December 2014: Great news

No. 444

Dear Mr Harris,
My name is xxx and 4 years ago you performed a vasectomy reversal on me,
Well what can I say, I’m delighted to inform you that my wife gave birth to our beautiful healthy daughter on the 26/12/2014,
I would like to thank you Mr Harris for giving us this chance to have a family when all seemed to be a lost.
Once again thank you xxx and also baby xxx,


December 2014: 14 Weeks pregnant

No. 443

14 Weeks today & cant thank Duncan & his team enough for making this miracle happen , Here is todays scan picture Hubbys reversal took place end of February this year 6.5 years after his vasectomy , we urge anyone considering the procedure to go ahead it was the best thing we ever did & we couldn’t be happier right now were over the moon

December 2014: Never say never

No. 442

Dear Bev and Mr Harriss,

We would like to share our success story with others.
My husband had a vasectomy in 2002 by a Military Doctor and reversal in 2011 carried out by Mr Harris.
The service from Bev, Mr Harriss and The Park Hosptial was second to none.
We had many stresses in our lives during the time of the reversal and the years to follow and unfortunately did not conceive. We had various basic fertility tests carried out which all showed that we were both healthy. In February this year (2014) we decided to move our focus from trying to conceive to the adoption route as we didn’t want to have fertility treatment. We started the adoption process, then in March to our surprise/delight we found out I was actually pregnant.
Our precious miracle was born via C-section at 37weeks on 12/11/2014 a beautiful little girl who now completes our family. She has brought such joy to everyone and is adored by all, especially her siblings. The moral to our story is ‘never say never’ and ‘what is meant to be is meant to be’
Thank you to one and all involved in our miracle


December 2014: Little miracle

No. 441

We would like to thank Mr Harris and all his staff After my reversal in August 2012 and are delighted to announce the birth of our Daughter on 12/12/2014 weighing 8lbs 6.5 oz at 10.04 am a massive thank you to all concerned for making our little miracle possible


December 2014: A Thank you

No. 440

Catherine, many thanks for the mail. Please pass on our thanks to Duncan and the fantastic work he does. The staff were wonderful and we are both very grateful for all the hard work you and the staff do.Many Thanks again


December 2014: 5 Weeks pregnant

No. 439

Good afternoon bev,Hope you are well. My partner xxx came to see dr Harris on 24th august this year. We were due to come back to see him for seman analysis test anytime now. I have just found out that I am five weeks pregnant. We are sooo thankful to dr Harris and all the staff that made this happen. We seriously can’t thank you all enough and will be writing a review on his page.Please pass our thanks on dr Harris.As soon as our bundle of joy is here we will post pic on his site to.As you can gather we won’t be needing to come back for seman testOnce again a massive thank you to all of you.Best wishes


November 2014: Good news

No. 438

We would like to say a massive Thankyou to mr Harriss who performed my vasectomy reversal on XX July 2014 13 years after my vasectomy.We are absolutely delighted to share our news that my wife is nearly 11 week pregnant,we feel so lucky and are so grateful to mr Harriss we would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a vasectomy reversal smile emoticon many thanks


November 2014: Pregnant despite antibodies

No. 435

Hi we had our reversal done in June 2012 … I cant remember his exact figuers but the antibodies where at 90% and that felt like our world had crumbled.

I was also suffering my own problems from the time of the reversal my periods stopped we where under the specialist in local nhs hospital where I had to have a procedure to flush my tubes to make sure there was no blockages.

That was 33weeks ago and we are now on count down to meet our precious little girl official due date 5th of January but due to spd could very well be here before Christmas. We are totally and utterly overwhelmed and excited and cannot thank you all enough,at one point we truly felt any hope was lost.

We will be in touch shortly with a picture of little one thank you so much again for all your hard work and in making peoples wishes come to true with lots of love and admiration.


November 2014: Second bundle of joy

No. 437


So after one unsuccessful vasectomy reversal by a different doctor in 2010, then a successful reversal with Mr Harriss in Feb 11, we were lucky enough to be blessed with our first child in Feb 12. After trying for a long time to have a second it turned out the vasectomy reversal had reversed itself, trusting Mr Harriss completely we underwent a third vasectomy reversal on 23 July and am pleased to say we fell pregnant around 15 August and are expecting our second bundle on 11 May 15. Cannot thank Mr Harriss and his team enough! Thank you. X


November 2014: A little girl

No. 436

Good evening !

We came to see you in November 2012 for a reversal and the post-op analysis confirmed it had worked in August! After a miscarriage a year ago, we became pregnant fairly quickly again and we can now share our good news too! Our little girl xxx was born on November 1st and she is doing great! As expected, we’re both completely in love with her.
The last few years has been a roller-coaster of emotions but our family is now, thanks to Mr Harriss and the team, truly complete! Thank you again for making this possible!


November 2014: Miracle baby

No. 434

Early days (8weeks 4 days) but here is our miracle baby , reversal Feb 2014 , 6.5yrs post op and i have PCOS so Thankyou so so much for making our dreams come true Baby due 22nd June 2015

November 2014: 80% antibodies and pregnant

No. 433


Would just like you to update following our vasectomy reversal in November 2012. After not such great news that my partner had 80% antibodies and being told we may have to consider IVF/ICSI we have finally managed to conceive a baby naturally and I had my 12 week scan and everything is great and the baby is due May 2015. We would just like to thank the Duncan Harris team for making our dreams a reality.


November 2014: Successful results

No. 432

My partner came for his reversal back in April 2014 am happy to say we are 6 weeks pregnant, so very quick successful results!
Mr Harris asked us to contact him and let him know,
can’t thank him and the team enough


November 2014: 14 Weeks pregnant

No. 431

Hi Bev

It’s xxx, Mr. Harriss performed the reversal on my partner xxx in February 2014 – I’m very pleased to say I am now 14 weeks pregnant!

We just wanted to say a big thank you! we couldn’t be happier with the news.

Please say a big thank you to Mr. Harriss from both of us and bump!!!

Best wishes


November 2014: 2 Beautiful girls

No. 430


My husband had his vasectomy reversed in January 2010 and had a very high sperm count which we were thrilled about. Our gorgeous girl xxx was born in December 2010 and we sent you pictures. We have now had another gorgeous girl xxx born at the beginning of October this year.

Would like to thank Mr Harriss for his amazing work as we are blessed with 2 beautiful girls 🙂

Kind regards


November 2014: Vasectomy nearly 30 years ago and pregnant!

No. 429

My partner came for reversal Feb 2014. I fell pregnant after one month but unfortunately miscarried. Im happy to say that i got my bfp yesterday.
Very early days so fingers crossed. My partner is 57 and i am 29. He had his vasectomy nearly 30 years ago!!!! We are very pleased and really hope we will be sending you a baby picture in the future.


November 2014: Received through Twitter

No 428



October 2014: Excellent Care

No. 427

Hi Catherine,Yes thank you, we arrived home safely yesterday morning, after receiving excellent care before, during, and after, the procedure.  Mr Harriss was excellent and put us at ease straight away, especially after helping me don my operating gown!  I am currently resting and haven’t lifted a finger, i’m actually starting to enjoy myself!Kind regards,


October 2014: Thank you

No. 426

That’s great.Thank you so much for your help.I  am recovering exceptionally well thank you and would like to pass on our greatest kind thoughts and thanks to Mr Harriss.Fingers crossed for a pregnancy very soon!


October 2014: Really great news from one of our couples (with PCOS)

No. 425

VERY early days yet but i just wanted to thank Duncan & his team for making our dreams come true , my husband had his reversal end of February 2014 just over 7mths ago 7yrs after his vasectomy , i suffer with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so we were a little sceptical about how the success rates when it came to our circumstances , so worried were we that he did not return for a post op sperm count saying “what will be willbe”
He didnt want to feel guilty if it hadnt worked and if it had been succesfull i didnt want to feel like me having PCOS was the reason we hadnt conceived so we just put it to the back of our minds , i kept reading testimonials from those who were already pregnant that’d had surgery after us and thought deep down it wasnt meant to be when it came to us , but finally my period was late , and today this i was so shocked i took two !! Early days but i wanted to share hope with other woman with PCOS and thank you all from the bottom of my heart i will be forever grateful , thank you

October 2014: No hesitation in recommending

No. 424

Dear Mr Harriss.

Following my recent vasectomy reversal I would very much like to thank you and all the staff involved for the quality and caring service that I received whilst under your care. I was made to feel extremely comfortable and the nurses were very caring. The whole stay whilst in the hospital was a pleasant experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending you and the Park Hospital for this procedure.

Many thanks


October 2014: Our twins

No. 423

Dear mr Harris,
          We are delighted to let you know that our twins have arrived safe and sound, less than a year after my reversal. The girls arrived on 29th sept and my reversal was 14th oct 2013. Myself and XXX would like to express our thanks once again, without your help this miracle would never have happened,
     Thanks again


October 2014: 4-6 weeks pregnant


Hello catherine amd dr harris …I am very pleased to tell you that the operation was successful . I done a home test last week and I am 4-6 weeks pregnant. Thank dr harris for this life changing experience.  All the best in the future and thanks for your help 


September 2014: Two babies later

No. 421

To Mr Harriss and his team. We have one last massive thank you to make to you. My husband XXX had his vasectomy reversed by Mr Harriss on 3rd sept 2012. We were pregnant just a month later. Our son was born in May 2013 and we were over the moon. We had decided already aanother baby would be nice in a few years but we unexpectedly found we were pregnant when our son was 6 Months old and we’re over the moon. Our daughter was born on 3rd sept 2014. After a Rocky start to life with breathing difficulties and an infection she is now home and thanks to Mr Harriss and team our family is now complete. Photos attached. Please use for testimonials if u wish. Thanks again. We are so happy.


September 2014: Scrumptious baby girl

No. 420

Hi we wanted to let you know that we have a scrumptious baby girl following my partners reversal in 2012


September 2014: Immediately put at ease



I can only recommend the care given by both The Park Hospital and Mr Duncan Hariss, my partner and myself were immediately put at ease after a 4 hour journey.

We were taken to the room and settled in to meet the team who were going to do the operation, this was both friendly and professional.

The post-operative treatment was again friendly and professional, I spent the night there with my partner staying in another room. We were seen very quickly in the morning and allowed to leave at our leisure.

I have followed all instructions and now 4 days after the operation, nearly all discomfort has gone.

I cannot recommend the team highly enough! Well done all and thank you


September 2014: Excellent operation

No. 418 

Thanks to Mr Harriss my partner has been able to conceive as April 2014 we found out that she is pregnant and recently we have just found out we are having a lovely baby boy who Is due 20th January 2015 .

Mr Harriss I wanna say thank you so much for helping our dream come true cuz if it wasn’t for your excellent operation we wouldn’t be where we are now.
I have attached a scan of our gorgeous son waiting to be born. Please share this info with Mr Harriss.


September 2014: Our Pride and Joy

No. 417


We are writing to inform you of our new arrival XXX who was born on the 28th August 2014 which is only 362 days after having a successful vasectomy reversal which was undertaken by Mr Duncan Harris on the 1st September 2013

Could you please pass on our thanks to Mr Harris for giving us the opportunity to start a family which we thought was impossible. A photo of our little pride and joy is attached.

Kind Regards


September 2014: Family is Complete

No. 416

Dear Mr Harris and Bev

I thought I’d send photo updates of XXX (our little miracle!). We are thankful everyday that we eventually got the opportunity to be parents and complete our family.

XXX now aged 4 yrs 4mths started school on the 2nd of Sept 2014. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago we had our first consultation at the clinic, XXX’s reversal and the sad news the operation wasn’t a success, the joy of learning about our miraculous pregnancy and welcoming our darling boy into the world.

Hoping your all well and still working your miracles.

Best wishes and life long thanks


September 2014: Thrilled with the outcome

No. 415

Dear Catherine,

I thought Mr Harriss might appreciate some feedback on the reversal he performed on me in September 2011;  some 6 years after my vasectomy.  The post-operation tests showed good results at the time, although my partner and I did not start to try for a baby until earlier this year.  I’m pleased to say that within 3 months of trying we conceived naturally and are expecting a baby daughter to arrive this November.

We are both thrilled with the outcome and very grateful to Mr Harriss and all of his staff for the excellent care you provided.

Many thanks


September 2014: 90% Antibodies & Pregnant

No. 414


Just an update for you and a massive thank you to Mr Harriss for making it possible. XXX had his reversal in February this year and came back for his sperm analysis 3 months later which showed a good count of 20.6million per ml and 56% motility. However he had a 90% sperm antibodies test so we were worried this would affect our chances of conception. We were wrong and found out in July I was pregnant I am now just over 12 weeks and had our first scan today due 14th March 2015. Over the moon and cannot thank Mr Harriss and his team enough I would highly recommend him and he has made our dreams come true! Thank you so much and please feel free to share this and the photo on your site and Facebook page


August 2014: Dreams Do Come True


Hi there

Further to our earlier in the year message letting you know we were expecting a baby after my husbands reversal in September of 2013, we are delighted to share with you the amazing news of the safe arrival of our Son!!

After much research and discussion we decided to have the reversal and came for the op a year next Wednesday , the 3rd September 2013.

My husband had a vasectomy in 1998 after having 2 children from his 1st marriage. 

After we met and both having children already we discussed at length having a child together and decided it was something we both wanted but how would it work for the rest of the family??? With the older childen At 22, 16 & 12 it would be a big change for the family 

We booked the op, came in had it done and thought we would continue our everyday lives and see what happened!! 

With our house on the market at this point we called the agent to take it off only to be told there was someone who wanted to view….A baby might never happen we thought, we can’t put our lives on hold for “what if” – let them look my husband said….sure enuf they came and loved the house making an asking price offer!! Can’t turn that down we thought! 

The house we liked was a renovation project (complete renovation! !) 
Again we disused the right thing to do and came to the conclusion we didn’t know if the op would work so let’s not miss the opertunity to make an amazing home! Offer excepted on the new house and in novenber we exchanged moving all our furniture to the new house and going to stay with my.mother in law while the work was done 

2 weeks after moving into my mother in laws house we discovered we were pregnant!!

We moved into out new home in may of 2014 after hours of long hard slog from my husband and our builders 

Our son was born 2 days after his due date after a natural birth on 8.11.14! 

He is a true miracle who has fitted into our family like a dream! He is surrounded with love and there is always some one to cuddle him with his older sister and brothers to hand! 

To anyone considering having more children and needing a reversal my advice would be do it!
You can’t live your life thinking what if!

Mr harris was absolutely amazing! The operation much better than my husband expected.

Had it not of worked then we both felt we had given it a shot and it wasn’t ment to be. 

Please see below picture of our little miricle!

Thank you so much to Mr harris and his team! 

To those reading this and thinking I’m not sure…If you don’t try you will never know..good luck and remember dreams do come true!!


August 2014: Expecting a boy


18 years after vasectomy

Just a quick update my partner had his vasectomy reversal on the 19th may 2013 after 18 years did not go back for sperm count but I became pregnant I’m now 21 weeks and we found out we are having a little boy in January thank you to mr Harris once again and for those who are thinking about using mr Harris for there vasectomy reversal we recommended him and his staff I will update wen little 1 arrives xxxx


August 2014: Already pregnant

No. 411

Hi Bev,

Thanks for the speedy response and excellent news. We had an inkling the news would be good because I’m already pregnant! We had to delay trying because I had surgery to both knees 2 months after Jocks reversal. I got pregnant the first month we tried and I’m 40!! It’s obviously very early days but at least Jock and I now know we’re both in working order.

Please send our a biggest thanks to Mr Harriss, Clearly he did a fantastic job.

Kind regards

August 2014: Massive thank you


We just wanted to write and say a massive thank you to Mr Harris and his team. I had a vasectomy in November 2008 after my wife and I decided we didn’t want more children. We has one daughter together. This year we decided we were perhaps too hasty to make such a drastic decision. We rang and spoke to your team in March 2014 and was booked in a week later. My reversal was on 30 March 2014. Mr Harris advised us the operation went well and we could start trying in 2 weeks. On 28th April 2014 my wife got a positive pregnancy test-about 4 weeks post op! She is currently 21 weeks pregnant! When we originally spoke to our gp about a reversal he said the success rates were low at 40-50%. That’s when we researched and found Mr Harris, I’m so glad we did! Baby is due early January 2015! We really can’t thank him enough.


August 2014: Our baby girl

No 409

Please find attached a picture of our baby girl who was born on the 12th August. Mr Harriss performed my husbands reversal on the 1st September last year. We can not thank him enough. Please feel free to share our news on your testimonial page. Thank you again


August 2014: Breath of Fresh Air

No. 408

11 years after vasectomy

Thanks Catherine!:

After my husband’s successful reversal in November 2012 after a vasectomy 11 years previous we were told after the 3 months post op analysis that his count was high but mobility was low and we may need IVF to conceive. But after 9 months of trying we became pregnant naturally and at 35 weeks XXX was born weighing 5lb 4oz. She is a breath of fresh air and much waited for and loved and spoiled by her 3 older sisters! Duncan Harris and his team were fantastic from start to finish and we can’t thank them enough.


August 2014: Extremely friendly

No. 407

Hi Catherine
I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you to Mr Harriss and his team for making XXX’s and my experience as stress free as possible. We found all the nurse’s the anaesthetist and Mr Harriss himself extremely friendly and willing to help. 
Once again thank you to everyone involved


August 2014: Our Second Baby

No. 406

Hi there 
Just a quick note to let you and Mr Harris know that we have just had our second healthy baby, XXX. This is after I had my reversal op in February 2012.  Once again many thanks to Mr Harris.



July 2014: A Smiley & Content Baby

No. 405

I am so sorry that we have not been in contact since XXX’s vasectomy reversal in November 2012.  We are pleased to say that the procedure was a success and we now have a beautiful baby boy.  XXX was born 6 weeks early on 9th January 2014.  [He] is such a happy, smiley and content baby.  
All staff involved at The Park Hospital made our experience so much easier than expected.  Everyone was friendly yet extremely professional, which made us feel more at ease.  
We would like to thank you all for helping to complete our family with XXX…..our little miracle!
Many thanks and kindest regards


July 2014 – Great news

No. 404

Dear Mr Harriss and the team, let me introduce you to XXX, born 17/07/2014 @ 15:09 – 8lb 8oz!
He’s perfect, can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us! X

July 2014 – Great level of care

No. 403

I attended Park Hospital on XX July for my vasectomy reversal, on arriving the staff greeted me in a very welcoming way and made me feel very relaxed and every indication was that my comfort and care was their only concern.  I was shown to my room which was very comfortable and more than adequate, rooms have en-suite bathroom which were very clean. Over all I was never left to feel like I was just another patient more that I was the only patient , everything is explained in as much detail as is needed, the nursing staff are without doubt the best I have ever met, and Dr Mathews the anesthesiologist and Mr Harris make you feel like your family by their level of care and the re-pour that they build with you. Post Op after care is equally in level and Pre Op.  I would, without doubt, recommend Mr Harris and Park Hospital to anyone considering going through this process.


July 2014 – Bundle of joy

No. 402

Hi Bev,

XXX and I are delighted to let you know that our little bundle of joy  XXX,  arrived on Tuesday XX July at 9.19am weighing 9lb 12oz.  Mother and baby doing really well after 16hrs of labour and a visit to theatre for a forceps procedure.

Hope the photo that I’ve attached is useable.

Please thank  Mr Harris and his team once again for helping us to realise our dream.


July 2014 – A baby boy

No. 401

Dear Catherine

I am so sorry that we have not been in contact since XXX vasectomy reversal in November 2012.  We are pleased to say that the procedure was a success and we now have a beautiful baby boy – XXX.  XXX was born 6 weeks early on XX January 2014.  XXX is such a happy, smiley and content baby.

All staff involved at The Park Hospital made our experience so much easier than expected.  Everyone was friendly yet extremely professional, which made us feel more at ease.

We would like to thank you all for helping to complete our family with XXX…..our little miracle!

Many thanks and kindest regards


July 2014 – A lovely message

No. 400

Mr Duncan Harriss performed the perfect vasectomy reversal on the XXX 2014. From the initial consultation to post operation, Mr Harris made me feel completely at ease and satisfied with this wonderful life-changing operation that I thought could never happen. He has given my wife and I the hope of a child that I thought for many years could not be possible. I would like to take this opportunity now in thanking Mr Harris for his kind, professional and above all wonderful ‘bedside manner’ dealing with what many men could find stressful in such a positive and entirely non-judgmental way. It was an operation that was performed pain-free and my recovery has been excellent – much, much better than I thought. Although I still need to wait for three months before the necessary sperm count is deemed successful, I know that I have been given a fantastic chance from this great man and really can’t thank him and all his staff enough for all the care I received. Lastly, for all you men out there having doubts or worries about a vasectomy reversal operation, I say please don’t worry or have any concerns as you have the best surgeon in the business and I know I speak on behalf of many couples. I wish Mr Harriss further success and I know it is early days still but I hope one day to inform him of the birth of a very loved and cherished child.
With very best wishes and thanks


July 2014 – Successful operation

No. 399

Dear Mr Harriss,We write to thank you for my operation – which although the test showed only a few motile sperm and that the operation was perhaps not deemed successful we are delighted to share great news in that we are indeed expecting a baby.There has been a few complications hence we waited until the 20 week scan before sharing the news.I have attached a photo for you that was taken during a scan whilst on honeymoon in Turkey last week and indications are that we are expecting a baby girl :).Thank you so much and please update your records with another successful operation!Kind regards,


July 2014 – Thank you

No. 398

Dear Mr D R Harriss,
Following my recent vasectomy reversal I would like to Thankyou for all the care I received and Thankyou for making me and my partner feel at ease,we have our fingers crossed now for a positive outcome,we will be in touch if we have any news.
Many thanks 🙂


July 2014 – Another pregnancy

No. 397

We just wanted to say that after my partner having his reversal done xx/xx/14 I am so pleased to let you know that I am now 7 weeks pregnant. We can’t thank you enough for the care that he received during the day of the op and helpful advice when we needed it afterwards, I would be more than happy to recommend you to anybody that was in our position.


July 2014 – Big Thanks

No. 396

Dear Mr Harriss – just a few words to say thank you very much for making my operation so stress free. You really put me at ease  and explained everything so well.  Best wishes


July 2014 – Pregnant

No. 395

Hi Catherine,Just to let you know that following our reversal in January of this year we have just found out we are three weeks pregnant! It really is early days yet and we do realise this and are still in shock as to how quick it has happened.We just wanted to let you know, fingers crossed for a healthy baby xxx!


July 2014 – Very Impressed

No. 394

Dear Bev

I have had my operation last Wednesday with mr Harriss.Could you please enter onto your testimonial website I was very impressed with the service and care given to me during my short stay.

 Kind regards


July 2014 – Thanks

No. 393

Hello.I just want to let you know how happy me and my partner are about the vasectomy mr harriss performed on him last monday XX XXX.All the staff are very friendly . We will be returning in 3 months time for a sperm test, but fingers crossed we get pregnant before then . Thanks for all your help xx


July 2014 – Amazing news

No. 392

Good Afternoon

Please could you send our good wishes to Dr Harris for his excellent work, I had the reversal operation on the 4th of May & my partner fell pregnant exactly 2 weeks after the operation & is currently 9 weeks pregnant, we had read of his excellent success rate which is why we chose to travel so far but never believed it would happen this quickly.

Kind Regards,


July 2014 – Update

No. 391

18 years post vasectomy

Hi just an update my partner had his vasectomy reversal in May 2013 after 18 years of having vasectomy I sent a message when I was 3/4 week pregnant and now I’m 13 week pregnant and everything is ok thank you again to Duncan Harris and his team xx

July 2014 – Pregnant

No. 390

I would like to Thank Mr Harris and all of the staff involved in my reversal, we were made to feel very relaxed during the time there, I would also like to say that I had my Operation on 7th April 2014 and on 29th June 2014 My wife and I found out that she is approx 4 weeks pregnant, we are absolutely delighted,

Thank you all so so much


July 2014 – A heart-warming story

No. 389

10 years post vasectomy

Dear Dr Harriss and team
We are writing to you all to thank you so very much for the greatest gift anyone could wish for, two amazing daughters.
In May 2010, we came to you for a vasectomy reversal after having a vasectomy over ten years previous. The results were bitter sweet, the operation was a success but following further tests, we were told the sperm count was unfortunately very low. We left it another 3 months and had another test but with no improvement. Our GP advised to look at IVF but advised it only takes one to get pregnant and a low count is better than none at all.
Well the morning of the first IVF consultation XXX was feeling out of sorts and took a pregnancy test, it was positive, we were overjoyed, unfortunately this was short lived as we miscarried at 9 weeks. It was devastating. We did all we could to promote healthy sperm, from eating pea shoots, taking conception vitamins and loose fitting underwear to completely cutting out on the occasional alcoholic drink, whether this helped or not we’ll never know but we had incredible news in September 2011,we were having a baby again, in June 2012 we had beautiful baby girl. We never considered contraception after that as we thought a sibling would be nice, if it happened it happened and if it didn’t then so be it as we were blessed with our little miracle. Two weeks before her first birthday, we had the overwhelming news we were going to have another baby and in February 2014 we had our second daughter. I am now 53 and my partner 37, we have decided we have been blessed with two fantastic daughters and to stop there, we are now looking at reversing the reversal.
It does only take one to make a miracle, even at my age and having been diagnosed with oligospermia we hope to show couples in similar situations don’t lose heart.


June 2014 – A message of hope

No. 388

My partner had his reversal done in October 2013, he came for his sample in January after 3 months as requested and we received feedback on the 11th Feb 2014. His letter stated :

Sperm count of 2.7 million per ml with a motility of 44%.

Seeing that these figures were quite low I came of contraceptive straight away. The 4th April we found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately it was an ectopic pregnancy that never survived, but I thought I would let Mr Harris know that it works! The positive is that we managed to get pregnant and will be trying again after our wedding in September.

Thank you so much,


June 2014 – A lovely thank you

No. 387

I would like to say a big thank you for the care and support we received from Mr. Harris, Bev, Catherine and of course the lovely nurses at BMI Nottingham –
who couldn’t do enough to be helpful and kind.

Fingers crossed for some good news in the future!

Big thank you again (I would like to say to anyone thinking of having the procedure you won’t find better then Mr. Harris).


June 2014 – Good news

No. 386

Dear Mr Harriss,

Following my vasectomy reversal in January 2013, XXX and i are delighted to tell you that baby girl is now 6 weeks old.

Many thanks to everyone in your team for making our dreams come true.

Words cannot describe what she means to us.

Once again, many thanks to you all.

Best regards,


June 2014 – A baby boy

No. 385

Just like to send you an update on the safe of our baby boy, I had my vasectomy reversal on the 16/06/13 and our little was born on the 12/06/14 a year later.
We just want to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Duncan Harris and all of his team,who without them this miracle would not have happened


June 2014 – A lovely message

No. 384

14 years post vasectomy

I went for my sperm analysis test on Thursday XX June. I was quite apprehensive as it has been 14 years since I had my vasectomy. The same day I received an email from Mr Harriss confirming the operation had been a success with a sperm count of 20.6 million with 51% motility. I cannot thank Mr Harriss and his team enough for the excellent care my partner and I received. I hope to get in touch in the future with some good news.

Thank you once again.


June 2014 – A moving message

No. 383

16 years post vasectomy

hi just wanted to let you know my husband came to see dr harris 3 yrs ago XX june after having the snip (16yrs before) everyone told us the reversal wouldnt work, but we decided mr haris was the right person for us, they did explain after 2 years of the reversal chances were very low so we sadely gave up, but in jan 2014 we found out id miscarried, and then in may 2014 i was 8 weeks and ive just miscarried but wanted to let people know NEVER give up no matter how long there always a chance and we still have our fingers crossed xxxx

June 2014 – Thanks

No. 382

15 years post vasectomy

My partner and I came through in Dec 13 for his reversal (15 years post vasectomy) we have only now been able to get his sperm tested (5 months on) and I’m so happy to tell you he has a perfectly normal result 24m. I’m so happy and we really hope that in the near future we will be pregnant.

Can you please pass on our thanks to Mr Harris and the whole team for such an excellent service, we are thrilled that the operation has worked.


June 2014 – A Forthcoming Birth

No. 381

14 years post vasectomy

Had my reversal. In August 2012. 14yrs post vasectomy our hopes were high…we are pleased to announce we are now expecting  with a due date of 2/12/14 we would like to thank all the staff involved and a special thank yo to Mr Harriss for making our dreams and hopes possible.


June 2014 – A lovely picture from one of our couples – how time flies!

No. 380

Here is an updated picture of my gorgeous 7 month old son. We are still in shock and cant believe we have our little miracle xx

June 2014 – Pregnant

No. 379

11 years post vasectomy

Just to let you know that after having my vasectomy reversal in early November 2013 about eleven years after the vasectomy we have just found out that my wife is pregnant. We couldn’t fault the care and service we experienced at every stage of contact with yourselves. Thank you.


May 2014 – Pregnant!

No. 379

4 years post vasectomy

Hi, I wondered if you could pass on my thanks to Mr Harriss. My partner XXXl attended the BMI hospital on 6th January 2014 for a vasectomy reversal, 4 years after the original procedure had taken place. Mr Harriss’ charismatic nature immediately put both of us at ease and following the surgery we were even able to go home the same day. XXX’s semen was analysed in March and I am delighted to confirm that I am now 7 weeks pregnant! I would without doubt recommend Mr Harriss to other couples in similar situations. Many thanks


May 2014 – Our Son

No. 377

16 years after vasectomy

You may recall that you kindly did my reversal on 30th September 2012, (some 16 years after the original vasectomy) and we are delighted to let you know that XXXX was born on 12th February 2014 weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds 4 ounces!

He has since doubled in size.

Thank you.


May 2014 – Our Easter Chick

No. 376

11 years post vasectomy 

hi there,
I would just like to give you an update, I had a vasectomy reversal done with Duncan Harris after 11years of original vasectomy in March 2013, being 39 years old and the time between the original vasectomy I was unsure of the outcome. The procedure itself was painless and recovery was quick, all members of the team acted professional and friendly which automatically put me at ease, However I did walk like John Wayne for a few days!!!
After three months we travelled back to Nottingham for the semen analysis again of which all ran very smoothly.
Waiting for the post to arrive with the results of the analysis was very scary, the vasectomy reversal had been successful and with a low sperm count of 4 million we managed to achieve pregnancy after four months of procedure, to our surprise early august after many pregnancy tests to confirm the results we were pregnant!!
After 72hours of labour!!! Our gorgeous baby girl arrived safely on the 20th April 2014 ( Easter Sunday our little chick), weighing 6lb3oz at 02.57am, both mum and baby are doing really well.
We would like to thank everyone involved in our journey without this our little family would not be achieved.


April 2014 -Positive pregnancy test

No. 375

18 years post-vasectomy

“My partner XXX had his vasectomy reversed after 18 years on the 19th may 2013 we did not have his sperm count done as he was working away and it’s been a success as I’m about 4 weeks pregnant did a pregnancy test yesterday and this morning and they was positive so it toke 10 month if I’m rite for a positive we are very very happy and would recommended dr Harris to anyone who was going to look in to having this operation he has made are family complete and there are no words to describe how happy we truly are I will update you with a scan picture at 12 week thank you sssssooooo much”

April 2014 – Baby arrives


Would like to introduce our little miracle born 12-04-14 after my partners reversal 14-5-13
Weighing a very healthy 8lb 11oz it would never of been possible without mr Harris and his team. So from the bottom of our hearts we thankyou.


April 2014 – Expecting Twins

No. 372

On Monday almost exactly 6 months since Mr Harriss performed my reversal, XXX and I went for the 12 week dating scan to be told the amazing news that we’re expecting twins. We really can’t thank you all enough, it feels like a miracle has happened for us.


March 2014 – Thanks

No. 371

Dear Mr Harris and team, my partner and I visited on the 12/03/14, it is now 2 weeks later so just thought we would take the time to say thanks for the fabulous care we received. From the minute we arrived to the minute we left nothing was too much trouble. all of the staff were so friendly and really put you at ease. Mr Harris was such a lovely man, he explained everything really clearly and put our minds at ease, also the anaesthetist, (sorry I don’t remember his name :/) however again such a friendly man with a really caring personality.
also special thanks to Carol she was with us the entire time and often popped in to have a chat or just to see if we needed anything which was nice. thanks to everyone, Catherine and Bev for making the whole process easy and stress free 🙂 fingers crossed for the future now .Hopefully we will be in touch very soon with some exciting good news.
Thanks Again you are a Fab team


March 2014 – Going to be a dad again!

No. 370

13 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss

I am delighted to to tell you that my fiancée and I are expecting are first baby on august 30th this year.
I came to you for a vasectomy reversal in April 2013 and after a successful sperm count of 38.3 million ,mobility 71.3% and a anti body test result of 60% we have attached a natural pregnancy.
We had are 3 month scan and everything was fine with baby.
I am a 40 year old man who had a vasectomy reversal over 13 years ago and now I am going to be a dad again. Words can not express both mine and my fiancée’s gratitude to you and all your team and staff who were some of the most kindest most professional people we had ever met.
Thank you are two little words but they can mean so much more we will forever be grateful to you for giving us a chance to start a family.
Please feel free to publish this letter or my results to your website or Facebook page

Yours sincerely


March 2014 – A bundle of joy

No. 369

My fiance and I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Dr Harris. When we previously read the mound of positive testimonials we never quite believed how true they really were…until it happened to us! My fiance had his vasectomy reversal on the 18th of June 2012. 7 Weeks later we were ecstatic to find out we were expecting a bundle of joy and thats exactly what she is. Our Daughter XXX was born on the 10th of May 2013 and we could’nt be happier with the way things have turned out…all thanks to Dr Harris and his fabulous team. If you are looking for somewhere you feel welcome, comfortable and well looked after then this is the place. Not to mention the fact he works miricles. So thank you ever so much again 🙂


March 2014 – Expecting a baby

No. 368

25 years post vasectomy

We attended your clinic on the 23rd December 2013 for a vasectomy reversal …..
We would like to announce that at the age of 58 years old, more than 25 years after having a vasectomy, and only 3 month after you performed the vasectomy reversal, my wife has just discovered that we are expecting a baby.
We are extremely happy and overwhelmed, and would like to thank you for the professionalism that you and your team have shown throughout the process, and your invaluable contribution in making this miracle possible.

Kind regards,


March 2014 – A very excited update

No. 367

Hi again. Just a quick update… I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with our baby girl after my partners reversal in May 2013. Here’s a little update of our princess… We’re all ready for her arrival and are counting down the days until we get to welcome her to our family… Will keep you posted when she does arrive with a picture. Mr Harris and all the team are amazing and can’t praise them enough. Feel free to post on your page.

March 2014 – Amazing News

No. 366

6 years post vasectomy

Hi, back in May 2012 my husband had his six year old vasectomy reversed by Mr Harris. Some months later he had the sperm results back with the great news that there was a very high active sperm count. Unfortunately there was also a high percentage of antisperm antibodies and it was unlikely that we would conceive naturally.

My husband started taking vitamins that we hoped may help and BANG three months later, we were shocked to discover that I was pregnant! XXX was born 2/11/13 6lb 10oz. We will never be able to thank mr Harris and his team enough.
Thank you all so much

March 2014 – Second Baby On The Way

No. 365

10 years post vasectomy

We had to write to say Thank you one more time.  My husband had his vasectomy reversed with Dr Harriss in the beginning of sept 2012, 10 years after his vasectomy. We travelled from Devon & were very sceptical about the whole procedure after being told by our Dr that these things generally don’t work!

From start to finish the whole process went very well & we were both extremely well looked after, my husband had minimal pain & was back to normal after 10 days. We never made it back for his sperm analysis as i had a positive pregnancy test in October (1 month after reversal). I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy in May, who is now 9 months old (photo attached). You will also see attached a scan picture. Our second little miracle baby who we thought we’d never have! In september this year our family will be complete and we honestly cannot thank you enough. Dreams can come true!

Feel free to use as a testimonial with pics too if u wish


February 2014 – 100% Antibodies

No. 364

Dear Mr Harriss,

You performed a reversal procedure on my husband XXX and completed a sperm analysis for us last year where it was found he had 100% antibodies. We were just about to complete all the referral forms to Care in Manchester when we discovered I was pregnant. XXX was born on the 23rd Jan 2014 weighing 8lbs 4oz. We can’t thank you enough for making this possible, we feel so blessed.


February 2014 – A BIG Thank You

No. 363

Just e-mailing to say a BIG Thank you to Mr Harris and the team for a fantastic service provided. From the moment we stepped through the doors right through to after care, we were made very welcome and 100% satisfied with everything. We were even more pleased to know that the reversal was successful and now we are waiting patiently for the result we want…our dream is now being made possible all thanks to Mr Harris.

Please pass on our sincere thanks again to Mr Harris, We will be in touch again.


February 2014 – A Thank You.


I would just like to thank Mr Harris and his team of nurses for the quality of care I received on the 16th Feb on my day case for my vasectomy reversal. The professionalism and friendliness that was shown as soon as we arrived at the BMI Park Hospital enabled my partner and myself and to relax and the nurses put our minds at ease.  We are immensely thankful and grateful to Mr Harris for giving us this chance. The care I received was second to none. My partner and I wish to thank everyone who was involved in my operation. Fingers and toes crossed we will have some positive news in the future.  Thank you once again for everything.


February 2014 – Success

No. 361

As discussed on the phone, my husband, XXX had a reversal last March. The results in August showed a problem with agglutination. However, XXX has had another test as a preamble to fertility treatment and our gp tells us everything is now within normal limits!

I thought Mr Hariss might like to know of this success. I hope you can see the detail in the image below.

Best wishes,


February 2014 – A Genuine Pleasure

No. 360

Thanks Catherine and please pass on to all Mr Harriss team how fantastic you have all been with me and XXX you are all amazing at your job and its been a genuine pleasure.


February 2014 – Beautiful Baby Girl

No. 359

Me and my husband came to your clinic in November 2011 for a vasectomy reversal. After the great news that operation was successful we have conceived in June 2012 and in March 2013 our beautiful baby girl XXX was born. She is such an incredible little girl and a blessing in our lives.

So I guess we just want to say a huge thank u to you and your team! This has changed our lives forever! Please find an enclosed picture of our little girl


February 2014 – New Year’s Eve Baby

No. 358

Hi Bev and Catherine I’m just writing to inform you that following a reversal back in october 2011 my wife gave birth to a gorgeous healthy baby girl on New Years eve. Even though it took us a while to get pregnant it was worth the wait and worth every penny. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have our baby girl after we were told by our dr that reversals don’t work this just proves it does. Thanks again x x


January 2014 – Our Scan

No. 357

13 years after vasectomy
Hi Bev, I’d like to thank Mr Harris and all his team for making our dream come true.i had my versectomy reversal on 16th June 2013,13yrs after my versectomy,my wife was pregnant in July but sadly miscarried in August,my wife then got pregnant again in September she is now 21wks pregnant,we are expecting a baby boy due June 7th operation went very well Mr Harris and all his team were excellent and put me at ease,I had no pain just slight discomfort,will update you again when our little boy is born. Thank you so much


January 2014 – A Thank You

No. 356

15 years after vasectomy

Good morning, I would like to thank Mr Harris and his team of nurses for the professionalism and quality of care my husband had on his day case for his reversal. My husband has experienced no pain at all after the op which has been a bonus . We are extremely thankful to Mr Harris for giving us this opportunity to have some hope in the future of a positive result . At 15 years post vasectomy we didnt think we had a chance untill we discovered  the Bmi hospital and Mr Harris so hopefully there will be a positive result at the end. Thank you once again for everything


January 2014 – A Thank You

No. 355

Dear Mr. Harriss & Team, Thank you so much for your attentive care and professional expertise. My fiancee and I were most impressed with the service we received. We cannot fault a single thing. I received a follow up letter which informed me that the procedure went well and there was a reasonable chance of success. All that is left now is to recuperate for the required two weeks, wait and hope that everything will go according to plan. The testimonials of other patients who become fathers after their operations provide me with optimism for the future.  Thank you again and best wishes.


January 2014 – Finally Pregnant!

No. 354

Hi Catherine we are so pleased to announce that we are pregnant,  I had my reverse op in sept 2012 after having treatment for cancer my results wasn’t very good with a low count of 9 million and very low motility after 18 months of trying on our own with no luck and XXXX with PCOS we were referred to a fertility clinic we have an appointment booked for 30th this month however we have cancelled as it’s no longer needed we have done it all by ourselves, we cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us we are so grateful, It’s very early days at the moment so will keep you all posted PLEASE if anyone is considering it GO FOR IT!! if it can happen for us it can happen to anyone!! Thanks again


January 2014 – Our Baby

No. 353

8 years post vasectomy

Hi, we wanted to share our wonderful news with you! After 8 years before the reversal, we were unsure how successful we would be. After researching and finding your services, we were very excited and hopeful that we would be able to conceive, but still didn’t count our chickens! After having the op, we waited a little while before trying for a baby because we were getting married. On returning from honeymoon and settling in to our new home, we started planning for a baby……6 weeks later we were pregnant!!! In November (2013) our wonderful, beautiful boy was born and is perfect in every way! We really are ever so grateful to Dr Harris and his team for a great service and for blessing us with this gift! We are already planning the next! Thankyou,


January 2014 – A Thank You

No. 352

Dear Catherine , I would just like to say thank you very much to mr harriss and dr Matthews and to everyone involved in my operation yesterday I was looked after very well and my partner and myself just wish to thank everyone and fingers crossed hopefully have some news in a few months


January 2014 – A Little Miracle!

No. 351

Hi Catherine & Mr Harriss, We have recently had our 12 week scan and wanted to let you know that everything is going well. Thanks to Mr Harriss and his team we are looking forward to welcoming our little miracle into the world around the 8th August. This is following my husbands reversal done on the 1st Sept 2013. Thanks again


January 2014 – Pregnant!

No. 350

Hi there, I had my reversal done sept 2013 after 7 years and delighted to announce my girlfriend is pregnant at 7 weeks. So would like to thank mr Harris’s and others for all the work you did. Will keep you posted!


January 2014 – A Baby Boy!

No. 349

3 years post vasectomy

Hi Bev, Sorry for the delay, I just wanted to update you that on the 7th May 2013 my partner gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We all would like to send a huge thank you to Mr Harris and all his team for making what seemed an impossible dream into an amazing reality…. Everything from making an enquiry and leaving the hospital after the procedure was outstanding and we cant thank you enough.  Once again thank yo


January 2014 – Pregnant!

No. 348

17 years post vasectomy

Dear Bev,

Just contacting you to announce our great news that my partner XXX (aged 35) and I (aged 53) attended our first pre natal scan on 31/12/13 which has confirmed that XXX was 13 weeks into her pregnancy at the scan date and our first baby together is due to arrive on the 8th July. My operation date was 24/10/12 which suggests that conception took just under 12 months from the operation date. Would you please inform Mr Harris and his team of our fantastic news and thank everyone at the Park Bmi for the excellent care shown to us both whilst we were thereA special thank you goes to Mr Harris for his brilliant surgical skills which,  goes without saying, we will be forever in his dept. Yours sincerely,


January 2014 – Pregnant!

No. 347

6.5 years after vasectomy
Dear Duncan,
We are incredibly excited to be writing this email to you to let you know that against all the odds, 6 weeks to the day after the reversal procedure (3rd Nov 2013), we found out we are expecting our first baby together. XXX is currently 7.5 weeks pregnant and has had a scan that shows that all is as it should be. We can not put it into words how eternity grateful we are to you for making this possible. There was a point that we could never have imagined a baby together, then finding your website gave us a glimmer of hope.. unfortunately when we came for the procedure you ran through XXX’s history and were a little concerned that he had suffered a testicular [operation] as a boy which might complicate the operation. You had faith however and went ahead with the surgery and proved yourself as a very talented surgeon . Once again we are so so so grateful to you and we will keep you updated with the progress of our baby journey.
All our love and best wishes for the future


January 2014 – Pregnant!

No. 346

I am writing to you today to let you know of our good news. My partner had is reversal on the 14th May last year. By the 27th of June I had fallen pregnant with our baby girl. The op went extremely well and all the team were amazing. I am now 7 months pregnant and we are looking forward to meeting our little miracle. Thankyou so much to Mr Harris and all his team… Will keep you updated with the birth.


January 2014 – A Thank You

No. 345


After recently having my vasectomy reversal at The park hospital Nottingham i would like to thank you for my excellent treatment and care. Myself and my partner would highly recommend Mr Harriss consultant urological surgeon and his team  to anyone considering this procedure.


January 2014 – Baby Boy!

No. 344

Dear Mr Harris and team
This is to update you on my progress after my reversal. My wife gave birth to a little boy on the 6th aug 2013. My wife sadly did have two miscarriages before this but we got there in the end! Even though I have only a low sperm count. Thank you all for making our dreams come true.