December 2019: A thank you…


To Mr Harriss and his amazing team I had a Vasectomy reversal on the 20th of December at the Park Hospital Nottingham.

Myself and XXX would like to thank you and your team for an absolutely incredible journey.

7 Days later feeling like running a marathon.

Mr Harriss has an amazing chilled manner and made me feel very relaxed Thanks.

Would also like to thank Bev for her help,Bev you were an absolute superstar thanks for all your support and help from day 1👍

December 2019: Another arrival…


Hi Catherine. Please can you post the following including photo.

Had my reversal with Mr Harris and his team 4th Dec 2016, on 30/11/2017 we had our first baby boy, then after an ectopic pregnancy we are so happy to announce 26/12/2019 we had our second little boy all health.

Thank you so much because without Mr Harris and his team we wouldn’t have these 2 bundles of joy, I hope you realise how much joy you have brought to so many people Thank you.

December 2019: Another pregnancy (first announced in our private group)…


🤰🏽🤰🏽🤰🏽Good Morning everyone🤰🏽🤰🏽🤰🏽
Following on from my previous post
I just want to confirm that we are pregnant 🤰🏽 😁 (approx 5 weeks)
Our reversal was 22nd September 2019
We are so excited and would like to thank Mr Harris and his team 🥰
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and we will keep you updated on our progress

December 2019: Another update…


Further to previous emails following my operation on the 8th May attached
are a couple of pics 😁

More updates to follow once our little girl is born around early April 😁🥰

December 2019: Another pregnancy…


Hi everyone. I would like to share another success story. My partner had his reversal in June. I got pregnant almost straight away, but sadly had an early miscarriage. I got pregnant again in September and I am now almost 15 weeks. I am 41, my partner is 43, and the vasectomy was around 8 years ago so we never expected it to happen so quickly! Good luck to everyone else

December 2019: Another pregnancy…


Hello. I messaged you back in March saying my partner had the reversal back in October 2018 and I got pregnant back last December. Our little boy is now 11 weeks old thanks to Duncan. Here’s XXX born on 21st September 2019 at 9.17am weighing 6.10lbs. We can not thank Duncan and his team enough

December 2019: Another pregnancy…


Never thought I’d be posting so fast! My husband had his reversal October and end of November were pregnant!!! we’re still in shock that it’s happened so fast! We literally can’t thank Mr Harris and his team enough x

December 2019: A update…


A just an update I announced on this group that we were expecting when I was 6 weeks as it was early days now I’m 13 weeks 4 days and can’t thank mr Harriss enough without him I really don’t think the chances of the reversal working would be low so anyone thinking about having it done with him honestly you won’t regret it once again thank you so much xxx

November 2019: Another pregnancy…


Can’t believe I’m writing this . After being told our chances of falling pregnant were not good – against the odds I am 13 weeks pregnant . My partner had his reversal in June of this year 9 years after his vasectomy. We can’t thank dr Harriss and his team enough. We are both absolutely delighted . X

November 2019 : Another pregnancy….


Hi Catherine,

I had a reversal done in September 2017 and now have a one year old daughter. Just wanted to let you know we are pregnant again!

Thank you to Dr Harriss for being amazing and also the staff at the hospitals for making everything perfect.

November 2019: Another arrival…


We had our reversal baby today! Everyone meet XXX weighing a healthy 7lbs. My other half was 6 years post vasectomy when he had the reversal by mr Harris’s and although it worked we had very low motility( less than 10%) but luckily it still didn’t stop it from making our dreams come true 8 months after the op we found out we were pregnant! And today at 12:05pm we were graced with this ones arrival 💙

November 2019: Another arrival…


Good morning Catherine / Mr Harriss,

I am not on social media so sending an email instead.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you – my procedure in 2018 was a total success, my wife and I got pregnant this year and yesterday our daughter was born – XXX at 5lbs 10oz.

My wife and I are eternally grateful and happy for you to add this to your huge list of success stories!

Please see attached for a photo 🙂

Best regards,

November 2019: Another arrival…


Dear Duncan & Catherine,

Take a look at the little pooping machine attached born on the 4th November, XXX weighed in at 7lb 8oz (3.56kgs)

Mum and XXX both doing incredibly well, and both healthy.
Having a baby at 52 is quite life affirming, and my two older daughters (26 and 29) are also as happy as Larry to have a little sister.

Who said having a vasectomy reversal after 22 years couldn’t work!
It certainly wasn’t you,

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and your team,
Now if I could just make a boy …..

Warmest regards,

November 2019: Another pregnancy…


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Things have been hectic here since the start of August.
First off I won’t need to go for semen analysis as XXX is 10 weeks pregnant

November 2019: Another pregnancy…


I am pleased to inform you and all the team, including Dr Harriss, that my wife is pregnant. Very early stages but she is….

Thank you all very very much.

November 2019: Another pregnancy…


On the right our first baby together conceived one month after seeing Mr Harris’s and on the left second at 9 weeks am now 11 weeks with second reversal baby

November 2019: Another pregnancy…


Hi Bev
My name is XXX I had my reversal done February this year and I would like to inform you that my partner has now had a positive pregnancy result …..

October 2019: Another pregnancy…


We cannot thank Dr Harriss and his team enough hubby had his VR in April 2019 after his VR 6 and half years ago and we are now expecting our miracle baby 👶🏼 14 weeks. We our over the moon it still doesn’t seem real. Dr Harriss is truly a miracle worker we wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to do his surgery from the moment we arrived at the hospital to recovery after we was supported all the way.
We cannot thank you enough you have made it possible for our dreams to have another baby come true. Please no one give up follow Dr Harriss advice….. baby dust to you all 👶🏼

October 2019: Another arrival…


Dear Mr Harriss and Team,

Thank you so much for helping us create a family of our own…. 11 months on from XXX’s vasectomy reversal last December, we welcomed our gorgeous baby girl last week… XXX, born 15.10.19 at 6lb 14oz.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are totally in love and can’t thank you enough.

October 2019: Another pregnancy…


“Can I can cancel my appointment please as my partner is pregnant?”

October 2019: Another pregnancy…


Well it’s early days but I have just done this and we are buzzing my husband can’t quite believe it he had his reversal Feb 2018 after 13 years since his vasectomy seeing this positive is amazing please everyone that’s trying don’t give up I gave up on the ovalation times and days and just thought if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen and it has thank you so much to mr Harris

October 2019: An update…..


16 weeks sneak peak 4D. Hubby had the snip in 2011 n reversal 2018 x

October 2019: Another arrival….


Dear Mr Harris and your wonderful team. Another baby today XXX was born. It is our 3rd baby XXX 5 XXX 3,1/2 and little XXX. I had a vasectomy 15 yrs pre OP I am now 46 years old and 6 years post op. My wife and I can’t thank you enough. We have a complete family.

October 2019: Another pregnancy….


Hi just wanted to let you know me and my partner attended our 12 week scan today.

Thank you for all you help last year.

October 2019: An update….


Quick update our VR baby number 2 is a little Girl!! ….. Thank mr Harriss for making our family complete! We couldn’t be more grateful for our little miracles. Despite a low motility come March we will have 2 little baby’s thanks to him! 😍

Kind regards

October 2019: Another pregnancy (19 years since vasectomy)…


Dear Mr Harriss

XXX and I are delighted to tell you that we have just found out we are expecting a baby following XXX’s vasectomy reversal you did in March. We are absolutely over the moon and can’t thank you enough for helping us. We are still in shock at how quickly it has happened!

You were recommended to us by the friend of a friend and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else in the same situation as us.

Thank you!!

September 2019: Another pregnancy….


Hello Mr Harriss.
My wife and I would like to thank you and all off your staff for making us both feel very welcome while I had my vasectomy reversal in 2018.

We are very pleased to announce that after 20 plus years after having a vasectomy we are expecting a little girl in December 2019. We are both over the moon with our news. If anyone is considering a reversal I would definitely recommend Mr Harriss and his team 100%.

Once again we would like to say thank you to you and your team for all that you have done for us.

Yours sincerely

September 2019: Another arrival…


We just wanted to thank you so much for the successful reversal that we had done by yourself in July last year. We welcomed our baby girl into the world on 8th September and none of this would have been possible without you. Thank you.

September 2019: Another arrival…


Hi just want to say a massive thank you to mr Harris and all his lovely staff for all they have done for us … our little girl XXX is finally here 4 days late born on 4th September weighing 8lb 3oz
We are over the moon x

September 2019: Another arrival…


XXX was born on 12th September 8lb 3oz, he is baby number 2 since Mr Harriss carry out my reversal in June 2017. Without Mr Harisss and his team this would not of been possible. Thanks again.

September 2019: Another arrival…


Hi Beverley

Been meaning to email you but with our new arrival it’s been slipping my mind! Lol

I’m pleased to say the month after my op my partner fell pregnant and we now have a 7 week old little girl called XXX. Born 22/07/19 weighing 8lb 1oz.

Please thank Mr Harriss very much for me! We have them both [boy and girl] because of him.

September 2019: Another pregnancy….


12 week scan thank you Mr Harris !

September 2019: Another pregnancy….


So happy to be able to post I have reached 12 weeks pregnant.

Reversal was performed by Mr Hariss on the 9th April 2019
Thank you so much to Mr Hariss we are incredibly happy with this result

September 2019: Some more arrivals!


Hi, just wanted to update you as my husband XXX and I visited you back in January 2011 for a vasectomy reversal, and we’ve never shared our wonderful news with you. Mr Harris only gave us a 20% chance of the reversal working due to the way in which his original vasectomy was carried out. We failed to conceive following the procedure, and further investigation found that XXX had a number of anti sperm antibodies – which we were told by hospital doctors meant that IVF with ICSI would be our only option. We were planning for treatment, when in February 2013 I found out I had conceived naturally. Our daughter XXX was born in November 2013, and was followed by XXX in May 2016 and XXX in March 2018 – all conceived naturally!!!! A huge thank you to you all. xx

September 2019: Another pregnancy….


Hello again,

You may remember me contacting you in 2016 with the wonderful news that we conceived a beautiful baby girl following a courses of ICSI fertility treatment.

I am contacting you once again with more news. We have recently discovered that we have now conceived again, this time naturally. It was a complete surprise for us and a very welcome one.

We would like to extend our thanks once again to Mr. Harriss and his team for making this possible.

August 2019: Another pregnancy…


Me and my partner are still in shock last Monday we got out BFP didn’t think it would happen this quick my partners VR was April Xth 2019 we then got our flaming positive August 19th re tested again yesterday August 26th and still positive we our over the moon and can not thank Dr Harriss enough he truly is a miracle worker xx

August 2019: Another pregnancy….



Hi thank you for the letter and my results that was quick I was told it would be around a week…. I believe it’s been 12 to 13 weeks since I had my surgery and my partner is around 5 to 6 weeks pregnant so a massive success and a even bigger thank you for what you have done for us. Could you pass my appreciation to Mr Harriss please if possible. Thank you again

Yours faithfully

August 2019: Another arrival….


Dear Dr. Duncan R Harriss,

I hope you’re doing well. Last Monday my wife delivered a baby girl, she’s very healthy. My wife and I are very happy. We wanted to say thank you very much for what you have done…..we wanted to express how thankful we are to you.

August 2019: Another arrival…



My partner, XXX, had a vasectomy reversal in April last year by Dr Harriss and we would just like to thank you all so much as it was successful and we now have a beautiful baby boy, XXX, born on 1st July 2019.

We can’t thank you all enough as we really didn’t think our little dream would become reality.

August 2019: Another arrival…


I would like to inform you that baby XXX arrived on the 8.8.19. We conceived 9 months after the VR. He is the most amazing little boy. We can’t thank Mr Harris and the team enough xxx

August 2019: Another pregnancy….


Cannot believe this was one year ago he had his reversal and now we are 25 weeks pregnant! Mr Harris truly is a miracle worker 

August 2019: Another pregnancy….


Just found out today we are pregnant my hubbys op was 14th july 2019 we cant thank mr harris enough he is amazing at what he does

August 2019: Another pregnancy….



I am writing to inform you we had a successful reversal in November 2016 with Mr Harris.

I can confirm I am now pregnant and baby is due next year. This is our first baby together and I am over the moon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

August 2019: Another pregnancy….


Good afternoon,

Yeah… Uh….regarding the 3 months analysis.

I won’t be needing it 😉

We just found out my partner is 4 weeks pregnant 😁

August 2019: Another pregnancy….


We think we should say thankyou – my wife XXX is now pregnant, due in January 2020.

Another success story ! 
Seems my sperm count was good enough.

Thankyou and kind regards

August 2019: Another pregnancy…


Sadly after having a miscarriage in March we are now pleased to announce that we are 10 weeks pregnant and everything is ok.
Thanks to Mr Harris.

August 2019: Another pregnancy….


You may remember that myself and my husband XXX contacted you last April 2018 to say our little miracle baby boy was born. He is now 1! 
My husbands VR redo was feb 2017. And we have found out we are expecting baby miracle number 2 in March 2020! So this baby was conceived 3 years after VR and after 15 months of trying. Miracles really do happen and we’re soon to have 2!

Thank Mr Harriss again for us please!

August 2019: Another pregnancy….


I would firstly like to thank you very much for your brilliant advice that you gave us to have second vasectomy reversal I can honestly say that without you pointing us on the right direction in a clear and honest way that we would not now be expecting our third child. After eight months of trying and two days before embarking on IVF (and nearly parting with 9 thousand pounds) my husband and I found out that we are pregnant and we could not be more over the moon. Considering that I am 41 and my partners count is 9million, this is truly a miracle. I would like to add that to improve his count since the reversal my husband abstained from alcohol for 2months starting exercising and lost two stone.

I would also like to thank the hospital and the skill and amazing work of Dr Duncan Harris that for a second time has given us a change to go on add to our family..

Truly amazing words can not describe how happy we are.

August 2019: Another arrival….


XXX born on Sun 28th July at 18.04 weighing 9Ib 11oz 🥰 vasectomy was reversed by Mr Harris after 6yrs and we fell pregnant after 3 months but unfortunately miscarried – we then fell pregnant again with XXX in Oct and she is beyond amazing, we are so grateful to Mr Harris and his team

July 2019: Another arrival


Dr Harriss you are a truly amazing man. Thank you for giving us our little man. 
Today, 23rd of July at 1419 our baby miracle arrived. Both baby XXX and Mummy are doing great. We had our reversal April 2018 after having the snip over 13 years ago, and took us 6 months to conceive. Thanks Dr Harriss and his team. We love you x

July 2019: Another arrival (33 years after his vasectomy)….


In the excitement of recent events, I forgot to advise Mr Harriss of a happy event.

XXX was born after an emergency C Section on 1st July at the XXX in Kampala, Uganda. Both mother XXX and baby have been home a week and are fine.

I cannot begin to describe how happy we both are.

Thank you again.

July 2019: Another arrival…


Hi our little angel born 28.06.2019 3kg 420g at 1:45am.

July 2019: Another pregnancy


In November 2017 my husband aged 30 had his vasectomy reversal with Mr Harris, he didn’t want to have a sperm test so we decided to let fate take its course… 
After a painful 18 months of trying and not falling pregnant! I finally got my POSITIVE TEST TODAY!!!!!!!! 
Thank you sooooo much Mr Harris xxx
Never give up hope x

July 2019: Another pregnancy….


18 months after hubbys reversal with mr Harris and we finally have our positive test period not due till Sunday so excited. Massive thank you to Mr Harris and his team 💖 forgot to add only thing I did different was have a reflexology massage before I was due to ov and the lady did same and worked for my friend to x

July 2019: We received this message in our private Facebook group recently:


I’d like to share a positive post please …

I had my vr on 3rd June and did exactly what i was told… nothing. I lay down for a week, pottered around occasionally last week, waking up to different shaped balls everyday! Totally hated it! Doing nothing isn’t me!

Yes there was discomfort at times if i moved too fast, but other than that ive been painless and the healing has gone well. Just a stitch left after 2 weeks, no obvious scar and a small lump under one side which will hopefully go. I feel great.

It got to father’s day, day 13 and we started the ‘homework’. I can say it was gently done, and explosive but no pain thankfully!

Since Sunday we have done ‘homework’ 4 more times and tonight we decided to have a look under the microscope.

We are delighted to say that Mr Harriss had done exactly what we wanted! I’m reconnected! The attached video isn’t the best but ive got swimmers!!

My VR was 12 years post vasectomy and I’m 43. I honestly didn’t expect such a quick result and can only hope now that it gets busier and no future complications! Fingers crossed we can now get pregnant!

We’ve never been so excited over a bit of jizz!

July 2019: Another pregnancy….


Please pass on my sincere thanks to Mr Harriss,

Some 4 years after the reversal we are now 23 weeks pregnant!

XXX and I had 2 IVF treatments at Oxford to help mother nature along,(And for the record it was my good lady that needed help with her plumbing, and I remained “productive” throughout)

So a reversal after 20+ years works,

Many thanks again

July 2019: Another update….


Our reversal baby turned 5 years old on Monday 24th June 💙 Almost two years to conceive after hubbys reversal but was Worth the wait

July 2019: An update….


Almost 3 years with these amazing boys, thanks to mr harriss! hubby was 12 years post reversal, 40 years old, zero sperm count after the OP but 20 months later and we were pregnant with twins 💙💙 miracles do happen! THANK YOU to the amazing team at the hospital 

June 2019: Another arrival…


hi me and my husband xxx would like to let Mr Harris and his team know that on the 17th June 2019 at 4.31am our little princess arrived weighing 5lb 11oz we are so so happy thank you 😍

June 2019: Another arrival…


Here’s our little boy after a long awaited 9 months. He was born 19,6,19. 10:50am weighing 7lb 4 oz. XXX. Thankyou again Dr Harriss and all the team.

June 2019: An update & a request to include names….


From Diana Matthews: Here is another update on our baby girl, Jessie, 17 months old now was pregnancy two months after reversal we are so grateful she is amazing xxx

June 2019: Another arrival….


Here is our miracle rainbow baby, a massive thank you again to Mr Harris and his team, 
Our beautiful daughter was born on Saturday,a month early, 
my husband had his reversal in December 2017 after 12 years of his original vasectomy, we caught pregnant the first time in April 2018 but sadly miscarried in the July, caught again in October (hubbys b-day😊) resulting in this little beauty ❤️

June 2019: An update….


Like to thank dr harris.. my partner had his vasectomy reversal 15th june 2016 and we welcomed our baby girl into the world 14th june 2018.. she turned 1 last friday! Cant thank him enough for giving us our dream we’ve always wanted xx

June 2019: 2 Children after reversal


Hi 6yrs ago today and on Father’s Day I had my reversal and now we have two children a 5yr old boy and a 1 yr old girl, it wouldn’t be possible without Mr Harris!!!!

All our thanks go out to him and his team,

June 2019: Another arrival


I am pleased to announce that my wife and I are proud parents of out baby girl. Picture attached😁
Please again pass on my thanks to Mr Harris.

June 2019: Another pregnancy….


I’d like to thank Dr Harris and the team for helping myself and husband extend our family. after 6 years my husband had a reversal on 30th May 2018. We fell pregnant within 6 weeks of his procedure, we had a missed miscarriage but quickly fell pregnate again within 6 weeks.

We are now 8 months pregnant, with a baby boy we are told. We’re completely over the moon as you can see!! Thank you all so much for making our dreams come true x

May 2019: Another pregnancy….


just wanting to let you know …. I had a reversal in april 2018. We are expecting a baby my partner is 6 weeks 🤰 please pass the good news to Mr Harris and a big thank you for all your great care


May 2019: Another arrival….


Had our reversal baby today at 09.28 this morning 23/05/19
Reversal was done on the 11/06/18 after 7 years.

This is Albie and we are so happy. Thank you so much xx

May 2019: Another pregnancy (with 2% motility)…


Just a quick note to let you know that we are pregnant! I’m not sure you remember my visit but I had my reversal completed by Dr harriss in June 2017. I had two tests to say my motility was too low and that it wouldn’t be successful.

Eventually in November 2018 both myself and wife went to see a Dr Skull @ Jessop fertility hospital, Sheffield and he stated that due to my low motility levels and my wife being 40 and eggs decrease etc that it probably wouldn’t occur.

Fast forward to February 2019 and as we we’re both forgetting about having another child, my wife reveals she’s pregnant, expecting 3/11/2019. We’ve had several scans and at the moment all is well and tests reveal no issues at 12 weeks.

The only thing we can think of that’s assisted is I’ve lost nearly two stone in weight due to rigorous exercise regime over that last year,which upon reading articles it does say that it can assist massively in helping .

It’s really just a quick note to say thank you, this 2 year journey has hopefully paid off and we both appreciate your help.

Kind regards

May 2019: Another pregnancy…


We’ve been meaning to let you know for a while that XXX’s reversal was a success!

Due date: XX/6/2019

We were pretty surprised by such a quick result as it had been c12 years since XXX vasectomy and two different consultants had told me I would probably need ivf due to endometriosis, which obviously didn’t end up being the case!

Currently on countdown, 6 weeks till due date with baby girl XXX 💗

Thanks for all your help last year. Would 100% recommend!

May 2019: Another arrival…..


Myself and my wife XXX are absolutely thrilled to announce the birth of our son, XXX, born on Monday 15th April at just after 5am weighing 7lb 9oz. We would like to thank Mr Harriss and his brilliant team for helping us achieving our goal. Myself and XXX are blown away with all that has happened in the past year or so. Many thanks again for our little bundle of joy xx. 
Kind regards.

April 2019: Another pregnancy (within 3 months of surgery)….


Hi Catherine it’s just to say my partner has become pregnant and I wish to thank all the team for everything and to say I won’t need to go for sperm test

April 2019: Another arrival….



I have been meaning to email for a while.

XXX was born on 31 Jan 19 and is such a delight.

Our thanks to Mr Harriss

Kind regards

April 2019: Another pregnancy (12% motility)…


I just wanted to pass thanks on to Mr Harris and share our good news! We are 12 1/2 weeks pregnant! We were a bit worried about the sperm count results (as seems to be the case with lots of people!) but we need not have worried as just a month after getting the results we found out we were expecting! We got to see our new addition for the first time last week and are very excited for the future.

Thank you again to Mr Harris for making this possible for us.

April 2019: Another pregnancy within 3 months….


Image may contain: text

April 2019: A recommendation…


My room was amazing just like being in a hotel I definitely recommend this BMI The park hospital 10/10 all the staff was amazing and friendly Dr Harris is amazing so definitely recommend it!!

April 2019: Another pregnancy….


Our turn! Our “accidental” miracle ❤️ weren’t even trying but we are not complaining! 6 months post VR (partner had had a vasectomy 5 years prior) we have our tiny tot! We had meh results of an average sperm count but an extremely low mobility of less than 10%. We took some vitamins and a mistake by both of us if you get what I mean we are 7 weeks pregnant!❤️we cannot thank mr Harriss enough we are so greatful

April 2019: Another pregnancy….


Last year in August Mr Harris performed a reversal on me.

I’m happy to let you know it was successful and my girlfriend is pregnant.

April 2019: Another pregnancy…


Dear Mr Harriss 
Following my successful reversal in June 2017 our lovely little girl XXX was born 16th March 2018, she is now a year and my now wife XXX is now 16 weeks pregnant again, her cycle only return in October 2018 (XXX is exclusively breast fed) she had a positive pregnancy test early January 2019.

We are so happy to be expecting a little boy this time in early September.

Thank you so much for making this possible.

April 2019: Another pregnancy…


Thank for you for everything Dr Harriss❤️❤️❤️ Our vasectomy reversal rainbow baby was a little princess👨‍👩‍👧 I’ve always dreamed of a little girl first and I was blessed to get her🌸👸🏼

March 2019: Another pregnancy….


I am just writing to let you know that following a vasectomy reversal, performed by Mr Harriss (details below). I was lucky to have fantastic results from my surgery and tests showed a high sperm count with good motility

Just under 2 years later, my wife, XXX, successfully conceived. We are now 13 weeks pregnant and had a scan yesterday which has showed a healthy baby that is developing well.

My wife has stage 4 endometriosis, a further obstacle for us.

We have the talent and skill of Mr Harriss to thank for our success (as well as the hard work of XXX’s consultant gynaecologist) and we would both be obliged if you could pass this message onto Mr Harriss. We are more than happy for this message to be used on the ‘testimonials’ section of your website.

With warm regards and many thanks,

March 2019: More arrivals…


Another big thankyou to Mr Harriss! My other half had his reversal in January 2018, 12 years post original vasectomy. We now have these beautiful twin boys, just over 2 weeks old ❤

March 2019: Another pregnancy….


Dear Duncan. We would like to say thank you so much for all your help. We came to see you in October 2018 after my partner had his vasectomy 9 years ago. I got pregnant in December 2018 only 10 weeks after the operation.

We really can not thank you enough for all you have done and have made our dreams come true. You Mr Duncan are a legend.

March 2019: Another pregnancy….


Massive thank you to Dr Harris, we miscarried our first baby 8 weeks after my partners reversal but fell pregnant 4 weeks after the miscarriage. Now I’m 14 weeks 2 days pregnant and out my danger stages with our gorgeous little baby. Due 7th September 2019💖

March 2019: Arrival of baby No.2…


Hi this is baby number two since my partner had his reversal in 2016. born 23rd of January 2019. Thanks again to Mr Harriss

February 2019: Another pregnancy….


Hello Beverley,

Just a quick email from myself and my wife xxx. We are happy to tell you that we are pregnant xxx is 6 weeks pregnant now. Early days but we are over the moon and so so grateful to Mr Harris for his amazing work. And all the staff and yourself for being so helpful and making the whole process so easy. We will get round to making a letter to go on the site to hopefully help others in there decision making. I have already passed on details to a friend who is having fertility issues as I told them Mr Harris is the best anyone can get.

Thankyou so much again

February 2019: Another pregnancy….



I just thought Mr Harris would like to know my wife is 9 weeks pregnant, we like to thank him and the hospital for the chance to have another child

February 2019: Another pregnancy….


Hi me and my husband would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Harris and all the staff that looked after us during our stay on the 23rd may … my husband had reversal after 12 years and we are so happy to say we finally got pregnant in the November and our little miracle is due August 
Thank you to you all

February 2019: Another pregnancy…


Dear Mr Harris and team,

We just wanted to thank you so much for professionalism and care during our visit with you back in December.

We didn’t think this would happen so quick but we are delighted to tell you that last week we got the best news ever, a positive pregnancy test! We are due October.

Thank you again, you don’t know what this means to us!

February 2019: Another pregnancy….


Hello, just letting you know that my husband had a reversal in December 2017, after 10 years of his original vasectomy….

it worked, I fell pregnant in April 2018 but unfortunately we miscarried, October 2018 I fell pregnant again and I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, and I’m due in July 2019… we both want to thank you so much for helping us make this possible, your work is amazing and this means the world to us,

Lots of love to you all

February 2019: Another pregnancy…


On September the XXth Mr Harriss preformed a re-do for me after scaring tissue formed on the original reversal. I’m pleased to say that on the first time having intercourse after my recovery period, my partner feel pregnant! Which is due on the 21st July.

February 2019: Another pregnancy…


My partner XXX had a vasectomy reversal by Mr Harriss in October 2017. He didn’t come down for a semen analysis but we know the operation was a success.

Unfortunately we had a missed miscarriage in July this year but happy to confirm we are now 15 weeks pregnant and expecting our new arrival on X August 2019!! We had the scan last week and all looks perfect! Here is the scan picture. Could you please pass on our greatest thanks to Mr Harriss and all of the team. Our care from start to finish was absolutely fantastic and we are eternally grateful.

February 2019: Another pregnancy…


We are pleased to inform you that XXX is currently 13 weeks pregnant!

We had our 12 week scan in London last week and have been given a due date of X Aug meaning by our calculations XXX became pregnant during the first week of November.

We are very excited and I’m taking care of Julia and looking forward to a busy and exciting year!

Thank you so much for all your help and a thousand thanks to Dr Harris for his fantastic help and very effective treatment, we are over the moon!

February 2019: Another arrival….


Arrived 27th Jan 🙂 4th and final boy born into our family. Many thanks to you all at the clinic 😍❤️

February 2019: Another pregnancy, this time with a sperm count of 2 million and 10% motility


The baby boy will be born just over a year after the vasectomy.

February 2019: Another pregnancy…


I said I would update you with a scan picture so here it is.

On 19th August 2018 XXX had a vasectomy reversal with Dr Harris after a 5 year old vasectomy. 8 weeks after the reversal I fell pregnant but it only lasted a short while due to a miscarriage.

4 weeks later I was blessed to fall pregnant again with our rainbow baby. Now we have a little healthy baby growing perfectly.

We couldn’t thank Dr Harriss enough he’s absolutely amazing I can’t believe I’m going to be a first time mammy with someone I never thought could have children again.

Your amazing. Highly recommend 💖💖

January 2019: Another pregnancy…


hi I would just like to let you and Mr Harris know that me and XXX are expecting a baby in August. XXX had the reversal 17 years after the original operation. To say we are truly grateful and blessed is an understatement. Can you please send on our thanks to Mr Harris.

January 2019: Another pregnancy (after only finding occasional motile sperm too)…


Dear Dr Harriss and team

First off I would like to thank you and all the staff who looked after me on the day [summer 2018] of the operation and made both myself and Tracy feel so at ease. Every stage of the procedure was explained to both of us in great detail not only by yourself but by all of the staff involved.

Secondly I would also like to let you know that despite the results of the sperm analysis, XXX is 6 weeks pregnant and we are expecting a baby in September.

Thank you again ….

January 2019: Another pregnancy…


Hi XXX had 7 years vasectomy, and it’s was reversed🤗. Our baby due day is 20.06.2019, …… Also I want say big thank u to doc Harris’s, he is professional and just very kind man.

January 2019: Another arrival…


A belated thank you to Dr Harris and all of the great staff who helped us to have our wonderful little boy.

We came in for reversal on 7th Feb 2017, 9 years post vasectomy. We delayed testing until 4th August 2017, results weren’t fantastic; although the operation had been successful, figures and motility weren’t great, and we were advised that we were unlikely to conceive, and were to return in a further 6 months for retesting, and discussion of options.

Well, we never made it back for retesting, as we discovered we were expecting in the new year. Our perfect little boy will be four months old in a few days. He is an absolute joy, such a happy, healthy baby, we are so thankful.

It has taken this long to let you know, as we are so besotted with him, it’s hard to tear ourselves away from him long enough to do anything but enjoy him.

Thank you all so much.

January 2019: Another arrival…



I just wanted to show you our new little bundle XXX born 1st Jan and thank you so much for this bundle of joy after a few miscarriages we now have our dream thanks to you.

January 2019: Another arrival…


Dear Mr Harriss,

I am delighted to inform you that after performing my vasectomy reversal on the 02 January 2018, that my fiancé and I had our son xxx on the 7th December 2018.

I had two vasectomies 9 years earlier due to the first one failing and I was concerned that a reversal would be too difficult to perform.

As you can see from the dates my partner fell pregnant about six weeks post Operation. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for all the care, advice and support.

Kindest regards

January 2019: Another arrival…


My husband had his reversal October 2018 – 6 years post original vasectomy. On the 20th of November we welcomed our beautiful XXX. We can’t thank Mr Harris and his team enough for this wonderful gift!!

January 2019: Another arrival…


Hey all! My husband had his reversal 7 years post vasectomy and we fell pregnant in no time at all! Unfortunately I had a bad pregnancy and suffered with hypremesis for the whole 9 months. Luckily that had no affect on our baby boy and he was born on the 5th December at 8.06am, via emergency c section weighing a huge 10lbs 0.5oz!

Thank you again to Mr Harriss for making this possible! We couldn’t imagine our lives without our baby.

January 2019: Another pregnancy…


My operation was in May 2018. After 10 years And this is the results we’ve been waiting for. Now we’re 13weeks 5days pregnant. Thankyou all. We’re so glad we choose you. Money well spent