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February 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi just thort I’d get in touch as my partner had his vasectomy reversal done may 2017 we fell pregnant 4 months later with my son who is now a year and 9 months old, and we are now pregnant again due in October.

February 2020: Another arrival…


My husband had his reversal back in feb 2016 after 7 years. We got pregnant in July that year and have a little boy who is almost 3. We are now pregnant again with a baby girl due in July 💙💗 we have 4 other children together (22, 18, 15 & 11) thought we were done after 4 but here we are awaiting no.6. Feeling very thankful and blessed xx

February 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi Catherine im writing this email in the hope Dr Harris receives this , me and my partner would like to thank him so much . December we found out were pregnant after a year of trying, it’s worked we are over the moon. Today we had our scan dating us at 12+5 . Thank you so much we are externally greatfull. Attached is our picture of our scan if you wish to post it to your FB s

January 2020: Another arrival, first announced in our private group….


Meet Archie George born on the 18th january 2020 weighing 9lb 4oz(due on the 10th, 1 week late) conceived 5 weeks after the vasectomy reversal thanks to Mr Harris and his team for working thier magic. He is perfect thankyou 💜xxxxxxx

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


Good Evening Mr Harriss,

After having the Vas Reversal back in Aug 17, I am delighted to be able to advise that my wife is around 5 weeks pregnant.

Obviously we are both absolutely delighted and I can only thank you for giving us this opportunity through the excellent and skilled operation I underwent.

Kindest Regards

Many congratulat

January 2020: Another arrival…


One and a half year’s ago Mr Harris performed a reversal on me My name is XXX and I come from New Zealand. The surgery was a success and now me and my partner have a cute baby named XXX born on 24.11.2019
Here are some pictures of XXX

Thank you all again for making this happen XXX wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Mr Harris.

Regards and all my gratitude,

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


I hope you are well. I wanted to thank Dr Harriss as my wife is pregnant so I will not be needing a semen test!

I was very pleased with the service in any event and please do thank Dr Harriss from both of us for his very sympathetic and professional work

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi Beverley.
Could you please tell Mr Harris, that we are expecting a son on the 17th of February, so thank you very much!

Kind regards

January 2020: Another pregnancy…


Hi my name is XXX I had a vasectomy reversal on the 11th November 2018 ,I just thought I’d message you and let you know that today we found out my my partner XXX is pregnant obviously it’s only early days but it clearly has been successful and we are both very grateful,could you pass on our thanks to Mr Harris please.

2020 is going to be a great year !!

Happy New year to you all.
Many thanks

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