December 2012 – Welcome to The World!

No. 242

Welcome to the world XXX born 18-12-12, thank you so much for making this miracle happen.Operation date January 2012


December 2012 – baby Due August 2013

No. 241

4 years post vasectomy

Dr Harriss performed our vasectomy reversal in November last year (2011) following a vascetomy in 2007,which resulted in a restored sperm count of 14.3 million per ml. Following our wedding in May this year, we are now pleased to announce that we are expecting our first baby in August 2013! (2012 was a busy year!)

We would like to thank Dr Harriss and his team for their wonderful care and expertise in making this possible. We will keep you updated as we go for our fist scan at the end of January, and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year!

Big Thanks from C & DC

December 2012 – 12 weeks pregnant!

No. 240

Dear Duncan,

I thought you’d like to know that following my successful reversal in December 2011, my partner is pregnant. We had the 12 week scan yesterday and all is well.

Thanks once again.

Wishing you and your staff a merry christmas


December 2012 – 20 weeks pregnant!


Hi, just writing to let you know that having had the operation in May 2012 my partner is now 20 weeks pregnant. We had a nervous wait for the test results which were only 3.5m but we needn’t have worried as she was already pregnant. Thanks to all of the team, service and support throughout were excellent. Roll on may next year!


December 2012 – Baby boy!

No. 238

Born 9 12 12

A year nearly to the day from reversal

Thanks xxx


December 2012 – Another Scan

No. 237

Further to our correspondance in August regarding our little miracle, I have attached a picture of our little GIRL at the 20wk scan performed last week she is perfect.

Thanks again the team in Nottingham.

Kind Regards


December 2012 – Baby Scan

No. 236

Dear Mr Harriss

Further to my e-mail back in October announcing that my wife is pregnant after having reversal with you on 3 September this year, I now attach a picture of our 12 week scan which actually happened to be 13 weeks, therefore baby must have been conceived the first few days of trying.  Unbelievable!!

Once again we cannot thank you enough . Baby is due on 10th June and we will send you a picture.

Happy for you to use scan pic and our story on your testimonial wall if you wish


November 2012 – Baby on the way!


9 years post vasectomy

Me and my husband would like to thank Dr Harris and staff at the clinic who done my husbands reversal in march 2012, 9 years after vasectomy and to let you know we are now 13 weeks pregnant with our first child together and over the moon. we cannot thank you enough for this wounderfull gift you have given us . thankyou


November 2012 – A Thank you!

No. 234

It was lovely to meet you and all the team at the BMI Nottingham on 11/11/12. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the amazing care myself and my partner received from you all. From the very first enquiry phone call we made over a year ago, till now we have always experienced excellent service, advice, and care from the whole team. We were very pleased with how the procedure went and would highly recommend yourselves to anyone in the same position as us. Obviously it is very early days, but we hope to be able to contact you in the near future with news of a pregnancy! Once again thank you very much, and we hope to have news for you soon.


November 2012 – Second Baby!

No. 233

We wanted to let you know that three weeks ago we gave birth to our second son xxx. My husband had the reversal operation in September 2009 and our first son was born in July last year. We fell pregnant first time trying the second time and thanks to you we now have two beautiful boys and all our dreams fulfilled! We cannot thank you enough! Best regards


November 2012 – Success!

No. 232

16 years post vasectomy

We would like to thank Mr Harriss for the chance we thought we would never have. My reversal has been a complete success with a count of 59.3million per ml normal 26million /ml and a normal motility rateof 61%. This we find amazing as it is almost 16yrs since my vasectomy. We can’t thank Mr Harriss enough


October 2012 – A baby girl!

No. 231

Just wanted to say our huge thanks to the team, my husband had a vesectomy reversal apx 18mths ago, and we got pregnant straight away, unfortunately the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, but we are pleased to announce the birth of our lil girl xx born 2 weeks ago.


October 2012 – Pregnant!


Hello, my partner had his vasectomy reversed last December and we got pregnant almost straight away, unfortunately after 2 unsuccessful pregnancies we are proud to announce that I am now 23 weeks pregnant, due on January the 21st and we are having a baby girl we would like to thank Mr Harris for his amazing work as this would never of been possible without him.


October 2012 – A Baby!

No. 229

Hi, I thought I would email while I am up feeding our 9 week old gorgeous baby boy. My husband had his Vasectomy 31st October 2011. I gave birth to XX just 8 months later. It appears we fell pregnant 14 days after reversal on our 1st try. Our little boy arrived 3 weeks early. He was obviously as eager to meet us as we were to meet him. Thank you so much for everything. It was a very big decision to have the reversal and try for a sibling for our little boy and after cancelling the reversal a few months earlier we changed our mind again and were offered a cancellation a couple of weeks later. As we then went on to conceive straight away we feel he really was meant to be. He’s our little miracle and we are all thrilled! Thank you again!


October 2012 – Pregnant!


Hi Catherine/Bev/MR Harris

just a quick update following on from opp in may.We have just found out the wife is expecting she will be 6 weeks this weekend.Fingers crossed all goes well will keep you all updated.

Many thanks for everything


October 2012 – A Thank you!

No. 227

Just sending am email to say that me and my husband come to the clinic on XX september to have a vasectomy reversal i would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Harriss and his team, he was fantastic he made both me and my husband feel so welcome, he perfumed the operation and afterwards came up to see us before we went home he told us that it went well and he was very pleased and hopeful for us. My husband had a little swelling but not much pain we are nearly 2 weeks in and things look good to go i will keep you posted.

Highly recommended and with give his name to anyone who was thinking of having this procedure.

Many Thanks again


October 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 226

Hi Mr Harris

I would just like to say after having my reversal operation on the XX April 2012, i am delighted to inform you that my partner is 6 weeks pregnant and our lives are well on the way to being complete. I never thought this would really be possible but the professionalism and care from your staff and the expertise from yourself has made our dream come true. I would recommend the BMI Nottingham and in particular MR D Harris and his team to carry out any procedure to anyone who is considering this.

Once again Thank you.


September 2012 – A Thank you..


14 years post vasectomy

Just a note to say a big thank you to Mr. Harriss and his team for all the care I received at the BMI hospital for my vasectomy reversal back in May of this year. Mr. Harriss was very professional but also very down to earth and he made me feel very at ease both before and after my surgery, as did the anaesthetist and all the staff at the hospital; my treatment and after-care was second to none! I had a quick recovery with no complications afterwards. My vasectomy was done 14.5 years ago and my reversal surgery was successful, in that I now have live swimmers, although on the low side, I hope that with time my body will do its job and things will improve and myself and my wife can report a happy outcome! Again, thank you for everything, I would highly reccommend Mr. Harris and his team to anyone seeking a vasectomy reversal.


September 2012 – Pregnant (and a wedding!)

No. 224

Hi Bev – thanks the results, depending which way you look at it it came a bit late !!!! I don’t know if theres a record for results but xxxx is approx 7 weeks pregnant !!!!!! meaning it worked approx 7 weeks after op !!!!! Just thought I’d get test to get monies worth!!



September 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 223

I had surgery with Mr Harriss a few months ago, last April, and I am very happy to report that my wife is now 12 weeks pregnant, and everything is going smoothly.

Many thanks!


September 2012 – 2nd pregnancy!

No. 222

Hi Bev, xxxx is now 9 and 1/2 months (we never did get round to coming to see Duncan, we will!) I had my 40th birthday last week and on Thursday 30th had another positive pregnancy test!! Wow a Little brother or sister for our first little miracle to complete our family!! Mr Harriss is a life-changing miracle worker!


September 2012 – A baby!

No. 221

As you were aware from my previous testimonial my husband had his vasectomy reversal on the 6th Dec 2010, when we found out we were expecting we were given a due date of XX Jan 2012….well our lovely little bundle took her time and arrived 15 days late on XX Jan, weighing 8lb 5oz. We were only chatting the other day saying how lucky we were that the op worked and so quick…which reminded me to let you know!!

We can’t express our thanks enough to Dr Harriss and his team…our little family unit is now complete!


September 2012 – A baby now a toddler!


Hi, my husband had a vascectomy reversal at BMI park hospital in March 2010, we haven’t given feedback yet but I was pregnant very quickly and our baby girl was born in April 2011. She’s now toddling around and such an amazing little person. Thanks for helping our family x


September 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 219

Just thought I would drop you some feedback regarding my vasectomy reversal on February 27th 2012. The operation was successful and we have just found out that my partner is six weeks pregnant. Please pass on our thanks to Mr Harris.


September 2012 – A baby!

No. 218

Meet XXXX!! Had reversal at beginning of November with yourself here’s the end product! Thank you very much!


September 2012 – A baby!

No. 217

Just wanted to let you know that my partner had a vasectomy reversal in may 2011, we conceived in October 2011 and are now proud parents of a 7 week old baby boy! Still cant believe it! just wanted to say a massive thank you to Dr Harriss, your work is fantastic!!


September 2012 – A Thank you

No. 216

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to all the team and to MR Harriss for a positive result following my vasectomy reversal in May 2012. Everything was 100% with regards to my experience at the hospital and post operation care by all the nursing staff at The Park hospital.

Anyone searching for a surgeon to carry out a vasectomy reversal operation should look no further than this website, Mr Harriss’ results speak for themselves!! If you want the best surgeon for the job then you have just found him. I and my partner very much look forward to hopefully sending further emails with news of pregnancy in the coming months. Thanks again


September 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 215

hi just to let you know expecting in dec…so worked very i need a vasectomy. x

expecting a little boy


August 2012 – A Thank you

No. 214

I am currently in the recovery week following my vasectomy reversal operation. You are told to rest up for at least a week so I have been following a bed and sofa movie marathon regime. My experience at the Park Hospital in Nottingham under the care of Mr Harriss made me feel completely secure from the moment I signed in at reception. All the staff were so very welcoming and my care was exceptional. I hold Mr Harriss in High regard – not just for his medical skills and text book professionalism, but also for his people skills. Mr Harriss is a warm and caring doctor who, within minutes of meeting him at the first consultation made us both feel that we had certainly made the right choice. He takes the time to listen to questions, any initial anxiety and is very good at reading his patients. He could tell I was nervous and made a particular effort to enusre that I felt as comfortable as possible. He was prompt with his pre and post operative care and he inspires confidence when you speak with him.

Thank you Mr Harriss, its early days yet but I hope one day to be contacting you with good news

With kindest regards


August 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 213

6 years post vasectomy

Dear Bev

I am not sure if this is the right place to send a testimonial but – our miracle has occurred thanks to Mr Harriss and the team!

My Husband had his reversal in Feb 2012, 6 years after the original vasectomy. Mr Harriss felt the procedure went extremely well and was able to join both sides with no problems. We were devastated however at the results of the three months analysis, there were ZERO swimmers.

My Harriss explained that this could be due to a blockage and that in some cases the backlog of dead sperm fail to clear, however there had been a couple of cases where pregnancy had occurred at 12 – 18 months. We were not hopeful and had accepted that maybe it was not meant to be, we would leave it to nature and if one sperm got through at a later date then great.

I am pleased to announce that 6 months after the procedure with a ZERO sperm count at 3 months we had a positive pregnancy test in the last couple of days.

Although this is very early days – we both cannot thank the team enough particularly Mr Harriss and the Anaesthetist who really helped to put my husband at ease during his stay in Nottingham.

If you never try you never know!

Much Thanks


August 2012 – A Thank You!

No. 212

Hi catherine my partner had his reversal done yesterday by mr harriss we would like to say huge thankyou to him and all the nursing staff they done an amazing job taking good care of us both . He is now at home resting the op went well and he is pain free my advice to anyone wanting to do this please follow your dreams and take a chance like we did you will be the first to know if we get pregnant in the near future thankyou so muchxx


August 2012 – A Thank You

No. 211

Hope i’m sending this to the right place. After having my reversal on the 31st july, I am now nearly fully recovered and I would just like to say a big thank you to Duncan Harriss and all the nursing team at the park hospital for the excellent care given during my stay, I was quite anxious on arrival but was put at ease immediately by the warm welcome and care of the staff. I will keep you informed of any news. Once again a big thank you to all of you.


August 2012 – Pregnant 22 years later!

No. 210

22 years post vasectomy

Hi, I just wanted to send a message to give a huge thank you to Mr Harris. My husband attended the hospital on 23 May 2012 and Mr Harris reversed the vasectomy he had done 22 years ago. We were given a 50/50 chance of it working. I am delighted to say that I am now 6 weeks pregnant! we never thought it would happen this quickly if at all.


August 2012 – A Thank you!

No. 209

I attended the Park Hospital for a vasectomy reversal on August 1st 2012. The staff were welcoming and efficient, both Mr Harriss and his anaesthetist came to reassure me and my fiance` regarding the procedure and put both our minds at ease, I have only suffered minor pain not even worthy of taking paracetamol for, a big thank you to Mr Harriss and his staff for all their care and attention will keep you posted many thanks


August 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 208

Hi Bev,

well looks like this one is staying….. My husband had is reversal on Jan 23rd 2012, his sperm count was not the best at 23mil but this will be our 3rd pregnancy since his op in Jan as i miscarried the others. But looks like our little one is staying put i no its early but we cant help get excited. Just wanted to say a big massive thank you to Mr Harriss, yourself and the team. This means the world to my husband and myself i will keep you updated on the progress and send pics. Thank you once again


July 2012: A daughter’s born!

No: 207

Dear Bev. I thought I’d send you and Dr Harriss this picture of our little newborn daughter who was born last Friday and conceived normally. Big thanks to you guys from me and XXX 🙂


July 2012 – Pregnant – with Twins!

No. 206

Hi Bev

Just a quick email to let you know we’re expecting in January.

Oh, and it’s twins!

Will keep you posted.


July 2012 – A pregnancy!

No. 205

Hi Catherine

With regards to my E mail below, after 12 months trying, we are successfully 15 weeks as of today. My Deepest Thanks to your wonderful surgeon, Mr Harriss. A debt of Gratitude that can never be repaid. We are so happy, Thank You


July 2012 – A Baby!

No. 204

Hi, Just an email to let you know that after my husbands successful reversal performed on June 27th 2011, i concieved in October 2011 and my EDD was 27th June 2012,a year to the day..i gave birth by emergency c section on the 10th July 2012 to a bouncing baby boy weighing in it a meer 9lb 2oz..

Would like to thank Mr Harris and all involved with my husbands reversal,you have made our dreams come true..i give permission for you to publish his pic and this email as i want anyone who is considering the op to be encouraged to go for it


July 2012 – A Thank You.


Dear Catherine,

May I send my personal thanks to Dr. Harriss and yourself for the marvellous work that was done following my vasectomy reversal. It has been a week now since my operation and I have been following Dr.Harriss’s advice to the letter. Physically I am recovering very well after surgery, but the main plus factor is the psychological lift that I have received with the possible chance of being able to have children in the future. This is what I am truly grateful for, once more a huge ‘thank you’.


July 2012 – A Thank You!

No. 202

Ms. Catherine,

Thank you for all your help. A million thanks for all of you there working for doctor Harriss. All of you were very helpful and I really enjoyed my stay at the park. The park hospital is very nice and the staff did everything they could to make my short stay there comfortable. I will tell all my coworkers about the park hospital and Doctore Harriss. Once again thank you.


July 2012 – A Baby!


I wasnt sure how to contact so i hope this way is ok. My husband had a reversal in july 2010 and we are very pleased to tell you we now have a healthy baby girl. She was born in january, so is now 5 months old. We had given up hope after 10 months of trying however the best things come to those who wait. We are so grateful to Mr. Harriss. Please pass on our info and apologies its so late…..things have been hectic thankyou xx


July 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 200

10+ years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss

You carried out my vasectomy reversal on 15/05/12 we had a positive pregnancy test result on 14/06/12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are overjoyed, amazed and slightly shell shocked! XXX is now six weeks pregnant and we have our first ante-natal appointment coming up.

The post operative swelling/pain was very minimal and had mostly gone after 10 days by which time we couldn’t keep our hands off each other any longer……………

We can’t thank you enough, being more than 10 years since my vasectomy we wondered how successful the procedure would be, we needn’t have worried! Please thank Carol and the rest of the staff for their excellent care at The Park Hospital. Needless to say we won’t be coming up to Nottingham for the 3 month seman analysis.

Thank you again,

Best Wishes


June 2012 – A Thank you

No. 199


May I start by saying a big thank you for making me feel at ease on the day of my reversal. I am totally gobsmacked how straight forward the operation was, I have never had a general anasthestic before and felt very nervous on the day, but could not believe when i woke to find it was all done, I even had to ask the nurse if it had been done !

It has been 5days since the op and have truely had no pain or discomfort at all, slightly swolen but no bruising. I will post more news with how we get on with the sperm analysis.

Once again, many thanks to Mr. Harris and the staff for making us feel at ease throughout.


June 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 198

Dear Mr Harriss,

XXX came to you on february 15th this year after a wonderful holiday in Rome for his reversal. After some discomfort (low pain thresh hold I think!) we were back to normality. We are delighted and over the moon to let you and your staff know that today we had our 12 week scan and our beautiful baby is due on 01.01.2013!!?? We cannot thank you enough for helping making our dreams come true,

You truly are amazing, thank you so much, we will keep you informed!

And also we are getting married in July this year!

Best wishes,


June 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 197

5 years post vasectomy

Hello, I had my vasectomy about 5 years ago, on January 9th you operated a reversal. We are pleased to announce that my girlfriend is 13 weeks pregnant, we had the scan yesterday. Thank you so much for this.


June 2012 – A baby!

No. 196

Hi Bev

Just to give you and Mr Harris an update on my vasectomy reversal performed 14th March 2011.My wife gave birth to our daughter on the 9th April 2012, 4 weeks early. All went well, no problems, we are very proud parents of our gorgeous baby girl.

A big thanks to Mr Harris and his team for making our dream come true.

Attached is a picture of our baby Naomi at 1 day old, please publish, as for us it really puts things in perspective.

Kind regards


May 2012 – Pregnant!


10 years post vasectomy


We just wanted to thankyou all very kindly, In december my husband underwent a reversal, the staff were very accomodating and so lovely, even the canteen lady was very helpful, Mr Harriss was equally as nice, introducing whoever was taking part with the procedure, an nobody judged us, just put us at ease, my husband was 43 when he had the op, and it was over 10ys since he had the vasectomy, so we thought our chances were slim, how little did we know! after 4 months since the op we dicovered we were having a baby, due in december, so thankyou mr Harriss and your team, you are all brilliant!!


May 2012 – A baby girl!

No. 194

11 years post vasectomy

Dear Dr Harriss & Team,

Just wanted to share with you our little bundle of joy. My patner had his vasectomy reversed at the beginning of April 2011 and on 24 April this year, i gave birth to a beautiful little girl. We never thought we would be lucky enough to have children as my partner had undergone a vasectomy 11 years before. XX weighed in at a healthy 7lb 10oz and took her time! (10 days overdue) We really cant thank you enough for the precious gift you have given us.

Many many thanks,


May 2012 – A Thank you!

No. 193

My husband underwent a vasectomy reversal with Dr Harriss last week. Everything about the Park Hospital was wonderful- just like a hotel break with better room service (apart from the small matter of the operation itself!). It could have been a daunting experience but was not in the slightest, due to the care and reassurance of Dr Harriss and his team. All went smoothly and a week later we can honestly say that the recovery so far has been much easier than expected and pain-free. Thank you for making the first step of our journey so straightforward. Best wishes to all and many thanks again,


April 2012 – A baby

No. 192

8 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss,

I write to inform you that my vasectomy reversal has been successful. You carried out the reversal in Spetember 2010 when I was aged 42 and it was approximately 8 years after my vasectomy,

On 2nd September 2011 my fiancee gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. I cannot thank you enough for making this joyous occasion possible.

I also wish to thank you and your staff for your professionalism and treatment f me whilst under your care at the Park Hospital. My fiancee and I are eternally grateful to you for helping us start a new family together and we wish you many more success in the future.


April 2012 – Pregnant

No. 191

Not sure if I am sending this to the right place, but I would like to share our exciting news with all the team. My partner had his operation in May 2011. After a small a moment of discomfort following the procedure, we were delighted to hear that the operation had been a success, as we had a positive sperm count. After only three months of trying, we were delighted to discover, we were pregnant! The baby is due in October. If I’m honest when we read others people’s testimonials, I did have doubts that it would it ever work for us, but we have never looked back. We are eternally grateful to Mr Harriss and his team. Thank you


April 2012 – Pregnant!

No 190

Dr Harris Hope you are well. I am not sure if you remember us as I am sure you have many visitors to your hospital. We attended in November 2011, we were the two Police Officers. Well, we would like to share our good news with you and let you know that we are expecting. I am 14 weeks pregnant and expecting in October.

We would therefor like to thankyou so much as it would not have happened without you.

We are over the moon and also cant believe it happened so quickly as the op was only only in November.

Thank you again


April 2012 – A Thank you

No. 189

Hi mr harriss I had my vasectomy reversal done by you on january 9th 2012 and today we went upto to give sample and we got our results later today and have a sperm count of 19.5million out of 26million average and 62 percent are very mobile so I am so over the.moon.and my partner is so happy to with the results. I want ro say again to you mr harriss thank you soo much in your excellent skills in restoring my fertility and so my self and partner stand a very good chance in conceiving a child.


April 2012 – A Thank you

No. 188

I recently had a reversal of vasectomy under the care of Mr Duncan Harriss at the BMI Park hospital. The care I received was excellent and can justify this as I have worked in a healthcare setting for 32 years. I found Mr Harriss totally professional,up front and honest with possible outcomes of this procedure especially as I had a complicated previous medical history. After the procedure I was only in minimal discomfort which was soon sorted out by paracetamol. I found the whole experience professional and reassuring for both myself and my wife.We would have no hesitation in recommending the excellent service provided by Mr Harriss and his team.


April 2012 – A good recovery!


hi Catherine, was just a quick note to say thx to Mr Harriss and his team for performing my reversal on the XX of April .. it’s been a wk now and all swelling has gone down and just about pain free.. everything seems to be healing well and can’t wait to get practising!! ….fingers crossed and we’ll keep you up to date thx again.


April 2012 – Pregnant!

7 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss, I have recieved some fantastic news. My partner is 4 weeks pregnant. I had a reverse vasecotomy at your clinic in November 2010. The operation was successull and was told that we had over 90% chance of concieving as it was 7 years since i had the vasectomy. I could not recommend a better clinic. The treatment and service was second to none. Once again we would like to thank you and all your staff for making our dreams come true. Yours faithfully,


April 2012 – Pregnant – again!

No 185

Hi Duncan,

We just wanted to let you know that we are expecting a baby following a reversal April 2011. We actually conceived within weeks, but sadly miscarried in June…so this is our 2nd conception…just a miracle!

So we wanted to say thank you once again for your amazing skill and care. We are keeping our fingers crossed all will be well this time! We will send you a pic of the scan at 12 weeks (feel really positive this time 🙂 )

Kindest Regards,


April 2012 – A Thank You

No. 184

Hi Catherine,

I just wanted to drop a line saying thank you.

I had my reversal on Wednesday evening and all went to plan and went well.I must say that all the staff at Park Hospital were amazing and put me at ease right from the start of my visit. The care shown by everyone was brilliant. My partner XXX was also looked after very well and I am grateful for that too as she was obviously worried about me.

Mr Harriss was fantastic and explained everything clearly to me and chatted to me about the procedure both before and after the op,as did the anesthetist (sorry,I cant remember his name).

I am home now relaxing (as I was told to!) and even though I do feel a little uncomfortable I am OK and better than I expected to be at this time.

So,thanks to everyone involved in my reversal,including yourself with the clear communication.

I will certainly be in contact as and when we have some good news to report.

Thanks again, for everything.


March 2012 – 20 years post vasectomy and positive!

No 183

20 years post vasectomy

“I cannot thank Mr Harriss enough for his sterling work. I am a 50 year old man and had my vasectomy 20 years ago. I understood that the odds were against me but went ahead with the reversal. I have just had my 3 months post-op semen analysis which shows the operation was a complete success and I now have better than average stats. The long journey to Nottingham for this operation was very worth it. The hospital staff were so friendly and made my stay a pleasant one. I would fully recommend Mr Harriss to potential clients – he’s The Man!”

Kind regards,


March 2012 – Pregnant!

No. 182

6 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harris,

I am writing to let you know some exciting news.

I know you perform a number of procedures and I don’t know if you remember us, but back in November 2011 you performed a Vasectomy Reversal procedure on myself. Everything went well after the operation and we hoped for the best, but nothing prepared us for the news that XXX would be pregnant by the middle of January 2012. Thank you all so much.

Today we had our 12 week scan (picture attached). XXX and our little bump are developing well and we are so excited about the future.

Having had the original operation over 6 years ago, we feel absolutely blessed to be in this situation and cannot thank you all so much for makng it happen.

Thanks again.

Best wishes


March 2012 – A Thank You


hi mr harriss just wanted to say how fantastic all your staff treated me when i was in your care. it was a pleasure to off meet you it has been five days since the reversal operation so i am still abit tender but happy. fingers crossed and staying possitive it shall work once again it was a pleasure to off meet you and would absolutly recommend any person who wants a reversal to you. once again many thanks and i will keep you and your team updated on future events. best regards and many thanks


March 2012 – Pregnant!


AMAZING news!!! We found out today we are expecting!!! XXX is pregnant and must have conceived about 3-4 weeks after the op which was done on 14th Feb . . . bearing in mind 2 weeks where we couldn’t have sex . . . that is a total miracle!!! Thankyou to Duncan and all the team. We are over the moon


March 2012 – A Massive Thank You

To Dr Harriss + Staff,

Particular mentioning Carol (willy checker), Joanne, Helen, Angela and Dr Harriss himself (aka Zorro with his sword!)

Just wanted to say a massive Thank You for your care and attention during my stay.

Your aftercare and concern has been very much appreciated, the personal touch you all deliver is reassuring and gave me confidence to my recovery.

You should all be proud of yourselves and I’d recommend you, your staff and your hospital to anyone!

We’ll keep you posted to “our” progress! (after completion of homework 🙂 )

Many Thanks and Best Regards,


March 2012 – A Positive Result

20 years post vasectomy

3 Month Post-Op Sperm Analysis

I saw you for my vasectomy reversal operation on XXth November 2011 and have just had my 3 month sperm anlaysis. rather than travel back to Nottingham I decided to take the test locally at Southend University Hospital, via my GP.

I am delighted to say that the operation was a complete success and I have enclosed a copy of analysis for your records/statistics.

Considering I am a fifty year old man and my vasectomy was 20 years ago, I am over the moon with the postive result and congratulate you on your fine work.

Thank you.


March 2012 – We’re Pregnant!

10 years post vasectomy

Just to let you know I had my reversal done 9 weeks ago on the 18th january 2012 and now we found out she is 7 week’s pregnant “hope this is the record” 🙂

Can’t thank you enough as after 10 years after op didn’t think it would work!!!


March 2012 – A baby girl

“Having had my vasectomy in September 2010 my partner fell pregnant in April 2011 and in the December she gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter. We are so thankful to all the team at the BMI hospital, particularly Mr Harriss, for making our dream come true. The professionalism they showed from the start, throughout the procedure and to this day is second to none. We would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Harriss’s team to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.”


March 2012 – A Baby Boy

Following the reversal you performed in July 2010 we are now the proud parents of a very happy and heathy 5month old boy called XXX. Just wanted to say thank you .

Kind regards,


March 2012 – A baby boy

12 years post vasectomy

Our baby boy was born on 6th March 2012, a healthy 7lb 13 oz.

I was 12yrs post op and Mr Harriss carried out my reversal in Oct 2010, My wife found see was expecting in July 2011, she had an excellent problem-free pregnancy and we would recommend Mr Harriss to anybody considering a reversal.

Many thanks once again.


March 2012 – A baby girl!

Just an update on our pregnancy.

My wife gave birth on March the 5th 2012 01:20am after an hour in labour. We have a beautiful daughter 7lbs 6oz. We have named her Seren Lois… ‘Seren’ meaning star in welsh.. A symbol of the very long journey we have been on….Many thanks again.


February 2012 – Great Results’ Thanks!

We have just received our results from the post op test and are overjoyed that my vesectomy reversal i had in november 2011 was a success. We can not Thank Mr Harriss and his team enough. If there is anyone thinking of having the reversal done with Mr Harriss then all i can say is go for it, you will not regret it. Thank you again and hopefully we will be contacting you again with some Happy News.


February 2012 – Fantastic results!

That is absolutely fantastic news!! We are so so pleased – we’ve had a good (happy!) cry with the results, and told our families. We can’t wait to get in touch with you shortly after our wedding in June with more good news!

Thank you and the team so so much for all your help. You have all made the whole process so easy, and made us both feel looked after at such an emotional time.

Thank you thank you thank you!!


February 2012 – A Huge Thank You!

Thanks Bev, I would appreciate it if you could pass my gratitude onto Mr Harris

This is fantastic news! I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Harris to other people, the process was so easy and surprisingly painless. Mr Harris is an absolute star!

Feel free to use this as a testimonial on your website

Thanks again


February 2012 – Sperm Analysis

I travelled to Nottingham yesterday for the semen analysis. CARE were really great. The receptionist and the nurse there were both so helpful, and you were made to feel very comfortable….


February 2012 – A Baby boy after a re-do vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss,

We thought we would let you know that XXX and I have had a lovely little boy.

XXX went into labour a year to the day (valentines day) that i had the vasectomy reversal.

XXX was born at 1548hrs on the 15th Feb ’12. He weighed 7lb 15oz, he was born by emergency C Section, due to his heart beat dropping considerably when XXX had an epidural.

They are both home and doing really well.

I have attached a photo for your records. Please fell free to use it on your website and Facebook page.

Once again, thank you very much for everything you and your team have done for us.

Kind Regards


February 2012 – A baby boy!

just to let you know we had our beautifull baby boy he was born a month early but is well he is 2 months now,i have sent you a pic of him we love him to bits and are so happy and it wouldnt of been possible if it wasnt for mr harriss and his team many thanks


February 2012 – A thank you

I wish to thank all the staff that looked after me last week. I must admit I was very nervous prior to the op. I was put at ease very quickly by everyone that I talked to, especially Dr Harriss who spent a lot of time explaining exactly what was going to happen. The anaesthetist and all the nurses were fantastic. The whole stay made the daunting experience very easy indeed. I await the tests and hope and pray that it was successful. I will update you when I know more. Thank you again, god bless.


February 2012 – A little girl

7 years post vasectomy

Hi to you both.

People usually say congratulations to parents when a new baby is announced but you deserve it too.

Just to let you know we have had a baby girl! ….. She is 6months old and is thriving (sorry for taking so long to let you know).

I don’t know if you can remember but we took a cancelation appointment in Oct 2010. XXX had had the vasectomy 7 years previously. By December 3rd we were 5 weeks pregnant, dated from Oct 31st. Is this a record?!! It was definitely meant to be. XXX was born in August so a very big thank you for everything and congratulations on being so good at what you do.


February 2012 – A son arrives

15 years post vasectomy

Hi Bev. Back in jan 2011 Dr Harris performed my reversal procedure 15 years after my original op. I wanted to let you know that my wife and I welcomed our new son to the world today weighing 8lb 10oz . Thank you all for your excellent work and professionalism. Kind regards


February 2012 – A thank you

Just a quick note to say thanks to all the staff involved in my operation. Mr Harris is a legend, he made me feel at ease and relaxed about the entire situation. The entire staff were all the same from reception, nurses, anthstatist,auxiliaries etc. Also my girlfreind was treated with a great deal of respect and dignity. So in essence I just wanted to say thanks to all involved.


February 2012 – Our Son

Hello there,

This is XXX, he was born on Saturday 4th February. He is just perfect and we have Mr. Harriss and his amazing team to thank for making this possible!! XXX had his reversal in November 2010 and we fell pregnant in April last year.

Mr.Harriss is truly a dream maker and we will always be thankful for his help in making our dreams come true!!

Many thanks again,


February 2012 – A baby born!

I had a vasectomy reversal in January 2010 and are now thrilled to inform you that we had a little boy, 8lb 3oz, on 14 January 2012. Another fantastic success and a huge thank you from us all!!!


January 2012 – A Thank You!

I wanna say thank you to mr harris you are brilliant at what you do and I will recommend you to everyone. I had my vasectomy reversal done by you on the 9th january and I cant wait to start trying wiv my partner. we will keep your team informed of any results.


January 2012 – A Baby

13 years post vasectomy

xxx and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our boy born 1st December 2011 @ 3.9kg. Pic attached.

We would like to thank you for your great work and in helping us achieve a success that is now our young son. I had my operation @ 14th December 2011 and by mid February he was on his way, a great outcome!

We wish you and your team well as we look forward to many happy times.

Kindest Regards


January 2012 – Pregnant!

Hello, not sure if this is the correct place to write this so apologies if I am wrong . My parter underwent a VR on Sept 13 2011 by Mr Harris . We were all set to travel to Nottingham for his semen analysis on jan 13 however as of the 12 it is not necessary as I have found out I am pregnant !!!!!! We are both over the moon and want to express our thanks to Mr Harris, he is amazing !!!!


January 2012 – A Thank You.

Thank you so much for the way you treated us when we were there everyone so kind and spoke to us lovely the and the rooms were nice and presentable thanks again hope fully we will have good news soon.


January 2012 – Pregnant!

6 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr D Harriess and team. I attended Mr. Harriess’s BMI Park hospital clinic in Oct 2010. I had my vasectomy over 6 years ago so wasnt very hopefull, but we found the best surgeon in the country and came all the way from west wales for the opp. My wife is currently 29 weeks pregnant so due in March. Advice to all other couples = if you dont try you’ll regret it forever. Go for it, we know how much it means. Good luck….Once again many thanks because it means the world to us.


January 2012 – A Thank You

Hi, I just thought I would send you a card to say what a warm and friendly stay we had with you at the Park Hopsital. XXX Is recovering well and no issues occurred after the reversal operation. XXX was very impressed that you allowed him time to discuss things and I must say you provided a very relaxed, welcoming service.

I am a health care professional too and I really value other professionals who are able to communicate to patients in an open, honest, empathetic way. Thank you for providing a professional service.

A note from XXX – “watch this space”!

We plan to get married next year and hopefully return to new zealand win baby.

Many thaks


January 2012 – Pregnant!

Re my vasectomy reversal in April 2010; you and Mr Harriss will no doubt be delighted to know that XXX and I are now expecting a baby in July/August!

Kind regards


January 2012 – Pregnant!

We have today received the best Christmas Gift from you that anyone could ask for, confirmation that the vasectomy reversal carried out by Mr Harriss in September has been sucessful, and we just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone, especially to Mr Harriss and his anaesthetist, who helped us feel at ease on the day of the procedure.

After much research into the procedure initially, we decided to opt to travel to Nottingham from Cardiff based on the wonderful testimonials provided by past patients along with the high success rate in reversal procedures +10 years, and we can honestly say that the service provided was beyond our expectations.

We will of course update you of any further news in the future.

Again a big thank you to the whole team, and wish you a very Happy Christmas and for you to continue your wonderful work in the New Year.

Best wishes,