to say thank you to Doctor Harris after my daughter xxx was born last Wednesday 7th November after undergoing a successful vasectomy reversal in September 2016.

Brilliant care throughout the process and successful outcome. We could not be happier.

November 2018: Another pregnancy…..



It sometime since you sent me the results letter regarding my vasectomy reversal and the positive news therein. I am now in a position to advise you that Mr Harriss’ outcome statistics can be improved for those over 60 and with 35 year old vasectomies.

I am now very happy to confirm that my partner is 8 weeks pregnant. (I might add this was without really trying !). We are both absolutely delighted with this turn of events and will keep you informed of our progress. Please pass my profound thanks to Mr Harriss.

Best Regards

November 2018: Another pregnancy…..


hello again and so nice to share our amazing news with you all💖💖💖 we have another reversal miracle baby on its way 💖💖💖 we would love if everyone would know our story, especially Dr Harris.

My husband has done reversal after over 30 years and this is our second baby, first one will be 2 years old next month. we are so pleased and can’t be thankful enough for changing our life and giving us this amazing experience to be a parents again 😍😍😍 best regards from us,

November 2018: Another pregnancy….


After falling pregnant in April then having a miscarriage in June ,which was just awful ,today we found out that our rainbow baby is on the way 🌈😍

November 2018: Another pregnancy…


15 years after his vasectomy, some news:

Hello could you please pass on my gratitude to Mr Harris as my reversal was successful as my wife is now pregent after 6 months after the op.

November 2018: Another pregnancy….


Hi we would just like to say a huge thankyou to mr Harris and his team for their amazing work, I had the op on the 20th August this year and have recently found out me and my wife are expecting our last little bundle of joy ❤️🤰🏻 Thankyou

November 2018: Another pregnancy….21 years after vasectomy


hi all we just want to say a huge huge thank you to Mr harriss and all his team after 6 months of having the operation we can anounce we are pregnant.
we can not thank Mr Harriss enough for giving us the chance to have a baby together.

he’s a true hero and our baby will know all about the wonderful man who helped us in our journey to Parenthood.
thank you once again

October 2018: Another arrival…


I thought you might be interested to hear that my wife became pregnant again in January and has just given birth to our second child, a lovely healthy daughter, XXX.

You may recall that I was a patient of yours back in 2012, and my wife became pregnant after just 6 months despite the reversal only being achieved on one side and the motility rate being very low. Well, this recent pregnancy was also achieved after just 6 months of unprotected sex and I write to thank you again.

..we were very pleasantly surprised with the short time it took for XXX to get pregnant and neither of us has got time on our side, I’m 60 and [my wife] is 42.

October 2018: Another pregnancy…


Just to let you know that after Mr Harriss reversing my vasectomy in July which I had 13 years ago in 2005 we have just confirmed my partner is 7 weeks pregnant so a very successful op with very quick results.

I also had no post operative pain or swelling of any note and things healed very quickly.

We are so happy to have employed the skills of Mr Harriss.

October 2018: A lovely thank you…


To all the staff at the BMI park hospital,

XXX and I would like to say a huge thank you for the high quality medical care he received and the kindness and warmth extended to us both.

Mr Harriss was so professional yet down to earth in the way he explained everything and the advice he gave us.

We sincerely hope we have good news in the future but thank you so much for making this step in our journey as pleasurable as it could be.

Kind regards,

October 2018: Another pregnancy, 12 years post vasectomy…


We did it 🙂

Our baby is due 31st of March!!! Thanks to Mr Harris and yourselves 🙏🏽

Words can’t express how happy and grateful we are!!!

October 2018: Another (early) pregnancy….


You performed a vasectomy reversal on my husband XXX on 13th August this year and we are delighted to inform you that I received a positive pregnancy test last week on 11th October. It is very early days and we can only hope all goes well and if it does then our third child will be with us in June next year. We are over the moon, thank you.

We therefore don’t feel the need for a sperm count test with CARE fertility,

October 2018: Another pregnancy…


Morning all, myself and my wife would like to thank Mr Harriss and his team for everything.

On March 25th this year I had a reversal and now we are excited to let you know that we are now expecting our baby on 21st April 2019. My wife and I couldn’t thank you enough.

Kind regards.

October 2018: Another arrival….


My vasectomy reversal was operated by Mr Harris in April 2017. We told you that my wife XXX got pregnant less than seven months after the operation. Now we have a beautiful baby boy! We have been busy with our newborn but we wanted to share our big news with you.

We can’t thank you enough!

October 2018: Another pregnancy….


We found out this morning we are pregnant with our second baby thanks to Mr Harriss

October 2018: Another arrival…


I thought I would get in touch as I have a good news story to share! I had a vasectomy reversal perfomed by Mr Harriss on 10th March 2014.

Following a semen analysis performed on 17th June 2014 I received a letter from Mr Harriss informing me that the test was negative. He did give us some hope in suggesting that on occasions the sperm count can become positive some time later. Whilst being very disappointed XXX and I didn’t give up and, after being married in August 2014 we had further semen analysis and investigations at the Jessop Centre in Sheffield where we live. The tests were positive and we tried for a baby naturally but without success. We underwent a course of IVF at Jessop during summer 2017 that was unsuccessful. Whilst having a rest before having another go at IVF XXX became pregnant naturally and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, XXX, on 28th August. As he approaches 3 weeks old he is doing really well.

We would like to thank Mr Harriss for the work he did as it ultimately led to us having our little miracle boy! ….. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Duncan and the team.

Best wishes

October 2018: Another arrival….


Hi all to the team.

Just to let you know we have had our arrival of our little bundle of joy. We had our reversal done at the end of May 2017 with a small success rate.

On the 20th of September our little blue bundle made his appearance. Me and my partner can not thank Dr Harris enough for making this possible, he’s classed as our little miracle.

We also want to thank all the staff for the support and aftercare.
Thank you again for everything.

October 2018: Another arrival, nearly 15 months old:


No idea if I have the correct address still, Mr Harriss changed our lives and I wanted to send you our little bundle of joy who is now almost 15 months old. He’s so smart, already putting 3 words together. Also a little devil and mischievous which we also love!

Please pass this on if the wrong email, also happy for this to be on the website! My care was amazing and aftercare even better! We feel like a miracle was performed! Isaac Philip is alive because of you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mr Harris.

September 2018: Another pregnancy…


We did it! 3 months TTC. Vasectomy was 6/7 years old when reversed on the 11th June. 
Got these two BFP Saturday 15th September.
We cannot thank Mr Harris enough.
Still early, but at least we know they work. (We cancelled our SA) xx

September 2018: Another arrival….


My husband had his 11 year old Vasectomy reversed in July 2017 and I got pregnant just 5 months later!

Introducing our beautiful 4 week old son XXX. Myself, my husband and our other children are so grateful to Mr Harris for giving us the chance to welcome this perfect baby boy into our family making it complete.

September 2018: Another arrival…


This nearly slipped under the radar as a review was updated this week… showing the arrival of a second baby after his vasectomy reversal.

September 2018: Another arrival….


My husband and I would like you to meet our little miracle … my hubby had his vasectomy 16 years ago and had it reversed by Mr Harris July last year … A week ago today our little princess was born … we cannot thank Mr Harris and his team enough for what you have given us …. meet our daughter XXX born at 5:21 am 31/07/18 weighing 6lb 8 … Thank you again!!

September 2018: Another arrival….


Please can you send thanks from my family for re connecting me. XXX was born on Friday. She has certainly made our family complete, the effect she’s had on or children is amazing.

Can I ask Mr Harriss if there is any advise about being re-snipped. My wife …. made it clear that I’m not going anywhere near her until I’ve had it done.

September 2018: Another pregnancy, the second too..


Good afternoon. My partner had his vacetomy reversal on the 9th of October 2016. We fell pregnant soon after and our son was born on The 1st of October 2017. We just wanted to let you no that baby number two is On its way and we are due on February the 5th 2018… again we can not thank mr Harris enough!

September 2018:  Another pregnancy….6 years post vasectomy


I forgot to email earlier, but it worked first time.

We are expecting our child in 4 weeks time.

Many thanks to you and Dr. Harris for all your efforts.

September 2018: A thank you….


I’m now at home recuperating after the vasectomy reversal you performed on me yesterday.

I just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude to yourself, the Anaesthetist and all the staff at the hospital. I felt genuinely cared for from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. Nothing appeared too much trouble and my many questions were all answered to put my mind at rest.

As this process is really important to me and my partner I conducted a great deal of research and I’m glad I chose you to perform the surgery. I’m just hoping that we add to our family in the near future.

Thanks once again,

September 2018: Another arrival…after an “occasional motile sperm” result.


We just wanted to let you and Dr Harriss know that whilst we did follow through with an initial consultation with Care in Sheffield, Michelle fell pregnant naturally in December and we are due to have a baby in September.

As you can imagine we are both thrilled and in spite of the initial tests being negative after the reversal, it worked in the end.

Please pass on our huge gratitude and thanks to Dr Harriss and we are pleased to say that you can mark me down as another successful operation.”

And then this arrived, this weekend:

“We are absolutely over the moon and delighted to let you know that XXX gave birth to our Baby Daughter, on 4/9 at 4:02 by emergency Caesarean. She was breach and fooled everybody that she wasn’t until Michelle had started labour! She weighed a healthy 8lb 8oz.

Thank you again for the successful reversal and in-spite of the poor initial results we have a beautiful miracle.

We can never thank you enough but we think the combination of your skill and our hope & love helped our dream come true.”

August 2018: Another arrival….


Good afternoon Mr Harriss and all the team…
We came to BMI Park Hospital and had the vasectomy reversal in December 2016, 5 years after the original vasectomy. We received the disappointing news in April 2017 that the reversal was unsuccessful due to a blockage giving a zero sperm count. We were assured that in a few cases this has resolved itself in time but not to get our hopes up!

Well we are happy to say we are one of the lucky ones where the reversal unblocked itself resulting to the birth of our beautiful daughter Tegan (permission to display name) born 13th August 2018 

We cannot thank you enough for everything

August 2018: Another arrival…..


Good Afternoon☺️ we wanted to share our news with you that on 10th June our little boy XXX was born. We want to take this opportunity to thank Dr Harris and his team at The Park Hospital because if it wasn’t for him this wouldn’t be possible. My partner had his reversal on the 5th September and 9 months later our little boy arrived👶🏼👪 Thank you☺️

August 2018: Another arrival…..


My hubby had his reversal done with you in Sept 2017 and we have welcomed our beautiful baby girl on 2/8/18.

We really can’t thank you enough x

July 2018: An update and some advice….


Hello team

This little man here is XXX, he has just celebrated his 4th birthday and is looking forward to full time school in September.

Had my reversal done by Mr Harris about six years ago, we tried for over a year after the operation, we were not having any success in conceiving, but after our honeymoon to the Dom Rep in 2013 we found out that we were expecting, unfortunately we lost that baby about 7 weeks into the pregnancy!

We were crushed but, we caught once, and knew it would happen again, about 2 months later, we were pregnant again, and here is the end result!

Myself, my wife and big Sister are still thankful, and forever grateful to you for the miracle you performed on me 10 years after the original vasectomy!

Keep up the good work!

July 2018: Another arrival….


A big thank you to Mr Harris and the team.

I had my vasectomy at the age of 40 in 2010 having already had a wonderful daughter. My partner and I decided we would like children and so started discussions about how to go about this.

I spent many hours at the computer/internet reading up on where to have a reversal done in the UK, costs, success rates and surgeon reputation. Mr Harris came out on top for me by a country mile and so at 46 in December 2016, I had a reversal.

As soon as my fiancee and I tried to get pregnant we did so well done team.

I am now 47 and my fiancee and I have just had our little boy (June 2018) and are thrilled. The whole reversal process was handled professionally and with great care.

A very simple process and we would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of having this done.

So grateful. Thanks again

July 2018: Another arrival….


I just wanted to email to say we had a baby daughter 8 weeks ago, happy and healthy. She was born a year and 5 days after my operation.

Please can you thank Mr Harriss for me. I had a great experience, and a great end result of course!

July 2018: Another arrival


Hi I just wanted to let you know 3 years after vasectomy Reversal that was over 17 years old we finally got to meet our beautiful baby boy can’t thank Mr Harris and the team enough

xxx born 29th may 2018 at a huge 8lb.

June 2018: A lovely thank you…


Please can you forward this onto mr Harriss.

Firstly I’d like to say how comfortable and calm mr Harriss and the team at the BMI hospital made me feel during my stay, I was made to feel at ease and was looked after really well.

I’m really pleased that I did my research and found mr Harris rather than going with one of the first clinics I came across.

Fingers crossed for a positive result.

Many thanks

June 2018: Another pregnancy….


I had the reversal operation at aged 46 having had a vasectomy 2 years previously.

Myself and my wife decided that we would in fact like to have another child and after lots of research we chose Mr Harriss’ clinic based mainly on testimonials like this one!

After the operation we decided that we would try for a baby in the spring and after just one attempt my wife is pregnant.

Mr Harriss and his team were fantastic and the information that I was given both in terms of the procedure and recovery was exactly as it was in practice which is very rare.

Thoroughly recommended.

June 2018: Another arrival….


Hello again we are proud to announce the arrival of our amazing baby boy XXX born at 7:54 on Wednesday the 13th at 6 pound 14 oz.

We would like to again give our thanks to Dr Harris and his team. There are not enough words to explain how thankful and grateful we are for the blessing you have given us after so many years of doctors telling us there would be no way we could have a baby and it would be pointless to try.

Dr Harris gave us hope and has helped us achieve our dream we love our boy so much and our life is now complete thanks to you. We are so over the moon and in shear bliss thank you again so much.

June 2018: Another arrival (first posted in our FB group):


Well exactly 2 years ago tomorrow on 15th June 2016 my partner had his vasectomy reversal with Mr Harris, and we finally met our Beautiful princess Ruby today on 14th June 2018

June 2018: Another pregnancy….


💜💜DUE 13TH NOVEMBER 2018💜💜

Well after 19 and a half years i decided to have a reversal, i chose mr harriss after plenty of research and reading his reviews and after having this done and following his instructions to the letter as you can see my partner and i are expecting a beautiful bouncy baby girl well worth the money and the pain all the staff were great with me and my partner when we stayed at the hospital and now we have so much to look forward too with this bundle of joy!!

June 2018: A couple of arrivals from our group. Here’s the first:


Finally got there our little Miracle.

Grace Born on 10/6/18.

June 2018: Another pregnancy…


I just wanted to let you and Mr Harriss know of our amazing news, XXX and I are expecting a baby in November, we are so happy and can’t thank you enough for the giving us the chance to start a family together!

June 2018: Another arrival…


It has been nearly two years since my vasectomy reversal. However I am please to inform you that on the 6th Feb 2018 my partner and I had a little baby girl, XXX, I wish to thank you for your work and the successful operation. I attach a photo of little XXX.

June 2018: Another pregnancy…


13 weeks today! My fiance had his reversal 7 years after his vasectomy. You made this possible and we are very thankful for that!

June 2018: Another pregnancy, within first three months:


Quick question…..due to have my 3 month analysis on Wed 30 May.

Just found out my wife is pregnant, is it worth cancelling?

Kindest regards

May 2018: Another very happy reversal


Can you please pass on my warmest thanks to Doctor Harris, and everybody whom “had a hand in” my reversal and subsequent testing.

Procreation was successful on first entry, so to speak. Baby is growing well, currently 1cm longer than average after 10 weeks!!! and my partner is cursing the constant nausea and tiredness 😉 That said, I feel great and haven’t suffered morning sickness one bit, so far, so great times ahead.

May 2018: Another arrival, 6 years after vasectomy


Hi all is well thank you we have had a little boy called XXX all went well we cant thank you and mr Harriss and all the staff for everything you have made possible our little boy is Amazing.

May 2018: This is great news


We just wanted to let you and Dr Harriss know that whilst we did follow through with an initial consultation with Care in Sheffield, XXX fell pregnant naturally in December and we are due to have a baby in September.

As you can imagine we are both thrilled and in spite of the initial tests being negative after the reversal, it worked in the end.

Please pass on our huge gratitude and thanks to Dr Harriss and we are pleased to say that you can mark me down as another successful operation.

Thanks again

May 2018: A personal message


We have men who come to us because their vasectomy causes them pain or they feel different in some way. This gentleman is very happy with his outcome:

Dear Mr Harriss

I wanted to send you a personal message, to thank you for what you have done for me

I knew very soon after having my vasectomy that something changed in me, and it had a horrible effect on me psychologically.

It was very reassuring meeting you and finding out that I wasn’t the only person to go through this

The morning after the reversal I woke up in hospital with a smile on my face, for the first time in 6 months I didn’t wake up with regret, I was already feeling better about myself and have woke up every morning since with a smile on my face

I thank you so much for this and for giving me my life back

Having a vasectomy was the biggest mistake I have ever made, I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare, like my life had been put on hold and I couldn’t move forward, all this also had an effect on the people around me, they all noticed a change in me, but I am so pleased to say I already feel back to my old self, so

Thank You Mr Harris

From myself and my family for what you have done

May 2018: Another arrival, 19.5 years after vasectomy…


Here she is, thank you for bringing our little miracle to us.

As I may have already said, XXX did her research over a 6 year period and always returned to your site, she was adamant that Mr Harris “is the chosen one”! and I wasn’t going to mess with her decision.

We are so happy we kept to Mr Harris, he did a fantastic job and your support has been brilliant, XXX will be told this fantastic story when she is old enough.

May 2018: A pregnancy…..


Hi, here is our scan picture of baby XXXX. Taken last Monday. XXX was around 14 weeks pregnant at the time of the scan.

May 2018: Another pregnancy!


“I just thought i would drop you all a line to say that we are expecting a baby boy on the 7th of sept 2018.Thank you.”

May 2018: Another pregnancy…..


I had my vasectomy reversal on 3rd December 2017. 2 and a half years after my original vasectomy.

Prior to choosing Mr Harris I had a consultation with another private doctor that wanted to make an 8 inch incision along the top of my pubic line and carried out 2 to 3 reversal per year.

I went away and researched and came across Mr Harris and his procedure using micro surgery. I am so glad I did. I checked in at the hospital at 7.30am and had my consultation and operation on a day case. Was in theatre for approx 90 minutes from leaving my room to getting back.

All the time my fiancee was allowed to stay in the room watching tv. The the staff at the hospital were all first class from start to finish. When leaving the hospital later that evening I felt no pain or discomfort, in the 3 weeks healing time I felt very little discomfort, A lot less than my original vasectomy.

The healing process went really well and I can no longer see where the incision was made.

Now to the best part…..our little bundle of joy is due October 29th, meaning my fiancee conceived just 7 weeks after my reversal. We can’t thank Mr Harris and his team enough and highly recommend him!!

May 2018: Another pregnancy….


Just thought I’d drop you an email.

Mr Harris did my Reversal on the 25th October, 🌟20 years🌟 after the initial vasectomy, and today my wife and I went for our scan, she is 13 weeks pregnant 🙂 !

Please let Mr Harris know and I would like to say a very big thank you!

May 2018: 40 years after his vasectomy and 17 months since his reversal with Mr Harriss, we receive this message


I just wanted to let you know that our twins arrived on the 28th of march, we have two beautiful little girls and both I and XXX want to thank Mr Harriss for making it all possible.

May 2018: Another pregnancy…


Hello. I had a reversal in 2016 with Mr Harris. Me and my partner are now 17 weeks pregnant.

We would like to give Mr Harriss a big THANK YOU for helping us on our journey.

May 2018: A thank you


Good afternoon

We just wanted to say thank you very much for helping us make our little miracle..

My partner had a vasectomy in December 2010 and then had a reversal in August 2016… The operation was a great success and my partner came out the operation well looked after and everything explained.

Unfortunately we had problems just after which was nothing to do with Dr Harris and the operation. My partner had an issue with his foreskin being too tight so had to under go another operation 4 months later to have this removed.. this had an effect on our sex life due to the healing process… unfortunately things didn’t get any easier….in July 2017 I under went an emergency operation as I had a cyst that was 18cm big…. it had completely destroyed my left ovary and Fallopian tube which were then removed… I under went major stomach surgery which took 6 hours instead of 45 minutes..

However there is light at the end of the tunnel…. we are now happy to announce that we are expecting our first baby together as we are 3 1/2 months pregnant with our little miracle…

Thank you so much for the successful operation you have made our lives complete…

I would defiantly recommend you to anyone wishing to under go the reversal

I have attached two scan photos of our miracle at 13 weeks 2 days…. I love the second one as bubba is just chilling with their legs crossed

Thank you so much you have made our lives complete.

April 2018: Another second arrival….


Hi just a quick email to update you we came to you on the XXth April 2016 for XXX to have his reversal and the operation was a complete success we had a beautiful little boy on the 13th February last year and this morning at 5.03am exactly 14 months after we had our little boy we welcomed his little sister into the world weighing 7lb 12oz.

Can you please pass on our thanks to mr Harriss for the 2 miracles that he has given us.

Thank you

April 2018: Another pregnancy…


Hi, I had an 11 year old vasectomy reversed on 10th July 2017 and 5 months later my wife fell pregnant. We have recently found out that we are having a baby boy and can’t thank Mr Harris enough for making this possible.

We’re so excited to meet our son who is due on 29th August 2018. We had every faith the reversal would be a success but to have our miracle happen so quickly just proves to us we made the right decision travelling to Nottingham!

Thank you and we will post again when our son is born.

April 2018: A second baby…..


On 11.4.18 we welcomed baby number 2 – a boy XXXX. Thank you again for Vasectomy procedure in January 2012 x

April 2018: Another second baby….


A very good afternoon. After having the vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss in June 2015 and having our baby XXXX in November 2016, my wife gave birth to our second daughter XXX on 15 April 2018.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us. Kind regards

April 2018: A pregnancy update….


We are wanting to update you from our email sent at the end of December.

We had our 20+4 week scan yesterday and everyone is going brilliantly. We haven’t found out if blue or pink 💖💙 as we’re wanting a surprise.

Again, thank you all so much for everything you’ve done, I still have to pinch myself sometimes as I can’t believe we have been so lucky.

The next photo’s will be of little baby in August 

April 2018: Another arrival (permission given for names to be used)


Hi just a quick email to update you we came to you on the 11th April 2016 for Stuart to have his reversal and the operation was a complete success we had a beautiful little boy on the 13th February last year and this morning at 5.03am exactly 14 months after we had our little boy we welcomed his little sister into the world weighing 7lb 12oz. Can you please pass on our thanks to mr Harriss for the 2 miracles that he has given us

Thank you.

April 2018: A baby boy


I would love to welcome our little son Joshua paul Wharton born 9/04/2018 weighing 6lb 11oz 2 and 1/2 weeks early. He is absolutely perfect in every way and me and his daddy love him so much.

We can’t thank Mr Harriss enough for our little miracle we will be forever grateful. He completes us.

Still can’t believe he’s here after the news of having zero sperm the first time round and a second reversal thinking the same would happen. We are So blessed 💙 — feeling blessed

April 2018: A third pregnancy….


As you can see from previous messages, Mr Harris has enabled us to have 2 beautiful baby’s…. And now number 3 is on the way. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant, due on April 29th! We can’t thank you enough

April 2018: A pregnancy


28 weeks tomorrow with our first VR baby.. Ruby 💖 due June 2018, my partner had his reversal done June 2016 ❤️ thank you ever so much for making our dreams come true!

March 2018: Another pregnancy….


Hi all at the reversal clinic.
I am writing to Inform you that my partner had his reversal back at the end of May 2017,after 8 years post vasectomy.The operation went as well as it could of the staff and Mr Duncan Harris were brilliant,catered to our needs and was very thorough with questions and details.

My partner was also able to stop at the facility as well which made it more relaxing.

We had our semen analysis in August and we had the results only a few short hours after it was completed, it mentioned that my sperm count was brilliant at 54 million but the motility was a mere 13% and to expect a 2 year try and to preserve some sperm as we may have to go through IVF which was very disheartening to say the least.

I can finally say it was a success as my partner is now 13 weeks pregnant and all is well. We are over the moon with the results and would like to give a big thanks to Mr Duncan Harris for being able to give us this opportunity to be able to start a family together. We are forever grateful. Thanks again.

March 2018: Another pregnancy…


Please see our attached scan. XXXX is now 24 weeks gone.

Dr Harriss carried out the reversal last September & we conceived the following month.

Please pass on our thanks to him.

March 2018: Another baby arrival


Sorry I know its been a while but wanted to say a Huge thankyou for the help and support from you all. 
Following my reversal in January 2017 (after nearly 10 years) We are pleased to announce the arrival of baby XXX born 8th March 2018.

From start to finish and afterwards the service of all involved was excellent and professional and we can’t thank Mr Harris and his team enough.

I will write a more detailed review when time permits!
In the mean time please do post or share this or it’s sentiments, as I really mean what I have said.

THANK YOU again…

March 2018: Another baby (or two)


My husband had his reversal back in 2015. We were only given 19% chance of natural conception. We caught a few months later and blessed with our first daughter. Not thinking we would have anymore children we were blessed with our girl. We caught again just over a year later. And our second daughter was born Dec 2017 a healthy 8lb 4.5oz. I cant thank you enough 😊😊 dreams do come true

March 2018: Another new arrival


Hi Mr Harris! Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all you’ve done for us! I’d like to introduce our miracle baby XXX born 🌟today🌟 at 7:55am weighing 5lb 12oz 🙂 both my wife and I thank you for him xx

March 2018: An amazing story…


We wanted to let mr Harriss know how much he has changed our lives

Our story…..

I underwent a vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss in early 2014 which was successful and we immediately became pregnant. Unfortunately my wife then miscarried at 11 weeks as you can imagine a very traumatic not to mention painful experience.

We continued trying for the next 12 months to no avail so decided to investigate my wife’s fertility only to eventually find all was ok but the problem was scar tissue had formed resealing my tubes.

We decided given that the first vasectomy was successful to repeat the reversal in 2015 and then freeze the sperm. Again this was successful and we froze a sample at Liverpool Womens hospital and kept trying.

Twelve months on but no joy even though my sperm count remained high. We then turned to other options which included clomid which over stimulated my wife so we booked IVF for September 2016.

Would you believe it the very last chance before the IVF started and my wife fell pregnant. It was not a straight forward pregnancy with lots of bleeds and visits to the antenatal assessment unit. It was however at 26 weeks that as we walked into work (fortunately the local hospital) my wife’s waters broke!!! Then admitted immediately and we braced ourselves for the imminent arrival and risks that it brought.

6 weeks later we were still in hospital on complete bed rest but baby was growing and the magic number was to get to 34 weeks and then they would do a section as the risk of infection then outweighed the prematurity risk.

At 32 weeks however the bleeding got much worse and with placental abruption suspected we were rushed to theatre for an emergency section. All went well though and xxxx arrived in 21/3/17 and we spent the next 5 stressful weeks on the neonatal special care unit at Leighton initially on ventilation but finally bringing her home on the 19th April.

Quite a ride and as her first birthday approaches we wanted to let all those know how much their help means to us.

Would be grateful if you could pass this to Mr Harriss along with our heartfelt thanks.

March 2018: A baby girl


“Hi my name is Lara Perrin, I was born at 11.57pm 16th March and weighed 6lb 10oz. My dad had a Vasectomy reversal on 20th June 2017.. I was made with a lot of love and a little help from Mr Harriss.

March 2018: Another pregnancy….


My husband came and had his vasectomy reversal at the end of November 2016 and he received very good care at the Park Hospital.

Mr Harriss was very informative when we attended a meeting prior to the operation and both prior to and after treatment he was at hand to make sure everything was ok. He was also accessible by email and always responded quickly to any questions or concerns that we had.

We spent a great amount of time researching surgeons to complete this process and were more than willing to travel from one end of the country to the other in order to receive the best possible chance of success.

As well as being a very welcoming and supportive professional he must also be extremely good at his job as my husband recovered quickly with little scaring and no side effects and we are happy to say that we are now pregnant and expecting in February 2018.

March 2018: A lovely story


On the 13th of February 2017, I attended Mr Harris’s clinic in nottingham for a vasectomy reversal.

Apart from a bad infection which developed that i was in contact with you for, the operation itself went well.

I am happy to report that almost a year later, my partner found out that we were pregnant.

Aside from savere morning sickness, we are now approx 10 weeks in and going well.

What Mr Harris has given us, is a gift that is beyond words.

I cannot thank you all enough. You guys really are amazing and are giving people like us miracles each and every single day.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and wish you all long and fruitful lives. Please carry on doing amazing work for as long you can.

I will gladly send a picture of our little miracle when he/she arrives, you can count on it.

Once again, thank you so so much.

March 2018: We love stories like these…


I am writing to inform you , that my wife XXX gave birth to our wonderful daughter XXX , at Cresswell Hospital Dumfries on 20th Feb 2018. XXX was 9 lbs and is a healthy and happy baby.

I received a vasectomy reversal from yourselves on 7th Jan 2015 and it was as you can see wholly successful.

I am 63 years of age, and my original vasectomy was over 
🌟30 years🌟 ago !! and the reason that I am writing to you, is to thank you warmly for giving us the opportunity to bring into our world our wonderful daughter. Please pass on my best wishes to your excellent staff. Truly the greatest gift..

March 2018: A lovely thank you


It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and have you perform my vasectomy reversal.

My wife XXX and I were very impressed with the way we were treated throughout the day and along with yourself, all of the staff, including Dr. Matthews, were nothing short of exceptional regarding my care before, during and after my surgery.

I was an absolute bag of nerves for the weeks approaching my surgery, feeling sick to my stomach with worry, in particular on the day itself, but looking back now, I know I couldn’t have been treated better. Especially when I was under the care of Dr Matthews, I can honestly say that I could not believe that the procedure was all over with when I woke up. The anaesthetic was just instantaneous and I didn’t feel a thing.. I didn’t even feel like I had been asleep. This is what I was dreading the most, and it turned out to be one of the most positive and amazing experiences of my life.

Once again, I’d like to give you my heartfelt thanks Mr Harriss. You and your whole team were professional, caring, polite and very supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wanted a vasectomy reversal or any other urological care for that matter.

Just recovery now. And I give you my word, I will follow your advise, and fingers crossed for a pregnancy for XXX and I in the near future. I have already registered for sperm analysis at the Care fertility clinic.. We will keep you posted!

Many thanks again, it was a pleasure meeting you all and an experience we will never forget.

Yours sincerely,

March 2018: Another pregnancy…another low count too


Hi Catherine,

I’m absolutely delighted to tell you that my girlfriend has handed me two positive pregnancy tests. We are over the moon. Please pass this on along with my deepest gratitude to Dr Harris.

February 2018: Another pregnancy….


Good evening Catherine

We would like to share our good news. Following XXXX vasectomy Reversal in September, we are now just over 12 weeks pregnant with our first child together.

Please could you pass our thanks on to Mr Harriss and his team for making this possible for us. I have attached a photograph of our first scan.

Thanks again

February 2018: Another arrival….


Dear Catherine

Would you be good enough to show the attached to Mr Harris and pass on my sincere thanks for our new bundle of XXX who arrived last week.

Kind Regards

February 2018: Every so often, we receive some news that defies science, defies many critics and it just absolutely fantastic to hear


This gentleman had a reversal 10 years after his vasectomy. He had also had surgery to remove one testicle.

The reversal surgery on one side sadly showed a zero count at his semen analysis.

Obviously there was much heartache but this lovely couple decided to monitor the sperm via a home microscope….

And we’re sure, to their joy, they watched the sperm reappear around 🌟9 months🌟 after the reversal operation.

We received this short but wonderful email:

“xxxx is 13 weeks pregnant today thankyou so much for making this all possible.”

February 2018: A family created….(permission given to add initials)


“Mr Harriss performed my vasectomy reversal in the summer of 2012.

At the initial consultation, he was understanding and extremely caring.

He took time to explain the procedure and gave us great reassurance in his ability.

On the day of the operation, he came to visit me beforehand, as did his anaesthetist (who was equally professional) and both took their time to put me at ease.

The care, staff and facilities at BMI Park Hospital were outstanding – both pre and post op.

I was particularly impressed and extremely grateful that, after developing complications following an adverse reaction to pain relief (through no fault of Mr Harriss), Mr Harriss arranged for my private care to be extended at the Park Hospital at no extra cost to me.

I’m delighted to report that the procedure was successful and my partner gave birth to our first son in April 2015 and a second son in July 2017. Both are amazing!

If you are in any way unsure – don’t be. Mr Harriss is the undesputed expert in this procedure. I would have no hesitation in recommending him, and cannot thank him enough!


February 2018: Another pregnancy….


This is just a quick email to thank Mr Harriss for his amazing work.

After having my vasectomy reversal after almost 14.5 years on the 31/07/2017, I can now confirm that my wife is pregnant.

February 2018: Another pregnancy….


I had my vasectomy reversed in September and yesterday (5th February) we found out that we are expecting a baby!
I just wanted to thank everyone at the BMI hospital for the great care that they took of me and my girlfriend when we came to Nottingham for the operation. We are over the moon to be pregnant and it simply amazing that the operation was a success!

Thank you to all especially Dr Harriss.

February 2018: A pregnancy update…


Hi Bev –

Pregnancy update – today marks a whole 12 months since our VR redo given just 19% chance of pregnancy in two years. And here he is our little miracle 29 weeks grown. We both still can’t believe how lucky we are – and we could never thank Mr Harriss enough. We can’t wait to meet him in a few weeks 😀 xx

February 2018: Another pregnancy…


This is just a quick email to thank Mr Harriss for his amazing work.
After having my vasectomy reversal after almost 14.5 years on the 31/07/2017, I can now confirm that my wife is pregnant.

February 2018: Another pregnancy….


My vasectomy reversal was operated by Mr Harris in last April. Like Mr Harris said my sperm analysis was fine and I am very happy to tell you that my wife XXX is pregnant less than seven months after the operation! We went to ultrasound 28th of November and heard the heartbeat! The duedate is 17th of July.

Thank you for everything! We can’t thank You enough!

February 2018: Another arrival, after a journey…


Mr. Harriss, Beverley & team,

My partner and I came to your hospital in 2015 after researching the success rate you have achieved from a vasectomy reversal.

There are 17 years between my partner and myself and by the time we had made the decision that life could be so much greater with a child of our own, I had already undergone a vasectomy 9 years previous. A life I once thought was completed after 3 healthy children with a previous partner meant an honest conversation in new relationships were always upfront. However that didn’t seem to bother me and my current partner until we’d done all the things we thought we wanted yet still wanted more. We came to you with full hope of changing our lives and despite the operation being successful you can understand our disappointment when my sperm count only amounted to a 19% chance of pregnancy. Nearly 2 years passed since the surgery and it would be safe to say that a pregnancy had become more of a distant memory than a dream.

Although we knew the option was always available for IVF and was never going to be a problem to us financially my partner had always believed that if we couldn’t conceive a child naturally then it was never meant to be and so instead, we had come to the decision that in order to overcome such a devastating hurdle we would pack up what we called home and make a life on the road travelling whilst making new dreams.

Everything seemed to be falling in to place perfectly. Redundancy was on the table for me in a career that I’d worked for almost 25 years, we’d briefed friends and family on our decision to travel and began to sell the contents of our home. The month I was due to leave my job and take the holiday owed to search for a suitable motor home to offer new beginnings to myself, my partner and our beloved dog I received a message that even now, brings a lump to my throat and changed our lives in that very moment.

We were going to be parents!

Nothing was real, the pregnancy test, the appointments, the scans, the kicks, the preparation. Until 9 months later our healthy little girl entered the world.

From the bottom of our hearts we could never thank you enough for the opportunity you have allowed us to have.

January 2018: An arrival…


Hi Catherine

Just wanted to update you on our journey. My husband XXX had a vasectomy reversal in October 2016…we was due to have the semen analysis in march but found out we were pregnant… Please find attached pictures of our Beautiful daughter XXXX… Born 14th December…
We cannot thank Mr Harris enough for this special gift… He really is a miracle worker.

Please pass on our thanks again

January 2018: Another arrival…


Here is our beautiful little boy XXX, so very thankful and couldn’t recommend Dr Harris enough.

My partner had the vr in January and we was pregnant in the February of the same year. Absolutely over the moon. XXX was born on 27th Oct 2017.

January 2018: A low count pregnancy…


I had a reversal Nov 2016 and we hadn’t conceived so I went for a test back in Oct …. My GP tried(Very poorly) to not explain the results all she said was sorry there was no or little chance of us getting pregnant but couldn’t explain further.

3 weeks later we found out she is pregnant with our 12 week scan due next week.