December 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 343

7 years post vasectomy

Hi bev
Please pass on our many thanks to mr harriss. My husband had his reversal done on the 15th october this year and we are delighted you tell you that on christmas eve we found out we are pregnant!! Early days as only about 4 weeks but we are thrilled. Thank you so much for the care my husband recieved at park hospital.


December 2013 – Baby Born

No. 342

Dear Mr. Harriss

I am delighted to be able to tell you that my wife recently gave birth to a baby boy, XXX,  following a vasectomy reversal with yourself (i think in 2011).

Many Thanks


December 2013 – Positive Count

No. 341

Hi Bev,

Please tell Mr Harriss we are thrilled, and please pass our sincerest thanks to him. ….. I can honestly say the whole experience has been amazing. Mr Harriss has been caring, patient and obviously a bloody good surgeon throughout.



December 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 340

14 years post vasectomy

Further to my post op analysis,  it will not be required as my wife is pregnant. Therefore my operation was a success, please could you pass on my thanks to Mr Harriss.


December 2013 – A Thank You

No. 339

Hi Catherine, Hope you are well. Could you please pass on our thanks to Mr Harris, the lovely nurses and the whole team. We were down last week for my partners reversal and it was an exceptional service, everyone was lovely and the nurses were excellent.  Dr Harris made us feel so comfortable and assured that we had made the right decision to travel down. I’m hoping to be back in touch with good news in the future.


December 2013 – 1st Birthday

No. 338

I’ve been meaning to write to you to say a huge thanks to Mr Harriss for his reversal of my vasectomy in early 2011, my partner fell pregnant 2 months later and baby XXX has just celebrated her 1st birthday. Without his fantastic work (redoing an earlier failed reversal done elsewhere in Sept 2010) we wouldn’t be so blessed with our little girl!


December 2013 – Our Third Child

No. 337

7 years post vasectomy

Hi, I thought id drop you a picture of our post vasectomy brood! XXX had his reversal in April 2010 7 years after his vasectomy, baby 1 came along in June 2011, number 2 followed 14 months later in August 2012 and our third perfect bundle came along (weighing a heafty 9lb 13oz) on 28th October 2013! We are finally complete and looking forward to a busy xmas.

We’d like to thank Mr Harriss from the bottom of our hearts, he has given us the family of our dreams.


December 2013 – Our Son

No. 336

6 years post vasectomy

To mr harriss and his amazing team would just like to wish u all merry Christmas and say thankyou once again for making all our wishes come true with the best Christmas present ever. our son sam is now 3months old doing so well you have made are family complete words can not express how happy we are thankyouxxx


December 2013 – Pregnant

No. 335

Hi CatherineMany thanks for your email. I am very happy to be able to tell you XXX will not need to attend for his post op analysis as we have recently found out we are around 6 weeks pregnant. He had his operation on the 1st September and we are delighted to have caught so early. Please pass on our thanks to Mr Harriss and his team.Also please feel free to post this on your testimonial page.Thanks again


December 2013 – Our Baby Girl

No. 334

12 years post vasectomy

Hi just to let u no XXX was born on the 28th of November born 3 weeks early she weighed 6lb 4oz. And is perfect. Me and my husband can’t thank Mr Harris enough and all the staff at the hospital, she is a beaut xx


November 2013 – Our Son Arrives

No. 333

Would like to say a massive thankyou to you all for the opportunity to have another baby. XXX was born at 37+4 weeks on 9th november weighing a healthy 6lb 9. We are so overwhelmed and so in love with our son and its all thanks to you all. You can post on wall x


November 2013 – A Thank You

No. 332

I would like to take this opertunity to pass on my heart felt thanks to Mr Harriss and his team at the BMI Park Hospital. They are all first class and the service is second to none. Having only been a week since I had the operation I am very impressed with the whole procedure from consultation to recovery. Thank you again.


November 2013 – Second Child

No. 331

Just to let you know our baby no.2 since vasectomy reversal june 27th 2011 was born 30th October 2013..little girl XXX born 10.26am weighing 7lb 5oz by cesarean section..we have now decided that [our children] have fully completed our family with massive thanks to you and your team for making it possible  enclosed 2 pics for you to of both reversal babies and one of our most recent baby


November 2013 – Pregnant

No. 329

9 years post vasectomy

Hello mr Harris, you performed a vasectomy reversal on me back in May. My partner and I have been trying for 5 months and we’ve just received great news in that my partner is 5 weeks pregnant. We did not think that it would happen this early as my partner suffers from PCOS. Many thanks for your help and we will keep you posted in the upcoming months. Due date is the 17 th July 2014. Regards and many thanks


November 2013 – Pregnant

No. 328

8 years post vasectomy

Hi, Just wanting to email to let you know that I am 22 weeks pregnant and we are so happy, this would not be possible without Dr.Harris! And your brilliant clinic. My husband had his reversal in October 2011 after having his vasectomy 8 years previous. We only started trying to conceive for a baby this year and fell within the 2 month!! His sperm count was only 4.6m when the average is 26m so we were concerned but clearly there was no need.  After having both the 12 week and 20 week scan everything is ok and we can’t wait for our arrival next March. Again we can’t thank you enough for making this possible for us, thank you. Thank you also to your wonderful clinic and staff which provided a brilliant service.


November 2013 – Baby girl

No. 327

4 years post vasectomy

good afternoon

as you know last june i had a vasectomy reversal with mr harriss and as mentioned my partner fell pregnant in february. well im pleased to say XXX was born november 1st 2013 bang on her due date weighing just under 7 pounds. i would just like to thank everyone involved for giving me and my partner a second chance at having family it means so much to both of us

ive attached a picture for the website


November 2013 – We’re pregnant!

No. 326

19 years post vasectomyHi Catherine.  Just a quick note to let you know we are pregnant!! XXX had is op last month and we have caught first time. We are in shock and its very early days but we woukd like to thank you. Mr harris can now say he has reaults from someone 19years post vasectomy.Many thanks to everyone in the team for lookimg after us. And a huge thank you to Mr Harris for what he has done. We are over the moon.


November 2013 – Maternity Leave

No. 325

10 years post vasectomy

Good Morning Catherine,

I just wanted to give you a quick email to say thank you to everyone at the Hospital where my partner had his vasectomy reversed. I am due to go on Maternity Leave this Friday., so just wanted to say a big thank you before I leave.. XXX had his reversal on 28thNovember 2012 and we found out that I was pregnant in May 2013 and our daughter is due on the 27th January 2014, so our little miracle has actually happened.


November 2013 – Pregnant Despite High Antibodies

No. 324

12 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harris, I had a reversal on 12th December 2012, 12 years post vasectomy, the staff at Nottingham were superb and the care I received second to none. Following a successful reversal I was informed that I had 100% anti-sperm but with a 96 million count I remember being informed that we had the advantage of overwhelming numbers and it only needed one to get through. How true! After only 2 months of trying we found that my wife Emma was pregnant, we are now at 21 weeks and all is going well, we are expecting the new arrival in March 2014. My wife and I are both ecstatic and very deeply grateful for your good work. The testimonials on your website were key in our decision making when choosing where to go for the reversal procedure, I hope this addition helps offer others a bit of guidance.


November 2013 – A Thank You

No. 323

hi there, I had my vasectomy reversal on the 3rd November 2013, and I like to say a big thank you to mr harriss and is team of staff at the bmi park hospital, we will keep you up to date in the future of any pregnancy, so many many thanks again to mr harriss and is staff for all that they done for us. xxxx


November 2013 – High Antibodies

No. 322

3 years post vasectomy

We are delighted to announce our pregnancy following a reversal operation in Jan 2013. We’ve just had a dating scan at 8 weeks and all looking good so far. We were very surprised as our post reversal results showed 90% antibodies and we thought our chances would be low especially as my wife just celebrated her 40th birthday.

Thank you so much for making this possible for us…..we will keep you updated.


October 2013 – Baby girl

No. 321

7 years post vasectomy

I just wanted to write and let you know the wonderful news of our new arrival – XXX, born 15th October, 6lbs 11oz, less than a year after the reversal! Mother and baby doing really well. Give Mr Harris and his team our heartfelt thanks for a job well done – clearly!Please see picture of our little daughter attached.Cheers,


October 2013 – Post Failed IVF

No. 320


So as you remember, I had a reversal on the 1st September this year. Also if you remember I had had an extraction and my wife and I went through an unsuccessful attempt, to conceive via IVF. Well we found out today that my wife is pregnant! It’s unbelievable, so soon after my reversal. We would like to thank you for all your help in making this happen.


October 2013 – We’re having a baby!

No. 319

7 years post vasectomy

I would like to pass on the biggest thank you to Mr Harriss, Catherine and all of the staff at Bmi Park Hospital.

My partner and I arrived at Park Hospital Wednesday 20th March 2013 very nervous but feeling confident as we had researched Mr Harriss and knew we were seeing the best of the best! He came to see us shortly after we arrived, he discussed the reversal with us and advised of the success rates, complications and recovery times etc. my partner had his vasectomy 7 years ago, he is now 36 I am 35. The operation was over and done with very quickly and he was back in his room about an hour later. The staff were amazing I was able to stay with him until I was ready to leave and then they had arranged overnight accommodation for me just down the corridor.
The next morning we were up early and he was discharged at about 9am once Mr Harriss had done his rounds and was happy for him to leave. He recovered well and went back to work about a week later.
We started trying to conceive from the April exciting yet anxious times……….August 23rd 2013 we got our positive pregnancy test ( all 5 of them!!!!! ) we are over the moon….. Had our first scan on Friday we are 13 weeks pregnant baby due 29th April 2014. Believe in your dreams and believe in Mr Harriss and hopefully he will make your dreams come true like he did ours.
Once again thank you all so much…..


October 2013 – Pregnant


6 years post vasectomy


…We were due to come to the clinic for a sperm test and then on to see Mr Harriss on the 30th October but I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant!…


October 2013 – Baby boy

No. 317

Dear Mr Harriss,

My wife and I came to see you in 2010 and you reversed my vasectomy in July of that same year.  When my wife fell pregnant in September, we couldn’t quite believe it was going to be that easy and as it transpired, it wasn’t.  After five early miscarriages over the next two and a half years, we decided that we should stop trying, having already chosen long before to not pursue IVF.

So, it was with something of a surprise to learn that in February of this year, XXX was pregnant.  It was also with a mixture of grim expectation and hope that we attended the first scan and upon seeing the heart beat, both burst into tears.  Fast forward to the 7th October and XXX has given birth to a very calm, content and healthy baby boy.

We’ve received a lot of support along the way but I wanted to write and thank you for the part you played.  Your contribution was the first step on what has been a long and difficult path and we wouldn’t be where we are now without your help.

With kind regards and many thanks!


October 2013 – Pregnant, aged 42

No. 316

8 years post vasectomy

Dear Catharine and Dr Harris

I had my vasectomy reversal op carried out by Mr Harris in February 2013, 8 years after my vasectomy. We decided not to return to Nottingham to have a sperm analysis due to living in the South of the UK but carried out a home sperm analysis test. This showed a good result of over 20 million sperm per ml. I am 42 and my wife is 42 also and we have been trying for 6 months and on month 7 we have become pregnant! An amazing job by Mr Harris, a true miracle! Thank you for the amazing care at BMI, the staff were very friendly and informative. We would recommend the process to any family wanting a good chance at achieving their dreams of having a child.


October 2013 – Pregnant, at last!

No. 315

I had my reversal in November 2011, we are thrilled to announce that we have had a positive pregnancy test this morning. It is early days but we cannot Thank Mr Harriss and his team enough. 22 months of trying and where close to giving up but today we are so pleased we didn’t and we urge anyone who has not yet had a positive, to just keep trying. Mr Harris truly is a legend and we will keep you updated through the stages as we progress along. Thank you again


October 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 314

Hi catherine, just an update for you and the wonderful Mr Harriss and staff, following my husbands reversal in June we are over joyed to tell you we are having a little girl, I am now 17 weeks pregnant and we could not be happier, we could never thank any of you enough xx


October 2013 – A Thank You!

No. 313

Hi my Hubby had his vasectomy reversal today and we would like to say a big thank you to Mr Harris and his team, From the moment we arrived my Husband and myself were looked after, everyone was very helpful and kind & Mr Harris explained everything in full and made us feel very reassured about everything and put us at ease. Were going to follow exactly what Mr Harris said and hope in the not to distant future we will be posting some very good news  x


October 2013 – An Update!

No. 312

UPDATE!!!!! After suffering 2 early miscarriages late last year, i’m now 33 weeks pregnant with a little boy and i have my induction booked on 12th November when i’m 38 weeks due to Diabetes. So very pleased and didn’t think we would get this far so thank you to Dr Harriss and everyone in his team.<

October 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 311

Pregnancy confirmed. We are delighted if a bit stunned at how quick it occurred. Due date in April. …Of course pass on our heartfelt thanks to Mr Harriss.


October 2013 – Arrived Early!

No. 310

Wrote back a while ago informing you of our pregnancy my husband had his reversal September 26th 2012 well update is baby was born 5 weeks prem weighing 5lb 14 31/8/2013 thank you so much !!!


October 2013 – Baby Due

No. 309

15 years post vasectomy

Hi Bev,

This is just a quick email to let Mr Harriss know that my partner XXX is now in her 7th month and we are expecting a baby girl on December 28th.

We cannot thank you all enough.

Given that my vasectomy was over 15 years previous to my reversal I am amazed and delighted at this success.

Please add me to your statistics and accept our deepest thanks.

We will send you a testimonial and pic after the birth.

Kind regards


September 2013 – Baby Arrives!

No. 308

8 years post vasectomy

Hi all I had a reversal on 5th of December 2012 and on 8th of september 2013 XXX was born (we apparently caught on 16th December 2012 at literally the first attempt). To say we are happy with Mr Harriss’ work, the service and care that the hospital gave us is an understatement. We couldnt be happier with outlr bundle of joy, albeit slightly surprised at the speed at which we had him! I had my vasectomy almost 8 years previously so we thought we would have been trying for ages… Apparently not haha… Thanks again for everything


September 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 307

10 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss,

I am writing to share our fantastic news that following treatment for my partner for a Vasectomy reversal in January 2012 with you we are now 34 weeks pregnant.  Shortly after having the procedure my partner was deployed for 6 months so we only were able to start trying to fall pregnant since July 2012 so it only took us 6 months.

All is progressing well and we can’t wait to meet our baby in a few weeks time.  I can’t thank you enough for the treatment we received and for making our family complete.

We were very worried that after more than 10 years post the original op we would not be successful and so are delighted that we have a healthy pregnancy and wanted to share our news.

Thank you again for all your help!


September 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 306

Could you please thank Mr. Harriss for us, as my partner is currently 6 weeks pregnant.

We are over the moon and very grateful to all of you.


September 2013 – Baby No. 2

No. 305

Dear Bev/ mr Duncan Harris, we are delighted to contact you with the news of our second pregnancy! A baby girl due in December 2013, we are delighted and after my husband having the operation in January 2010 amazed that we are expecting baby number 2!
Thank you very much!


September 2013 – Baby Due Any Moment

No. 304

6 years post vasectomy

Hello, this is a long overdue post to you, I didn’t want to write to you without allowing the whole reversal experience to fully sink in as, like myself, I know many read these messages looking for hope. my reversal was august 2012, everything went smoothly, though said many times, it is an understatement to say the staff were truly magnificent, kind, caring and very clever at judging if you want to talk, be left alone or just a head around the door and a smile to put you at ease. Mr harriss was a smashing fella, very genuine in conversation which helped immensely to put me at ease. anyway the reversal was a success and recovery was short and far more comfortable than I had been led to believe which was a bonus, my count though was low but that’s ok, it only takes one as they say so as I mail this it is the eve of our due date, one year and 4 weeks on from the reversal, big thanx is an understatement, think a pic will follow, thankyou


September 2013 – Baby girl

No. 303

13 years after vasectomy

Catherine, XXX and I are pleased to announce that on the 17th August we had a beautiful baby girl.Please pass on our thanks to Mr Harriss.


August 2013 – Baby boy!

No. 302

Hi , I was a patient admitted for a vasectomy reversal on the 06/06/11 and after finding out the operation was a success and after sticking to the diet required my partner and i fell pregnant after just three months of trying in November 2012. We have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy born just six days ago. We cannot thank you and your team enough for the exceptional care we both recieved during our stay with you and realise that without your help our brand new happy future raising our perfect little family would not have been possible without the help of you and your team and thank you from the bottom of our hearts . May your work carry on changing peoples lives for the better .
Kind Regards


August 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 301

Dear Catherine & Mr HarrissJust thought `i’d let you know that although it is early days XXX and I woke up to two lines on a pregnancy test today so it is looking highly unlikely that I will be needing to travel back down to Nottingham for a sperm count test!!Will keep you up to date but I am sure this will do wonders for your figures!All the best


August 2013 – Baby arriving!

No. 300

7 years after vasectomy

Hi, I had a reversal in September 2011 after 7years by Mr. Harris. I’m pleased to announce that were are due to have our baby tomorrow! Here’s a copy of the 4d scan pic. So happy, thanks. Keep up the good work.


August 2013 – Baby Boy!


my partner and i visited your clinic in march last year where dr duncan harris performed a versectomy reversal on my partner.he had his vasectomy 8 years previous.we are both now 35 years of age and i gave birth to our georgeous little boy in april this year.It took only around 4 months for me to get pregnant.Every aspect of the reversal was dealt with fantastically.The staff were lovely as was the hospital itself.Thankyou so much xx


August 2013 – An Update

No. 298

This is our 20 weeks scan and just to let u know we are having a Baby Girl XXX, Cant thank u enough for this precious gift.


August 2013 – Another Baby!

No. 297

9 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss

I came to see you in Jan 2010 for a vasectomy reversal.

I had had a vasectomy in place since September 2000, so I understood my chances of success were pretty low after that duration but in June 2010 we found XXX was pregnant & XXX came along in January 2011. She is the most fantastic child so not only did it work, it made better children!!

Now after a further 2 years we’ve discovered we’re having another baby & so I’ve got two for the price of one & I feel like I should pay you again.

Your staff were fantastic during my brief stay there. I felt very well cared for & my case was very professionally dealt with overall.

Naturally the results speak for themselves but the service I received was really really impressive.

I note you have a section on your site for your babies & we’d be more than happy to supply pictures of both of the results of your outstanding work.

Many many thanks!


August 2013 – Amazing Recovery

No. 296

Dear Catherine/Mr HarrissI just wanted to give you some feedback from the operation to keep you up to date.My recovery was amazing and I was able to resume full responsibilities within just 7 days of the operation having used Arnica gel and tablets to help aid the bruising and swelling, and wanted to thank you for such a wonderful operation.XXX and I are now acting on your instruction and hopefully (fingers crossed) will not need to return to Nottingham in three months and will very much keep you up to date.Many thanks


August 2013- A Pregnancy!

No. 295

18 years post vasectomy

Dear Mr Harriss, We are over the moon to be able to tell you that I am now 13 weeks pregnant following my husbands vasectomy reversal in April 2012. We are so thrilled as the reversal was done 18 years post vasectomy so it really does prove everyone has a chance. We would like to thank you and your team for the care you gave during my husbands stay at Park Hospital. I am due early January when we hope to be able to share the news with you on the birth of our baby. Kind Regards


August 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 294

Husband had his reversal September 26th and we fell pregnant straight 12 days later first try unfortunately it ended in miscarrige at 6 weeks . We was so happy to find out in February I was pregnant again fell in the December !!! We are currently at week 29 expecting a little boy!! Thank you so much we will update again when he arrives xx


July 2013 – Testicular Pain

No. 293

I had intended to email earlier but I wanted to provide Mr. Harriss with come feedback in relation to my progress since my Reversal. I had my Reversal on the 07/08/11 to alleviate my PVPS.

I have made a significant recovery since the Reversal. By the end of year one I was 80% improved and coming up to year 2 I am 95% improved with little or no pain to worry about. The result has given me a new lease of life after the torment I went through prior to the Reversal.

I found the care in the BMI hospital to be excellent and my stay was very comfortable.

I also found the staff to be efficient and courteous and Mr. Harriss to be very professional.


July 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 292

Dear Mr Harris,

I am absolutely delighted to inform you that our decision to see you back in June last year has paid off and our dream has become a reality.
May I thank you for your expertise reversing my vasectomy.
This is our second pregnancy this year however sadly we lost our first little one, but have had our first scan today and all is well with our second.
I honestly cannot thank you enough and to be honest without you this would not have happened.

May your good work continue to make many men feel as happy as I do.


July 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 291

Hi just to let you know my husband had a vasectomy with Mr Harriss only 4 weeks ago, I am still in shock as we were just hoping the vasectomy reversal would work, never mind happen so quickly, I missed my period today and took a test, I cannot believe it was positive so have taken several more tests all positive, pregnant on the first cycle of trying, we cannot thank Mr Harriss and the staff enough, its a miracle x


June 2013 – A Thank You

No. 290

Hi Catherine,

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Harriss and all the staff at BMI Healthcare for all they’re dedication and hard work. My partner is now recovering as expected after his operation.

We could not have asked for a better team and felt really looked after and cared for. Mr Harriss is truly a great practitioner and nothing is too much to ask him.

Hope to contact you again with some good news soon 🙂

Thanks again,


June 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 289

Hi Catherine

I would like to inform you and Mr Harriss that I don’t believe I need to undertake a sperm analysis test. My wife has now done three pregnancy tests over the last two days and all have shown positive. I will of course keep you informed.



June 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 288

Hi Catherine, My partner XXX is now 15 weeks pregnant! Conceived 5th March only 14 weeks after op! Happened sooner than we thought! Amazing news none the less! I can’t thank you and Mr H enough! You have both been great so happy we chose you!


June 2013 – Thank You

No. 287

I am just writing to thank Mr Harriss and his team for the excellent treatment we received at the park hospital this month. From beginging to end we were given the facts in an understandable manner.
Throughout the day we were made to feel comfortable and at ease, the nurses were fantastic.

The whole experience was one of the best we have ever recived, Mr Harriss as we all know is one very busy man, but still made time to come and check on his patients after the operation. All we can do now is hope for a positive outcome. Once again thank you to all the staff at the BMI Hospital Nottingham.


June 2013 – A Thank You

No. 286

I just wanted to email to say how pleased we were with how smoothly my partners vasectomy reversal went. The hospital staff were great and made us feel very comfortable. Mr Harris was extremely professional and explained everything to us before the operation.  My fiancé’s operation went well and he is currently at home resting. He has had no pain what so ever but is just a little bored of being pampered. I really hope I will be emailing you soon with some good news about a pregnancy.Please send our regards to Mr Harris. Thanks once again


June 2013 – A Baby Boy!


Dear Mr HarrissWe are dying to let you know that XXX was born at 1.20pm on 30th may weighing 6.12Ib. He was 11 days early. He is completely perfect and we couldn’t be any happier. If it wasn’t for you he would not be here. (Reversal was carried out 3 Sept 2012). We cannot thank you enough, the work you do is truly amazing. Picture of XXX is attached. It’s ok if you want to add to testimonials.


May 2013 – Baby Girl

No. 284

Dr Harris

This is our beautiful little girl. She is almost 8months old and is just perfect !! Without you she wouldnt be here. We cant thank you enough !


May 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 283

Hello there Catherine

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to let you know that my wife is expecting a baby on 2nd December

We had our 12 week scan this monday gone and all is ok. We married in November last year and three months gone now so that has been very quick and very succesful.

We will be putting a testimonial on Mr Harriss’s web site in time.

Will you please pass this amazing news and thanks on to Mr Harriss please.


May 2013 – 2nd Baby Born

No. 282

Dear Catherine,

I’m sure that you’ll be delighted to know that following the sad death of our stillborn son last June, my wife and I had a beautiful baby daughter this afternoon.

Our daughter was born at 14:10 on 21st May 2013. She is only small (2.4kg/5lbs 5oz) but is absolutely perfect. Mum and baby are both doing just fine.

Another to add to Mr Harriss’ role of honour!


May 2013 – Our Son!

No. 281

Thought if update you on my pregnancy, I went to week 41of my pregnancy and at the end of march this year had a beautiful baby boy by c section weighing a healthy 9lb!! He is absolutely perfect and both Chris and myself can’t thank you enough for making it possible.


May 2013 – A Delightful Baby Brother!

No. 280

We would like to express our thanks to Duncan and his team during the process. Our little boy  was born June 2012 and is doted on by his 2 sisters.
We cherish the opportunity that the procedure has given us in having a 3rd child after a vasectomy in 2006 which was reversed by Duncan in spring 2011.


May 2013 – A Thank You

No. 279

“…whilst I am still recovering I’d like to thank Mr Harriss & his team, including yourself, for the professional, efficient & sensitive way I was treated before, during and post operation. It made my short stay in hospital relatively painless in every aspect. Thank you.”


May 2013 – Baby No. 2

No. 278

Hi there! Baby number 2 is here! XXX born 30-04-2013!
Please thank Duncan for us again!


May 2013 – An Update

No. 277

Things are still going well. I have had several scans due to miscarriages last year. Hear is my scan picture from 9+3 days pregnant. I’m 10+4 weeks today and have found babies heartbeat on a doppler so everything is doing great still xx


May 2013 – A Thank You!

No. 276

Dear Mr Harriss (and team!),

Just a note to say thank you for looking after me so well during my visit to The Park Hospital.

As I write this, it is day ten after the procedure.

I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure and the general anaesthetic. For all those men, who may also be worried or apprehensive about having a vasectomy reversal, let me say that The Park Hospital is the place to be!

I needn’t have worried at all, the staff were all wonderful and put me at ease.

The general anaesthetic was actually a pleasant experience! One moment I was awake, and then I wasn’t! No time seemed to have past while I was under, although it was actually about an hour and a half, but when I came round, I actually had a quite intense feeling of well being!

As for the procedure itself, maybe I was lucky, but despite quite a lot of swelling, I can honestly say that I have suffered no pain whatsoever! I did take a cocktail of pain killers (just in case) to cover my 3 hour journey home, but I have not taken any since I arrived home.

Of course it’s early days, but we now have our fingers crossed that the procedure is successful and rest assured, I will let the team know if we have any good news!

Finally, I would like to point out that my wife and I had been visiting Liverpool Women’s Hospital for over two years of consultations and treatment.

We had spent in total something in the region of £5000 on IUI using donor sperm, and after 3 rounds of treatment still had no result.

I wish we had heard of Mr Harriss and his team sooner!

While I’m not knocking Liverpool Women’s Hospital in any way, there will be times when their methods are entirely appropriate, the cost is very high, and even if it had worked, I would not have been the biological father of the child.

If I was to be the biological father of the child, it would have meant sperm recovery from myself and the use of IVF which would have resulted in fees of the order of £12000+ for just one attempt, way beyond the means of my wife and I.

The cost of the procedure at the Park Hospital was less than the cost of 3 cycles of IUI at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, the success rates are way higher, and of course if successful, I will now be the biological father! All seems too good to be true? Time will tell!

I wish all the best to Mr Harriss and his team, and once again, thank you!


April 2013 – Baby No. 3 On The Way!

No. 275


This is the third time i have been able to message you since my husband had his reversal in april 2010 we are absolutely delighted to be expecting baby #3 in October 2013. This will be our third post reversal baby and cannot thank you all enough its going to be a mad house with 3 under 3 but we couldn’t be happier.

Once again thank you so much.



April 2013 – Baby No. 2!

No. 274

Hi all…

Just an update on our 2nd pregnancy after my husbands reversal back in june you know i gave birth to our first son in july last year,i sent an email saying i was 5 weeks pregnant and due in september, unfortunetly it ended in a miscarriage 1 week later..i am now happy to report that i am 12 weeks 4 days pregnant due 1/11 with our 2nd baby (3rd pregnancy) since the reversal i have attached a copy of our scan which we had today can publish this to give inspiration to others considering the reversal with Duncan Harriss


April 2013- Baby Girl!

No. 273

Dear AllAs promised attached is a photo of our daughter who arrived safely by csection weighing a healthy 7lb 3oz 10days ago. The second child we thought we would never have but has been made possible thanks to Mr Harris and the team at Nottingham. Words cannot express how happy we are.


April 2013 – Pregnant!


Hi Bev me and my husband Haydn wanted to share this with u I had bad time on my last and didn’t last been 2 day for a 6 week scan and babys heart is beating really strong, Dr harriss is amazing and we would recommend him 2 any one cant thank u all enough for our little bean. He had his reversal 23.1.12 and I now look so happy cheers


April 2013 – First Birthday!

No. 271

Just wanted to say thank you again for what you gave to us. My ptrs reversal was in April 2011 and our daughter wil be 1 next week. Without you guys this would never have been possible and we cant thank you enough x


April 2013 – Success x 2!

No. 270

I had a reversal just over 2 years ago and am very happy to say it was a complete success with 1 beautiful little girl Of 19 months of age and a new baby boy due in June. As my wife and I do not want any more children I would like a vasectomy but would only trust Mr Harriss to carryout this procedure!


April 2013 – A Thank You.

No. 269


My name is XXX I had my vasectomy reversal operation on 30th September 2012, I would like to leave the following testimonial.

“We would certainly recommend Mr Harriss and his team, we had our reversal carried out late September 2012, we found out that we are expecting early April 2013.  This is despite our initial test results carried out in Jan 2013 indicating that our count was lower than average (1.7 million) and a motility figure of 12%”

Please ensure Mr Harriss is informed of our news and tell him we are very grateful for what he has done for us.

Best Regards,


April 2013 – Baby boy!


My husband had a reversal August last year after having had a vasectomy for 17 years. On March 26th with very little trying we had a beautiful baby boy!!! We honestly thought we would have to have fertility treatment before we could have a baby – he was an amazing surprise! Thank you! xx


April 2013- Baby Boy!

No. 267

Hi there.
I had my reversal on. February 27th 2012 with Mr Harris.Here is a picture of out little boy  born on April 05th weighing 6lb14oz.
Thanks once again to Mr  Harris for maling out dream come true.
Feel free to use this message and picture.



April 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 266

20 years post vasectomy

To Dr Harris
My partner had the reversal April 2012 (he had the vasectomy 20yrs ago)- glad to say within 6 months I was pregnant!!! no need for the sperm count, baby due in July 2013!
Thank you so much!


March 2013 – Baby girl!


2 years post vasectomy

4 million per ml.

Hi there, i just wanted to give a testimonial for anyone out there thinking about getting a vasectomy reversal by Dr Harriss. My partner had a reversal in October 2011 2 years post vasectomy. After having post op complications of scrotal haematoma and the 3month sperm analysis of only 4 million we didn’t hold much hope of a pregnancy. However the following month we conceived our beautiful baby daughter, who was born on 13.12.12 weighing 7lb 4oz, she has just turned 3months is absolutely perfect. Thank you for making our dream come true.


March 2013 – ..”excellent treatment..”

No. 264

I am just writing to thank Mr Harriss and his team for the excellent treatment we received at the park hospital last year. From start to finish we were given the facts in an understandable manner. Throughout the day we were made to feel comfortable and at ease, the whole experience was painless and the healing process was smooth and without any issues. With a positive result following it was the icing on the cake. We have as yet not been actively trying to conceive but soon will be and will keep you up to date with hopefully a positive outcome!

thank you all.


March 2013 – Pregnant, second time

No. 263

Just a quick email to say that I am really pleased to report my partner is pregnant. She is just over 7 weeks so it is early days but we are both really happy. In actual fact she fell pregnant first time around 5 weeks after the reversal(!), but then miscarried early on.I have been to the care facility, and despite our good news I will be interested to hear the results.Please send our gratitude and thanks to Mr Harris and his team, he clearly did an excellent job.Kind regards,


March 2013 – “..nothing was too much trouble..”

No. 262


Just wanted to say thank you to Mr Harriss and all the nursing staff at the park hospital for there 1st class nursing care I received when I came for my reversal on the 17th February. They made me feel at ease and nothing was too much trouble, I was quite poorly when I came round from the anestetic and the care I received was amazing a massive thank you to the nursing team that were on that day. I have had very little pain and healed without any problems. Only time will tell if it has been a success, will keep you updated thank you again for everything.


March 2013 – “Very friendly”

No. 261


I would like to take a minute to thank Mr Harriss and all the staff at The Park Hospital Nottingham for looking after me so well during my recent reversal op. Everyone involved were very friendly and did their utmost to make me feel at ease.

It has only been a week but already everything seems to be healing well. Only time will tell if things work out the way we hope.

Thank you very much and I hope to have more news in the coming months.


February 2013 – A Thank You!

No. 260

Hello, I would just like to thank Mr Harriss and all of the nursing staff for all there help during my recent stay at the BMI park hospital on Monday. I was very nervous about having the reversal but all the staff made me feel at ease and after the procedure I couldn’t feel a thing, it’s now 3 day’s after the operation and I am recovering well at home. We will keep you informed if we have any news in the future, thank you.


February 2013 – Baby boy arrives safely

No. 259

8 years post vasectomy

hiya catherine, this is just a quick note to once again thank Mr Harriss on making it possible for us to concieve.. XXX came in for his reversal after 8 yrs in April 2012 and we really never thought this day would come, but with your help it has and we welcome to the world little XXX 22.02.13 what an amazing journey we’ve had so thank you once again for helping us make this possible..


February 2013 – Baby expected!

No. 258

15 years post vasectomy

8.9 million per ml

My wife and I are very pleased to announce that we are expecting a little bundle of joy in early Sept 13. Having visited you in Apl 12 and recieving results in late Aug 12 at the of Age 51 and 15 years post vasectomy 8.9 p/mill with 40% motility was more than I expected. I am so glad I decided on the sevice offered by Dr Harris and his team. I would be prepared to share our news with anyone and give testemonial to Duncan and the service in any further way if you so wish.


February 2013 – Pregnant!


my fiancé had his op in June last year and I would like to announce that we have got a baby on the way thankyou so much will keep you updated xx


February 2013 – A Thank You!

No. 256

Hello following my reversal I would like to thank all the staff for the great care provided it was also very nice to see mr Harris before and after the op definitely put me at ease its been two weeks now and I’ve healed well and look forward to sharing some more good news soon thanks again


February 2013 – Baby born 3 days early!


We came to you last February for my now husbands reversal and I fell pregnant end of March. We had our beautiful little girl 3 days early on 29th December! I just wanted to share this news with you and a photo, perhaps you would like to share it on your Facebook page. Thank you for making our dreams come true, we couldn’t be more thrilled


February 2013 – A Thank You


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Harriss and all of his team at the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham for their highly professional and courteous service throughout my stay recently.

From my arrival at the hospital until my discharge the whole team were great. Everything went incredibly smoothly and that is down to the hard work of all concerned in making the whole process as easy as it could be. From the cleaning staff up, everyone tries to make sure that you are comfortable, informed as to what is going on and they are there to answer any questions that you have.

Only time will tell if the procedure was a success but I could not have wished for a better team to get the journey started.

Many thanks for your great support.


February 2013 – A Bouncing Boy!


Apologies for leaving it for so long but it has been a hectic period.

XXX  was born 31/5/2012 weighing in at an impressive 10lb 1 (4 weeks early)

He is doing well and is a happy healthy little boy.  We just wanted to thank you again for our little miracle



February 2013 – Pregnant against the odds!

No. 252

Hi Duncan, would just like to say a massive thank you on behalf of us, we came to your clinic last September for a reversal. Despite the odds being against us in terms of age, diabetes and time since original vasectomy we are delighted to announce we are expecting just three months after the operation. Thank you to you and your team and pics to follow!!!   ps.. I won’t be attending for the sperm test result!!!


February 2013 – Baby nearly due!

No. 251

Hi all, just a short message to thank everyone at the park hospital but especially Duncan Harriss for doing an amazing job! My husband came to you in November 2011 for a reversal and 8 months later we fell pregnant! I am now only 6 weeks away from having our baby and can’t thank you enough. Please feel free to share our news.

Thank you again,


January 2013 – Pregnant!

No. 250

Hi Duncan just writing to you with some great news my fiancé came to see you for a reversal on 10th dec 2012. With my fiancé having a reversal and myself having polycystic ovary syndrome we thought it may take a while however our 1st month of trying and I have fallen pregnant thankyou so much for everything


January 2013 – Our Second Baby on its way!


Hi, Just a quick to let you know after my husbands successful op june 2011 and one very handsome baby boy being born a year later, we are pleased to announce that baby no.2 is due in September. .I am currently 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow…I give permission for you to publish my message. …can’t thank you all enough for making this possible for us ..will keep you posted


January 2013 – Our Daughter


Dear Mr Harriss,

Sorry for the delay in sending a further update message.

We were very proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter on the 5th October weighing 8lbs 6.5oz.

She is just amazing!

All our thanks again to you and your team


January 2013 – Baby Due in May!


My husband and I came to Nottingham last May to see Dr Harriss and have the vasectomy reversal performed.

We found out I was expecting in September and our baby is due on May 22nd.

We are absolutely delighted that the operation was succesful and cannot believe how quick we got pregnant.

Kind Regards


January 2013 – 10 weeks pregnant!


13 years post vasectomy

My girlfriend and I are very excited to announce that we are now 10 weeks pregnant, I had my reversal done by Mr Harris in May 2012. My original vasectomy was performed 13 years ago. We would defently recommend Mr Harris and his team, they have given us this amazing opportunity of having a newborn together. Thank you very much.


January 2013 – 5 weeks pregnant!

No. 245

Hello, just to let you know my partner XXX got a vasectomy reversal at your clinic in march 2012. We are very pleased to tell you that I am now 5 weeks pregnant! I have my first scan on valentines day, but this wouldn’t be possible without your help. Thank you so much 🙂


January 2013 – Twins arrive on Christmas Eve!

No. 244

Photos as promised of twin boys born on Christmas Eve, both 7lbs, and doing really well

Very happy for you to use any details from my history to help outline the story.

The operation seems like an age ago, but please thank Mr Harriss on our behalf, we’re obviously thrilled to have these amazing additions to our family.

All the very best


January 2013 -Baby Due!


Hi there Mr Harriss just to let you know that just 6 months after my reversal in February 2012 we found ourselves expecting!! Baby is due June 2013 and our latest scan showed that all is well and it’s a girl. Thankyou so much!!