December 2016: A second baby…


Hi there could you add our new addition to our story from 2014 please? XXX was born April this year, another miracle.
This is our daughter was born 2014

December 2016: This story is a story of hope and great news


Hi to Mr Hariss and Katherine and team. We just want to let you know that on 4th November our beautiful baby boy was born and we can never thank you enough for the incredible work that you do! Could you please post this to the page below xx

In our time of trying to conceive, i would regularly scroll all through the page hoping to find a couple who had 100% antibodies to give me hope. Back in June 2014 hubby had his reversal with Mr Harriss, after his first SA we received a letter informing us that all has gone well and that we should go on to conceive, however from being part of online forums and speaking to others, I had seen other people with lots of additional figures etc to the ones that I had, and so I asked for more details, and that is when I found out about the antibodies, all 100% of them, Dr harriss told us this was completely normal and that it wouldn’t matter but I thought i knew best due to google! Dr harriss explained in a letter that the reason they don’t include everything in the letter following the SA is because of the undue stress that it causes couples (how right he was!!) After a year or so we had a repeat SA and the NHS who don’t know as much about these things, put on our report that “Immunological infertility is highly probable” – basically due to the antibodies he was infertile. We where devastated and started to save for IVF….but after 20 months …nearly two years of ttc in February out of the blue finally came those two pink lines and it was one of the happiest days of our lives.

On the 4th Novemeber 2016 we welcomed our miracle baby Fox Oakley Into the world. Weighing 8lbs 4 and a half oz’s. Nearly two and a half years after our reversal. There where a lot of dark days in that time, but I’m so glad that we never gave up, as i sit here now nursing him through the night. I hope this brings some hope, as I only ever seemed to see the posts from the many couples who are lucky enough to have their dreams come true so quickly, but let me tell you the wait made him all the sweeter

December 2016: A baby arrives..


Hi there just an update 10 months ago I came to Mr Harriss and had a vasectomy reversal on the 1st of February! In march we was so lucky enough to fall pregnant and are now updating you on our beautiful arrival of XXXX who came into the world on the 12/12/2016 and weighed 7lb 1oz at 04:21 am.
She is just perfect and we can’t thank all of you enough you’ve brought a miracle into our lives x
Many thanks

December 2016: And another baby….


Hi Catherine,

Wanted to share the good news with you.

XXX was born on 22nd November 2016.

I had my reversal operation with Mr Harriss on 10th February 2016 !

Cannot praise him highly enough.

Mummy and baby are doing well.

Best regards,

December 2016: And another baby


Hi Catherine,

Please find attached a photo of the very cute XXX, born at half past midnight on XX November 2016 weighing in at 8lbs 13oz. Mother and baby are doing grand. Please pass on our huge thanks to Mr Harriss for making this possible.

December 2016: And another baby arrives…


Hi there. After having the vasectomy reversal with Mr Harris in June 2015, my fiancé fell pregnant the following January and our baby XXX was born on 28 November 2016. We would just like to say thank you for everything that you have done for our family and we would highly recommend you and your services to anyone who would like to conceive after having a vasectomy. Kind regards,

December 2016: Quite a few announcements…. the first is a first for us


Hello just wanted to say a great big thank you to dr Harris and team. Reversal carried out in oct15 baby XXX born oct 16 wow. I announced it a unique way which I thought I would share with you.

November 2016: Another pregnancy…


Just to let Mr Harris know that after carrying out XXX’s VR in July we have now had a positive pregnancy test and an early scan where a tiny bubba was seen indicating baby due end June beginning July!

Please pass on our thanks 

November 2016: Another arrival!


We are delighted to let you know our daughter XXX arrived on Friday 28th October. She is absolutely perfect and XXX is doing well.

Thank you so much for everything you have done.

November 2016: Some fantastic news!


To all the team and the wonderful Doctor Harris,

On May the 23rd this year my fiancé had his reversal done and we are absolutely delighted to say that we already have a baby on the way! I fell pregnant late august August THIS YEAR which is incredible and our little bean truly is a miracle. Thank you for all the fantastic support and care from the team during and after the operation. We couldn’t recommend this clinic enough. You’ve made our world complete….

We are thrilled (and surprised!) as got a letter stating whilst successful his results weren’t the strongest but low and behold when we got said letter I was actually pregnant!

November 2016: A baby on the way….


Mr Harris just to let you know that the vasectomy reversal i had in may this year was successful me and XXX would like to thank everyone envolved

November 2016: A beautiful girl


Hi Cathrine,

Our baby had arrived – it’s a little girl 💕 we are thrilled and so thankful for giving us this opportunity to complete our little family.

XXXX, born 8th October at 9.07am.

November 2016: A baby…


Hi , thought I’d send you this photo of baby XXX who arrived Sunday 23/10/16 9pm, a healthy 7.8 pounds. I once again thank you all for everything.

November 2016: A baby arrives….


We just wanted to write to say thank you so much to Mr Harriss. My partner had a reversal done on 12th December 2015 and 2 weeks ago we welcomed our little boy into the world. We never imagined it would happen that quick, but we are absolutely over the moon.
We would highly recommend Mr Harris and his team, the whole experience was professional and we were kept informed every step of the way.
Thank you again.

November 2016: A successful redo operation


Hi All

Just to let you know, XXX has done a test and says she is 3 weeks pregnant.

We are delighted and again so very quick and even may be a record.

I would like to thank the whole team and especially Mr Harris for giving us yet again this amazing opportunity be it early days. Let’s hope everything carries through to be ok.

Kind regards

November 2016: A pregnancy….



I just wanted to share with you our amazing news

Following my husbands reversal back in February this year (7 years after original vasectomy) we are over the moon to let you know that we are 17 weeks pregnant with a gorgeous baby boy due March 2017.

We cannot thank you enough

Please feel free to share as I know all the positive updates on this page gave me so much hope whilst trying to conceive

October 2016: Another pregnancy!


Hello Bev
Can you let Mr Harris know that we’ve done a pregnancy test and its come up positive both XXX and I would like to thank him and the staff there very much for a job well done, we are both over the moon.
Again thank you.

October 2016: A redo- great news!


Good afternoon Bev,

I am delighted to let you know, XXX’s redo reversal with mr Harris has been a success. He saw Mr Harris in Feb 2012, we then had a little boy in Feb 2013. We tried for another but we were unsuccessful and, after Harry completed a semen analysis, found out Harry’s sperm count was nil. We booked a redo reversal with Mr Harris, which Harry had at the beginning of September (5 weeks ago) I am over the moon to be telling you we had a positive pregnancy test this morning. We can not thank Mr Harris and his team enough. We would thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of a reversal. We travelled down from Glasgow to see him both times and it was well worth it! We will update you later in the pregnancy or after the baby’s arrival.
Thanks again

October 2016: An update…


Hi there!

Today seems the perfect time to give you an update! 6years ago my Husband had a Reversal by Dr Harriss and despite an extremely low Sperm Analysis (1 million p/ml 4% motility) we were able to conceive within 3m! Our miracle baby turned 5 yesterday! 🙂
After discovering last April that my Husband had scarred over after a zero sperm analysis, a year ago today, we were back under the care of Mr Harriss and the team and he performed a VR redo. Again, 3m later we were extremely lucky to conceive again and on that note, we would like to introduce, baby Vienna who was born 3rd Sept and is just perfect!
So again, a massive Thank you to you all, we now have two Daughters thanks to you all and we couldnt be happier!
Eternally grateful,

October 2016: An arrival…


Dear Catherine,
I wrote back in March to let you know my husband XXX and I were expecting our first baby two years after his reversal. We’re delighted to be able to write to you today that after 15hrs of labour, quick trip to theatre for me, our beautiful daughter XXX arrived safely today (30.09.16) at 1413 weighing a whopping 10lb 1oz. All doing well and all thanks to Mr Harriss and his team. Please feel free to share our story and pics attached as testimony to his wonderful work.

September 2016: A pregnancy!


Good afternoon Mr Harris,
Following my reversal I am delighted to inform you that we discovered yesterday that XXX is 4 and a half weeks pregnant! We are absolutely over the moon.

We both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and support in enabling us to get to this stage.

Kindest Regards,

September 2016: A baby arrives….


I’m sure you hear from lots of elated couples, so I’ve kept the previous emails attached incase it jogs your memory.

But we just wanted to share with you our news … After XXX’s surgery with you on 1st Sept last year, well 365 days later, our beautiful daughter XXX was born on 31st August 2016 ❤️

Just short of 1 year exactly! (And missing the new school year by 2 hours 20 mins! 😕) haha X

She weighed 8lb 11.5oz

It was a loooooong labour of 21 hours (plus caused me to miss a nights sleep so I’d been awake for 2 days) … And she was nearly out, but then her little body was twisted and I didn’t have the energy for the last bit … So they took us into theatre

She was finally born with the help of forceps (and not Caesarean as they thought maybe required) so she was a bit bruised initially 😢

But she is very healthy and very happy and we totally ADORE her! ❤️

So again, many many thanks for all the staff involved with making this miracle happen for us, especially to Mr Harriss! X

Kind regards,

September 2016: A fabulous scan image


Hello ,

My partner XXX had his vasectomy reversed on the 10th of February and everything went really well. He was booked in to check on the operations success in mid April but the week before he was due to travel back to Nottingham we found out by way of a positive pregnancy test that the operation was a success, we are absolutely over the moon and cannot wait until January when our baby is due to arrive, we can’t thank Mr Harris and his team enough.

September 2016: A lovely email to receive this morning, after the Sunday day-case list:


Thank you for your follow up email. The reversal went well and Mr Harriss and his team were fantastic with the care that they provided.

The treatment I received was fantastic and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout my visit. I now look forward to a positive outcome in the future.

September 2016: A lovely update received today


Good luck for 8 weeks time!

September 2016: An arrival….


I am writing to let you know that my partner xxx vasectomy reversal was a success…our little princess was born on the 26th august (her actual due date aswel) at 10.05am weighing 8lb 3oz…ahead is absolutely perfect in every way…
We want to thank you so much for making it all possible and completing our family…
Attatched are some photos
All our love

August 2016: A baby arrives (despite the initial 3% swimmers)


XXX was born on the 25/8/16
This is a year to the day my partner XXX had his reversal with Duncan Harriss. 14 years after original vasectomy. We love her to bits.
Thank you to you and your team

August 2016: A fantastic photo


Hi Mr Harris and your amazing team. I just wanted to let you know me and my wife had our second little girl 4 months ago. We cannot thank you enough for giving us our little family. We are hoping for another some time in the future as I have had a sperm count and I still have a count of over 30 million. Once again thank you.

August 2016: Another baby on the way…


Hi just a quick update my partner XXX had his reversal 17 weeks ago yesterday on Monday 11th April and we are delighted to announce that we are 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and we are due on the 4th February 2017. We would like to thank Mr Harriss for everything he has done for us he really has made our dreams come true.

August 2016: Another little one on the way…


Morning Catherine, no need for any tests as we are happy to announce we’re expecting our first baby April of 2017 😊. Many thanks to the whole team.

August 2016: Another baby arrives…


Dear Mr Hariss well we got there eventually.

XXX was born at 02:39 on 20th July 2016. She weighed 3.14 kilos (6lb 15oz) dark brown hair and blue/grey eyes. Despite Mums best endeavours she didn’t position her head correctly and we had a Caesarian. Mum and baby are well.

August 2016: A great story…


Hiya, my husband originally had a reversal done by Mr Harris in 2012 which was successful and we had a baby girl in January 2013. Early 2014 we began to try again but unfortunately nothing was happening for us, my husband came back to you for the test and we were told there was no sperm and therefore we wouldn’t be able to conceive again.. Obviously we were devastated.. After speaking to Mr Harris he offered to do a re-reversal which was done in June October we had conceived and we now have a beautiful baby boy and our family is complete. This would not have been possible without the help and support from you all, especially Mr Harris, so thank you so very much x

August 2016: Amazing news…


Just to let everyone out there how fantastic Mr Harris is. Reversal was done in November 2015. As you know Catherine, I was on the phone to yourself on the 12th May devastated walking out of nhs fertility clinic and standing outside the clinic on the phone to you telling you the awful news we had just been given, that my partner had a low sperm count and basically we where told the chances of conceiving where very slim & that we where offered icsi treatment at £4000 we where devastated and left so upset as we didn’t have the money to do that.

When i was on the phone to you outside the fertiltity centre you kept reassuring us that people had conceived with that low sperm count, but it didn’t sink in we had sort of lost all hope. We started taking fertil aid and used concive plus but don’t know whether that done anything as we must have conceived basically 12 days later as found out on 9th June that i was pregnant. We couldn’t believe it after being told that and there we are now pregnant and here is a pic of our first scan, we are over the moon.

Just to let anyone know that is in this situation do not give up hope!! 😊

Just want to say a big thankyou to Catherine for making me feel bit more positive about it all & big thankyou to Dr Harris for making us very very happy!!

August 2016: Remember the tummy photos? Here’s the baby!


So, 6 days late and with Mum in labour, this little madam STILL wasn’t up for making an appearance, so unfortunately she had to be delivered by a last minute caesarian.

But Mum is now doing great, and XXX is a 7lb 10 bundle of gorgeousness who is getting more than her fair share of cuddles.

Without any doubt it is to Mr Harriss’ expertise, and the amazing support staff at Nottingham that we owe her presence to. We can’t thank you all enough, and it’s beyond belief that 10 years after a vasectomy this is at all possible. We both wish all of your other couples treading the same fraught path we have, the best of luck.

August 2016: A pregnancy!


It’s with great pleasure to inform you that XXX & myself are expecting. XXX is 15 weeks pregnant & we’re both over the moon. I’d like to thank yourself & Dr Harriss for giving us chance to be parents again…

August 2016: A beautiful daughter…


Been meaning to write for a while – Mr Harriss did my partner XXX’s reversal back in March last year, 12 years after his original snip. We were prepared for the long haul, and potential disappointment, but got pregnant immediately – my first scan was the day after his op test!

Our little girl was born on new year’s eve: she’s six months now. She is absolutely beautiful, and we’re so happy and grateful to have her. Here are a couple of pictures. We’re proud as punch! A thousand thanks to Mr Harriss and the team. We still can’t believe our luck!

July 2016: An update…


We’re still awaiting the arrival of our little miracle, so thought I’d get the camera out again!

July 2016: A second baby…


Hiya there, I have kept you up to date on this pregnancy. Our 2nd child since reversal is being induced on Monday 20th June. We are both excited to see our princess come into the world. Alas, this will be our last as we will have 4 children. If it wasn’t for Dr Harriss and his team, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have 2 more children. We will always tell people our story. So thank you to everyone… We had our second baby since reversal on 22nd June weighing 8lb 4. She is so perfect and now our family is complete. Thankyou all so much.

July 2016: A pregnancy


Hi, following on from our telephone conversation a few weeks ago I am sending my 12 week scan photo 😀

Just to remind you, my partner XXX has his reversal 3 1/2 years ago under Mr Harriss and then had 85% antibodies. Please feel free to post about our story with the scan picture. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and due on 13th January 2017.

July 2016: Another arrival…


Dear Mr Harriss,
We have been meaning to get in touch with you for some time but finally we have news for you! As you might remember you did a re-do reversal on me after my first reversal (which did result in a beautiful daughter born 9 months after the operation!) scarred over and left me with a nil sperm count. This was in April 2015.

We were overwhelmed 4 weeks later to find out that we were expecting again! Unfortunately we did lose the baby at a very early stage but found out about 8 weeks later we were pregnant again. Unfortunately this pregnancy ended in miscarriage too.

Then in November 2015 we found out that we were expecting again. This time we are pleased to say that we were blessed with a healthy baby brother for XXX who was born on 25th June 2016 4 weeks early, weighing 6lb 1oz. He is just perfect and we cannot thank Mr Harriss enough for once again helping us to expand our wonderful family. We feel so lucky. thank you xxx

June 2016: A baby, then a wedding, and now another baby on the way…


Hi Catherine! Just thought I’d message another update! XXX is now 16 months old and still our perfect little miracle after XXX reversal 6 years post vasectomy in February 2014! Even though he had 80% anti sperm antibodies we fell quite quickly with her!

She’s perfect and changes everyday. Me and XXX got married 4th June this year and also have another thing to look forward to as our 2nd little miracle is also due 24th December this year! Had my scan last Thursday and all is looking well. We can’t thank Mr Harriss and his team enough for helping us to have our perfect little family here’s a couple of pictures!

June 2016: 12 years post vasectomy…


The final update to my vasectomy Reversal on the 22/09/2015 by Mr Harris and his team in Nottingham.

On this date I was over 12 years post with us learning early November that my fiancé was pregnant.

XXX was born on the 24/06/2016 at 1824 hours – a few weeks early but he is grand and doing well.

June 2016: 14 years after vasectomy….


We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Harriss as we are very proud parents to a beautiful baby girl.

She is almost 5 months old now! Sorry its taken a while to let you know.

Ive attached the most recent photo of her.

We hope you and Mr Harriss are well and thank you again.

June 2016: Another low motility story


It has taken us a little while for us to get around to getting in touch but my partner and I wanted to report another successful reversal. XXX had his reversal in July 2012 around 6 years after his original vasectomy. Although the op went well the results a few weeks later showed low motility and we were given just a 19% chance of conceiving within the first three years, with our chances dwindling thereafter. However, having just about given up all hope – after two years and eight months – to our complete delight we fell pregnant! Our little girl will be six months old at the end of June and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for everything! I hope our story will give hope to others who have been through a reversal and had a disappointing outcome – miracles do happen! Xxx

June 2016: Despite low motility, a baby is on the way…


Good afternoon Catherine

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that my partner is now 12 weeks pregnant after a successful reversal with Mr Harriss.

I came to you in February 2015 for my reversal after my vasectomy 6 years previously. We had the analysis done in August last year and we were told that motility was only 17% and had a 20% chance of getting pregnant within 2 years but here we are now 12 weeks pregnant!

We really just wanted to say thank you to Mr Harris and everyone for making it a success!

June 2016: A lovely thank you…


Wednesday 15th June 2016 me and my partner travelled 3.5 hours to have his vasectomy reversal (8years+ vasectomy) and it all went great.. Dr Harris and his team was amazing with my partner while we stayed.. Can’t thank him enough for the success, and hopefully our dreams can finally come true.. Will keep you updated when we have big news. Thanks again! Xx

June 2016: Some lovely news


Dear Mr Harris

I thought you would like to be made aware of the fact that XXX is 13 weeks 4 days pregnant . We are delighted and after the Loss of the first attempt last year due to miscarriage we had been nervous to say the least . On Tuesday this week we went for the 12 week scan . After the miscarriage I attended the clinic with the results saying the operation had worked but that my sperm count was around 9 million with a motility rate of 46 percent . Working it backwards I attended the fertility test on the 3rd March 16 – conceived on the 6th March 2016

I would like to thank you and your team.

June 2016: Fab news!


Hi my partner XXX came to you 8 weeks ago today on Monday 11th April for his vasectomy reversal and we couldn’t have been happier with the way we were treated by all the staff, and the aftercare advice given was really great.

We just wanted to send you this email to say we won’t be needing the 12 week sperm analysis because on the weekend we found out we were 3 weeks pregnant, we wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Harriss because without this truly amazing man and all the staff at park hospital we wouldn’t be able to be writing this email, he really had made all our dreams come true.

We will keep you updated in the coming months and thank you so much even though thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

June 2016: A lovely update from one of our couples


Hello there 🙂 just wanted to share with you our first baby picture XxX

June 2016: A lovely thank you


Dear Mr Harriss

Just a few lines of thanks and appreciation for my operation last night.

Weather this operation has worked once I have recovered or not I sincerely wish to thank you and your wonderful team. From my arrival at The Park Hospital yesterday afternoon to my departure this morning both my wife and I feel we received an excellent level of service throughout our stay with you and all the team there.
From admission to discharge the service was spectacular and unbeatable.

On a final note I wish to thank you and the theatre staff for your Professional approach to what has been an absolute nightmare over the past three years for my wife and I. Having had two rounds of fertility treatment via ICSI and TESA at Liverpool Womens Hospital at great cost both emotionally and financially it was an absolutely brilliant to be met by yourself who excels and exceeds in your specialism with such pride and confidence.
You have given us the gift of renewed hope and we pray this works for us as we have now had the best chance a couple may have together and that we thank you for.

We will surely keep you posted on any developments and follow the post operation directions to the “t” over the next weeks.
Many many thanks and kindest regards

June 2016: A pregnancy


Hi Bev,

I just thought i would email and let Mr Duncan Harriss know that my partner and i are expecting our first baby together on 29th October 2016.

XXX got his vasectomy reversed after 12 years in September 2014 with Mr Duncan Harriss.

All going well i will send a picture of baby when she/ he arrives.

Thanks Again

June 2016: A lovely thank you


I would just like to thank mr Harris and all his staff at park hospital for making my stay during my vasectomy reversal very relaxing.i was very nervous but didn’t need to be as the operation was very quick and comfortable and the staff were so friendly.thanks once again

June 2016: And more great news!


Hi, another success for Mr Harris, my partner had his vasectomy reversal October 2014… 13 years after his vasectomy, but we didn’t start trying until July 2015… 6 months later and we have the fantastic news that our little bundle of joy will be due to make an appearance in September 2016.
We will keep you updated on the sex when they arrive.
Thank you again to Mr Harris and staff for giving us this opportunity we are very grateful 😊 xx

June 2016: Great news


I don’t think the sperm test will be be necessary as XXX, my wife is seven weeks pregnant. Please pass on my thanks to Mr Harriss and chalk us up as another successful procedure.


Please find attached scan photos as promised. XXX is doing really well and we are 13 weeks and 4 days today. Once again many thanks to you and Mr Harriss for you fantastic help.

May 2016: 17 years later, and a redo: a pregnancy!


I cannot express my gratitude enough to Mr Harriss, Catherine and team, I was 17 years post vasectomy. Having under taken a reversal at another clinic In Mar 2014 (Dr Dawson) I was informed that only one side was successfully connected as the other side was too short!

We met Mr Harriss on the morning of the Op Sep 14. After the consultation he labeled me as his ‘challenge of the day’ ! Post Op we were given the great news that the Op was successful and that he had managed to connect BOTH sides i’m not sure where he managed to find the missing tube from.

The upshot was that my partner conceived on what must have been our first attempt ETA 03 June! To be honest we still cant believe it how lucky we have been, lucky to come across such a talented man. You guys are THE BEST.

May 2016: An arrival


Hi it’s a boy!

7lbs 15.692 oz Born on the 20,5,16 at 12:04 am all fit and healthy …… mum and me well happy thanks

May 2016: And another pregnancy


We can’t thank Mr Harriss and his staff enough.

I had a reversal on 14th September 2014 (which was more than 10 years after my vasectomy) as a Sunday day case. It took some post-op perseverance, but we are pleased to tell you it worked!! and we’re expecting a baby girl on the 23rd July.

Again, huge thanks to you, and your wonderful staff at Nottingham.

May 2016: And another pregnancy


Hi my husband and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mr Harriss my husband had his reversal on 30th May last year and we are now expecting a little girl in September and couldn’t be happier, feel free to share to others x x x

May 2016: At 7 years after vasectomy and 14 weeks pregnant


I’m happy to tell you me and my husband are expecting our first baby together!

He went through a pretty bad recovery unfortunately.. we think he did a little too much at work when he went back after the operation and ended up being a long healing process with a few complications!

We then had our results back which were 2.3 million per ml (normal 26 Million) and the motility of 26.1% (normal 40%) we were a little disheartened about this of course as we were also told it would take up to 2 years, if ever.. But we’re pleased to announce it took only 5 months to conceive even after the low results and we couldn’t be happier!!

Thank you Dr Harris, You’re a miracle worker… Here’s a photo of our gorgeous little baby.

May 2016: A lovely thank you


Dear Mr Harriss and Team.

Following my vasectomy reversal in February I would just like to thank you and all the staff involved for the quality and caring service that I received whilst under your care. I felt very welcome and comfortable in your care, And so did my partner who accompanied me and the stay over. It was a pleasant experience and I would like to say to anybody who looks up this service that I would have no hesitation in recommending you and the Park Hospital for this procedure.
Many thanks

May 2016: And another pregnancy


Just thought I would update you, XXX is 12 weeks now and we had just had a scan

May 2016: Another pregnancy


Dear Mr Harriss,

We would like to share our fantastic news with you and your team and say a big thank you for the fantastic treatment/care provided.

Our beautiful daughter XXX was born on 1st April and weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, fit and well.
We discovered that XXX was pregnant at the end of July whilst on vacation in Florida with family and friends, this came has quite a surprise because we never imagined we would conceive so quickly after the reversal.

Once again,
thank you and best regards

May 2016: A pregnancy!


Today being the 4th of May 2016 is a great day as it was only the 22/10/2015 that I had my vasectomy reversal with Mr Harris and his team. I was 12 weeks post and yet here we are , me and my queen sharing pictures of our baby boy at 30 weeks via a 4D scan. Technology is amazing as is Mr Harris and his team x

May 2016: Another pregnancy

No. 612

Dear Mr Harris,

We would like to update you following XXX’s surgery last May for your success rates.

XXX did not wish to go for sperm analysis so we did not book the appointment.

We fell pregnant about dec 2015 but miscarried at about 6 weeks.

We recently found out again we are expecting on xmas day and all seems well.

We would like to thank you again for a great job and would highly recommend you in the future to anyone in our position.

Kind regardsH


May 2016: Second pregnancy

No. 611

Hi Bev and team,

Following our lovely Christmas present, I just wanted to share with you an update to say that everything is just fine and we found out on Saturday that we are expecting another baby girl, we are thrilled! I have attached some photos for your page and one of them is a compilation of our 5 year VR journey with Dr.Harriss and the team. Thought it would be helpful for couples trying with a low count/motility (our hurdle the first time) and any couple considering or trying after a redo. We can’t put into words how incredibly lucky we feel and again simply can’t thank you all enough. The real superheroes of our time and I can’t wait to tell the girls all about it when they’re older smile emoticon.
Thank you all again, 

April 2016: 30 years post vasectomy!

No. 610

Its with great pleasure I can confirm we are 6 weeks Pregnant.
I am aged 55 and after my vasectomy 30yrs ago and on January 19th 2016 Mr Harriss performed my reversal.
We followed Mr Harriss instructions to the letter after surgery and today got the sperm results back with a count of 100 million per ml [normal26 million per ml] and
29% motility [normal 40%] which means a 53% chance of pregnancy after 2 years.
After 7 weeks [didn’t expect that quick]
Very happy and highly recommend the procedure.
Yours sincerely,


April 2016: A pregnancy

No. 609

Dear Catherine/ Dr Harris

Around 1 week shy of 12 months since surgery and 16 years post vasectomy I am very pleased to let you know that my wife and I have had a ‘Clear Blue’ positive result

Still to be confirmed by our GP, but too excited to wait for confirmation, I just want to say a huge thank you for what you have done for us. We couldn’t be happier

Many thanks

April 2016: And more good news (permission given to show names)

No. 608

We are pleased to tell you that the procedure has been 100% success.

The procedure was performed on the 5th January 2016 19yrs post vasectomy!

We have just had our semen analysis results.

Craig has a sperm count of 20million per ml and above!!

We are so excited and would like to thank yourself, the team and especially big thanks to Dr Harris for helping us along on our journey. We will keep you updated!!

Thanks – Marie & Craig xxx

April 2016: Good news

No 607

Hi Catherine,

I don’t think the sperm test will be be necessary as my wife is seven weeks pregnant. Please pass on my thanks to Mr Harriss and chalk us up as another successful procedure.

April 2016: A lovely testimonial

No. 606

Dear Duncan
My wife and I would like to thank you, Dr. Matthews, the Nurses and all the staff at Park Hospital for the care and attention taken over me over the last couple of days.
I am only sorry that I did not thank you all properly this morning in person. 
Thank you also Catherine for all of the planning and for keeping me informed.
You all managed to take away the trauma of the experience and for that I am grateful.
We now pray for God’s blessing of a successful reconnection and ultimately, of course, the blessing of a child.
Thank you and Best wishes

March 2016: A pregnancy

No. 605

Good afternoon,

My partner had a vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss on 1st September 2015.

[He] then unfortunately contracted an infection which put him ‘out of action’ for six weeks.

We then moved into the house that we had been purchasing, and started to renovate the house, and we both were working shifts, so rarely saw each other for a while!

We then returned to Nottingham for [him] to provide a sample on 30th November.

The result stated that [he] had a “fantastic” count of over double the average

Well little did we know that I was actually pregnant at that time!!!!!! It certainly seemed a miracle and was a huge shock to both of us!! Albeit a fantastic shock!!

I am now nearly 17 weeks pregnant and we are elated! Please can you pass on our immense thanks to Mr Harriss!

I’ve attached my scan photo which was taken when I was 14 weeks pregnant, and I will keep you posted on developments. Our baby is due 29th August 2016, which is almost exactly 1 year since XXX’s operation!

Again, thank you all so much

Kind regards,

March 2016: A lovely story

No. 604

XXX was born on the 2nd of March, normal delivery in a birth pool. A chunky 8lb 6oz at 3:09. After being told we only had 19% chance of natural conception we concieved 2 months after the news. It only tooks us from the jan when procedure was done to may to become pregnant. Miracles do happen and we can’t thank the team enough xx

March 2016: 100% antibodies and pregnant!

No. 603

Hello there! Just wanted to let you know that since XXX’s reversal in June 2014, we where told everything was a success, we then found out that he had 100% antibodies, Mr Harriss told us that this did not matter and that we would still conceive naturally.

Then the NHS told us that he was infertile due to his antibodies and we lost all hope, we where in the process of saving for IVF with Icsi, well, I am ecstatic to say that Mr Harriss was right all along as we have conceived naturally!

We had an early scan today and I am just under 8 weeks. I will never be able to thank Mr Harriss enough and I hope this can give some hope to other couples suffering with antibodies, it did take one year and 8 months to see that positive test but here we are xx


March 2016: A beautiful boy has arrived

No. 602

XXX and I are extremely happy to announce the arrival of baby XXX. Born 03:02 on Tuesday 8 th March. XXX had to have a caesarean at 9 cm dilation after 40 hour labour and an epidural that didn’t work. But all went well and mum and baby doing well.

We can’t thank you enough and Dr Harris’s skills have had an amazing effect on our lives forever .

Here’s some pics of XXX

All our love

March 2016: Fab news

No. 601

My husband, came to Mr Harriss for his vasectomy reversal after he was recommended to us, via a chat group we’d joined, owing to he’s great success rates.

XXX had his op on the 29th Jan ’14, 7yrs after his original vasectomy and at 44 years old. Mr Harriss was only able to rejoin one side following a previous operation XXX had had for a hernia. We were told that although it reduced our chances he was still confident that we could achieve a pregnancy. When the results of his count came back we were given an estimated 53% chance of conceiving within a two year period.

I found out that I was pregnant in April last year but sadly miscarried at 11wks, so we count ourselves incredibly blessed to have had a positive test this January and to be able to send you our 12wk scan picture taken yesterday.

Please pass our biggest thanks to Mr Harriss for giving us the chance to have a family together and to his team for the great care XXX received at the hospital. We would love to share our story so that others in the same/similar situation feel encouraged to go through with it.

Many thanks,

March 2016: A baby boy is on his way…

No. 600

Just a quick email to thank you for your great and successful service. We are glad to announce that we are indeed 23 weeks pregnant and are expecting a baby boy due July 2016.
Myself and my partner can’t thank you enough x

March 2016: Another pregnancy

No. 599

To Mr Duncan Harriss
I attended your clinic in March 2015 for a reversal vasectomy and me and my partner are pleased to announce we are expecting a baby after she fell pregnant on November 24th 2015 and she is currently 15 weeks pregnant and all is going well. We will of course keep u updated. We cannot thank u enough and are so pleased it happened so quick!! Many thanks again

March 2016: A quick pregnancy

No. 598

Hi Catherine
I’d like to thank Mr Harriss and yourself plus all your brilliant team, yesterday morning we found out that my partner was pregnant, was booked in for a test on 14th to see if the vasectomy had worked but I am pleased to say I don’t think I need to go now.
I will keep you posted as to how things are going.
Thanks again

March 2016: Short and sweet

No. 597

I had my vasectomy reversal last June and after 8 months I thought I would give you the great news that XXX is pregnant.
Thank you so much smile emoticon

February 2016: 3% motility… and a pregnancy

No. 596

Hi just thought I would share with you that our reversal had with Mr Harriss in August last year has been successful. 13 years since the vasectomy.
We had our doubts when the follow up seamen analysis said he only had 3% swimming and there was a 19% chance of conception maybe after 2 years. But it was a week or 2 after that I fell pregnant!! I feel very lucky and would like to thank you. Below is a picture of my 12 week scan.

February 2016: A baby girl

No. 595

I had my reversal op with Mr Harriss in October 2013. The care given, the procedure, the hospital, Mr Harriss’ staff, were all great and Mr Harriss had already instilled confidence in us during the consultation.

We began trying a few weeks after the op for a few months and then put things on hold while we prepared for our wedding in January 2015.

We started trying again in February 2015 and were starting to lose heart, when in May 2015, Kate fell pregnant!

Josie was born on 15/02/16, was a few days over full term, a healthy 8lb 4oz, and she’s nothing short of a miracle.

We just want to say a big thank you to Mr Harriss. We were always confident we’d given ourselves the best chance of success with Mr Harriss and Josie just proves it.

Gary & Kate.
(permission to use names given)

February 2016: Another baby

No. 594

Please could you let Mr Harris know we now have our second new addition, XXX born 06.02.16 (8lb 2) since XXXs vasectomy reversal.

He is little brother to XXX born on the 01.11.2013, following his operation in June/July 2012!

We will be stopping here but amazed we had one beautiful child, let alone two!!

Thanks and kind regards


February 2016: A baby boy

No. 593

i came to england last year on 6th of april for a vasectomy reversal after 12 years and i’m 52 years old, on the 9th of febuary at 2.47 am our bundle of joy arrived a little boy weighing 8lb 5oz …please convey our thanks to mr harris and all the staff
Ps is that some kind of record 😀
Thanks again

February 2016: Baby No. 3

No. 592

Hi there
Just a quick note and photo to let you know that my wife gave birth to our 3rd child since my reversal operation with Mr Harris.
XXX was born on January 12 and is the sister to [two brothers]. Once again thanks to you all.

February 2016: Wonderful news

No 591

Thank you for the quick response after giving my sample yesterday.
Also thanks for all that has been done for me and XXX.

We have great pleasure in letting you know XXX is pregnant 😀 we found out last night (after 3 month test) 2/3weeks pregnant.
We are over the moon with this news again thank you for everything.

Eternally grateful

February 2016: A second baby

No. 590

We just wanted to let you know that less than 2 years after my husbands reversal we have just had our second baby!

My husband had his reversal in March 2014. I became pregnant in April 2014 and had our daughter, Lucia in January 2015.
In June 2015 i became pregnant again and 4 days ago our son, Antony was born.
It had been 6 years post vasectomy when my husband had the reversal and we are so glad we came to you!
Our eldest daughter was with us when we came up for my husbands op and she is one very proud big sister!
2 babies in less than 2 years!
(You are welcome to share our story and pics x)

Thank you so much.


February 2016: 9 weeks pregnant

No. 589

Good Afternoon

I would just like to thank Mr Harriss for his amazing work recently. In September 2015 he performed a reversal on my partner 7 years since his vasectomy and just 5 months later I am delighted to say I am now pregnant approximately 9 weeks. We are amazed at just how quickly this happened we had prepared for a long road ahead. The care and service provided from yourselves and the staff in the hospital cannot be faulted and we cannot thank you enough.

February 2016: An update (second pregnancy)!

No. 588

Hey hun, another update. Im 18 weeks pregnant now with 2nd baby post reversal. We had a gender scan and we are having our 1st princess due on 4th july. We are delighted. You have my permission to share x

February 2016: A baby arrives, despite a low count

No. 587

It was back in December 2014 my husband had his vasectomy reversal by Mr Harriss, with his sperm count being checked in the march 2015 and was 3.8 million… We conceived in the April and we are pleased to say we have had a successful pregnancy & had our little boy via c section on the 3rd of January 2016.

February 2016: A lovely testimonial

No. 586

I would like to thank Mr Harriss and his staff for the exceptionally good service provided for my vasectomy reversal both pre and post operation.

I had been under another Consultant Urologist approximately two years ago and the difference in quality of service is quite considerable. If I have one piece of advice for anyone considering a reversal it is quite simply this; go to a consultant who does the operation day in day out. Many may be qualified to perform this surgery but if they are not doing it on a near daily basis then they will not have the experience and honed skills necessary to get the result you want.

January 2016: Pregnancy 3 months after reversal

No. 585

Hi Catherine,

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently 9 weeks pregnant so the operation was a success!

Please pass this news onto Mr Harriss.

Kind Regards

January 2016: Another baby

No. 584


As you know it was 14 years since my vasectomy when I had the reversal and 13 months of trying we finally conceived our little baby.

We just wanted to let you know the great news baby XXX was born 6 days late on the 12th January by emergency C-section, he weighed 8lb 8oz. All is well with our little miracle.

We would just like to say a final massive thank you to Mr Harriss and everyone associated with this miracle. For everyone reading this dreams do come true.

Thank you


January 2016: Pregnant 13 years post vasectomy


Just thought I would drop you an email to say that Mr Harriss is a genius!! Had my reversal done on the 14th December 2015 after 13 years post vasectomy, we have just found out my wife is pregnant!! Cannot believe it’s worked after one month, thank you so much! We are very grateful!!

January 2016: Another baby arrives

No. 582

Dear Catherine. Just wanted to let you all know that we have now had our second child post reversal. Thomas was born 20.11.14 and 3 months later I found out I was pregnant again. My second beautiful boy came into the world on 17.12.15. My life is complete now, I would of paid the cost of the reversal 10 times over if I had of known how much joy my boys have brought me. I cannot thank your team enough for what they have given us.

January 2016: A baby boy

No. 581

I had my reversal with Mr. Harriss mid November 2014, 15 years after my vasectomy and our baby boy was born on 28th December 2015.


January 2016: An update

No. 580

One of our couples previously told us:

I just wanted to let you know XXX had his vasectomy on June XXX, his count came back at 51.70 million with 49% motility (60% antibodies)

Today I have found out I am pregnant grin emoticon We are over the moon!! grin emoticon
We cannot thank Mr Harris enough- and so so grateful for all he has done. I never expected for pregnancy to take us only 4 months.

And then today, we received this:

We have had our scan and all is good smile emoticon infact they put me forward a couple of weeks so we have our 20 week scan in early February!
A heart felt Thank you to all, for the fantastic professional care and Mr Harris for making dreams come true

January 2016: Fantastic news

No. 579

Today is a good day…… A few of you know already but we have not gone public until now for obvious reasons!!!

12 years ago I had a vasectomy as my oldest friends know.

My life has changed considerably since then with me now with a woman I love and cherish being my queen Julieann Rathbone.

We discussed having a child two years ago and researched it to come across a surgeon in Nottingham called Mr Duncan Harris who under the private sector does vasectomy reversals.

22/09/2015 Mr Harris who is worth his weight in gold did my vasectomy reversal and now myself and my queen are excited to announce she is 13 weeks pregnant…….Get in there !!!!!!

January 2016: A lovely thank you

No. 578

Dear Mr Harriss
Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and New Years.
Thank you for the letter. Sorry for a late reply. I’m very grateful and satisfied with my visit at your clinic and the operation. It was a pleasure to meet you too and it felt very good to be in your care. The wound is healing well and I will talk to my doctor here to make the semen analysis after 3 months.
We stay in touch about that, and thank you very much once again for the excellent treatment and care that you provide.
Kind regards

January 2016: Some good news

No. 577

Just to pass on to you that XXX and I had a very pleasant Christmas present in the form of a positive pregnancy test! We estimate 7 weeks this Monday…..
We are both very happy and would like to thank you and your team very much. Have a great 2016 – I’m sure we will!